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Computer and Internet: 10 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses

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If you've ever been victim to any destructive and dangerous computer viruses then you know how much they suck. Causing billions of dollars of damage, computer viruses, including trojan horses and computer worms, are a bane of modern life. Keep watching to find out the 10 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses.
  Every since the dawn of the digital age, hackers have been coding all sorts of malicious software. Some are just annoying pranks, while some are so disastrous, they disrupt entire infrastructures and cause millions if not billions of dollars in damages. Sobig - Sobig was a series of computer worms that infected millions of computers throughout 2003. There were a total of six iterations of the virus, each labeled with the letters A to F.

The sixth one, Sobig F, held the record as the most transmitted virus in history, infecting up to a million computer systems within a single day. ILOVEYOU - ILOVEYOU was created in 2000 by 2 Filipino programmers who used clever social engineering tactics to get the virus spread. The file ILOVEYOU was a script disguised as a normal txt file that sounded like a confession from a secret admirer. Storm Worm - Like many others, the Storm Worm propagated through email. But instead of a file attachment, there would be a link to a website - an interesting link at that, with a catchy clickbait title, tempting gullible users towards it. But when clicked, nothing happened. Or so it seemed.

Code Red -bThe 2001 virus was discovered by employees of a digital security company while drinking Code Red Mountain Dew, hence its name. Slammer - On 25 January 2003, the entire internet broke down in South Korea for 12 hours. This also affected other places on the globe, affecting services such as airlines and bank ATMs. Connections either stopped completely, or became extremely slow, even for 2003 standards. Melissa - This one appeared quite early, back in 1999, and was the first ever mass-mailing macro virus for the new internet age.

Created by David Smith and named after a stripper he knew from Florida, the Melissa was spread through emails with an attachment by the name "list.doc". Sasser - In 2004, 18 year old programmer Sven Jaschen created Sasser, a worm that primarily targeted Windows. The worm itself didn't do much other than annoyingly slow down and crash computers, but collectively the results were incredibly disruptive. Mydoom - In 2004, Mydoom took ILOVYOU's place as the fastest growing email worm. It was discovered by McAfee employee in 2004, who named it based on the line "mydom" present in the program's code which meant “my domain”, but adding that extra O just made it sound a lot cooler. Mebroot - Mebroot is a sophisticated Trojan horse that started spreading around 2007.

The way Mebroot works is by infecting your computer after you visit some malicious website. Leap - Many Apple fanboys claim that Mac computers, unlike PCs, are impermeable to viruses. By running a tightly closed system, Apple has managed to protect its software through obscurity, preventing hackers from getting into their system as easily as they could with PCs.
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