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Tips and Tricks

  • How to Convert a PowerPoint Presentation to Video

    Microsoft’s PowerPoint which comes as a part of Office suite of application is one of the popular tools which can be used to create presentations.

    You can create presentations with slides, images, audio, video etc. Now the interesting aspect of PowerPoint is that you can create or convert the ppt file to a video file.

    The advantage of having the video format is that you can easily upload your presentation. You do not have to install any third party tools to create a video, but just use the default options in PowerPoint.

    To create a video for your presentation., just click on the File button on the top left corner.

     Now, in the file menu select the Export menu. In the export menu, you can see the Create a video option.

    Now you get additional options before saving the video asking about the quality of video. The first option is the presentation or video quality. You can se the largest file and highest quality or select low quality. If you are planning to upload the video to YouTube, then it is better to select highest quality.

    In the next option, you can include or exclude any timings or narrations that you inserted on your PowerPoint presentation. Finally you can also select the seconds spend on each slide, which is 5 seconds by default. Finally click the Create video button and it starts creating the video.

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  • Download Android aNmap - Best Apps Only For Hackers 2017


    This is an android app built only for true and ethical hackers to perform tasks like network to determine available hosts, services, operating system versions, types of packet filters/firewalls and other characteristics. 

     It is an incredibly useful tool for hackers (ethical or unethical).

    About aNmap?

    Nmap is one of the most important tools for every Network security, Nmap it's the best  network security scanner tool over the last 10 years on all major Operating Systems. So far it was available in windows, linux and Mac OS X and now it's available at android platform.


    - Your device must have root access. (You can run the app without root access, but some features will not work). if you don't know how to root your android phone learn from here.[Android Rooting Techniques].

    Steps To Use aNmap - How To Use aNmap 

    #1. Download aNmap Free or Install aNmap Here official android aNmap apk 

    #2. Install it on your device.
    #3. Run it. You will see a window like this:


    #4. Grant root access, then you will see the main page of aNmap:

    #5.Now you can use all the features of aNmap. Enter the IP address of the target in the top-right box. Then tap on "nmap" button. It will start scanning the target server and display the open ports and other characteristics

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  • How to log out of Facebook remotely from a different device

    Have you ever logged into your Facebook account at work and forgot to log back out before leaving for the day?

    Or perhaps you borrowed a friend’s smartphone to post a quick status update and then handed the phone back to him/her without logging out?

    Situations like these can leave your Facebook account and all of the sensitive information stored therein available to people who might desire to use it for nefarious purposes.

    Luckily, there’s an easy way to log out of your Facebook account from any remote device. Here’s how: 

    Note: The steps listed below will log you out of any active Facebook sessions using a standard web browser. The steps might vary a bit when using a mobile device, but they are very similar.

    1 – Log into your Facebook account from any computer.

    2 – Click the little Down Arrow located on the right-hand side of the blue status bar at the top of the window.

    3 – Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

    4 – Click the Security link in the left-hand column.

    5 – Find the Where You’re Logged In line and click the Edit link at the far right. You should now see a list of all active sessions in which you (or someone else) is currently logged into your Facebook account along with the device the account is logged on with as well as the physical location of the device.

    6 – Click End Activity for every session except the one you are using right now.

    7 – Click Close.

    Once you have ended all active Facebook sessions except for the one you are using right now, you’re done. You can either continue using Facebook or simply log out and get on with something else.

    other open tabs for that browser should still be open and operating normally.

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  • How to Block Messages Without Blocking Profile on Facebook?

    With Facebook adding new updates, Block Messages Without Blocking Profile on FB:-

    There are few simple steps you have to follow, it’s not difficult to perform this action. We will show step-by-step how you can do it.

    Step1. select one friend to chat, That persons chat box pops up, then click on the gear icon, as shown below.

    when you click the great icon , it will show as below

    And next move will be to  click on  “Block Messages“.

    Now you blocked the person but you arr still friends.

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  • How to hide your phone number during calling friends

    Caller ID is great to have, but there are certain situations where you don't want the person you're calling to have your number. Luckily, whether you're using an iPhone, Android, or even an old flip phone or landline, there are a few ways to disable outgoing Caller ID to block your number from appearing.


    2.Blocking Your Number on Android:

    there's an app for that. Hide Caller ID ($1.09) lets you block all calls or set up black and white lists for specific contacts.

    Hide Caller ID ($1.09)

    1.iPhone Mobile:

     there's an app called It's Me ($1.99) that lets you choose whether or not to show your number for each individual contact.

    People who sometimes use their personal phones for work may not want clients knowing where to reach them outside of work, and anytime you're dealing with Craigslist, it's better to be safe than sorry.Check these apps in google play and apple store

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