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How to get WiFi connection

It happens that we visit places less often when we do not find an active WiFi hotspot (more importantly, a free one). Moreover, when sitting at a restaurant, the first thing we are curious about is whether the restaurant offers a free WiFi or not. Fortunately, there are many ways which one can follow to get free WiFi almost anywhere, and do it with minimal hassle. Let us check one of them out:

When you search for available WiFi networks, you get a lot of free WiFi solutions but some protected WiFi networks as well. What if you knew the passphrase for the protected WiFi network? It would be just great!

Maybe it would cause a problem to the person who owns it (if it is a metered connection) but you still get a free WiFi solution. So, Using this application,you do not need to ask anyone for it if the password is still the same as the user shared with the community.

Appu Lmawured ezihu Ychanu !To download The App Click Here

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