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Transfer files between PC and Android: Wi-Fi network

 Transfer files between PC and Android: Wi-Fi network

The best way to transfer files between your PC and Android is to send them over a shared wireless network. There are many apps you can use for this, but our favourite is Filedrop(http://www.filedropme.com/). Here’s our no-fuss guide to getting it set up.


Step one: First, you’ll need to install the app on your mobile device, and download the companion software for your computer. After a brief install, fire up the program on both devices, and click the scan buttons.


Step two: The PC program will ask you which kind of device you’re trying to connect. Select the type of device, and it will prompt you to input the device code. 


Step three: This code can be found by tapping the options icon in the device app. Enter the code, and the computer will be paired with your mobile or tablet.


Step four: Dropping files between the two is simple – just drag and drop files into the program window on your PC.


Step five: If you’re transferring from Android to Windows, tap the icon for your PC in the app, then select either the file browser option to navigate to your chosen documents, or the gallery option to quickly select multiple photos.

Step six: Accept the transfer on the destination device, and the task will begin immediately. A notification will appear in the in-tray section at the bottom, where you can quickly select and open your files.

Download FileDrop  for ANdroid free    /  /   Download FileDrop for Windows computer

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