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How to Increase WiFi Speed on Android

Your speed is depended on your internet and phone performance. So to maintain our performance we need to increase speed of Android phone. So here i will teach you how to increase WiFi speed on android

How to Increase WiFi Speed on Android

There are many methods and trick to increase WiFi speed of Android phone. You can do some manual actions or can use apps to directly speed up your Android Wifi.
Apps to Increase Android Wifi Speed

1. WiFi | Mobile Network Speed : This app really work and definitely increase your WiFi and mobile network speed.

Measure App Speed in Real Time.
 – Find the best Public WiFi connection.
 – Clean your Home WiFi channel.
 – Compare WiFi vs. Cellular Net App Speed. Choose the best network.
 – Control your Data Expenses! Never exceed your data quota again.

These are all major features of this application.Download Here

2. Wifi Booster & Analyzer : It is a profession WiFi Analyzing tool. It analyze your internet and wifi connection and then helps you to increase internet speed or boost wifi speed.

Display your wifi info and wifi signal strength.

Provide Manual boosting mode with the network analyzer to lead you to move your device to a better place .
Detect the available wireless hotspot, wifi tether or wifi direct as a wifi detector.
Monitoring and analyze your network speed in background to ensure you have the fastest network speed.

With this network booster you can only increase speed of Wifi not your mobile 2G 3G and 4G network.

Download Wifi Booster & Analyzer here

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