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How to transfer airtime from your friend's mobile phone!Social Experiment!

[Social Experiment]How to steal airtime from your friend's mobile phone!!!!

 Many people dont know you can steal from your friends without them been aware let’s start with EthioTelecom NOTE ::> It may not work on other networks.

Credit transfer is a service which allows to transfer airtime from one prepaid mobile user to an other mobile.

Airtime transfer is a  service that allows customers to transfer part of their airtime balance to their Buddies. It is fast and simple steps to send airtime instantly.

How to use the service

Steps to steal balance from your friend’s mobile phone.

Step 1: Collect your friends phone

Step 2 Then use the following USSD command

Pay attention to the signs we  are using!! 

* star and # number sign, put them in the correct format as shown below

*806*Prepaid mobile number*Amount# and Dial

Example:If you want to transfer 20 Br to 0911012345

Then type:*806*0911012345*20#

Step 3 :Then delete the message from your friends mobile that says you have transferred x amount….

Wow Valla done Enjoy!!!

Social Experiment! This is article presented for social experiment purpose!

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  • **admin** Added you are supposed to be a proffessional not just a s**t.
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    doma bedgai
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    yalefe tarik taweraleh yehonk checheba......gen ilike it
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