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  • Mobile tips and tricks: To call someone from their own number or any number.

    1. Go to http://www.mobivox.com and register there for free account.

    2. During registration, remember to insert Victim mobile number in “Phone number” field as shown below.

    3. Complete registration and confirm your email id and then login to your account.
    click on “Direct WebCall”.

    4. You will arrive at page shown below. In “Enter a number” box, select your country and also any mobile number(you can enter yours). Now, simply hit on “

    Call Now” button to call your friend with his own number.

    5. That’s it. Your friend will be shocked to see his own number calling him. I have spent last two days simply playing this cool mobile hack prank.

    Note: This trick will only knowledge purpose…Just try this trick only known person.

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  • Know How Many People in Your WiFi Network

    Wanna know how many people connected in your wifi network.

     Download Fing Android App from google play store. You can see every user mac address and ip address from this app and know many exact people use your wifi network in real time. 

    #2.WifiKill APK is basically a wifi network controller app. It can disable the internet connection of other devices connected to the same wifi network. Click the link below to download.This version works for Android 4+.

    Download WifiKill APK: 

    It is a very usefull tool for wifi internet users – using which you can cut other people off form a common wifi network and allocate all the bandwidth to yourself. The app is for Android only and it requires root access.

    Wifikill apk is an app that can disable the internet connection of others connected to the same Wi-Fi network. So with Wifikill you can enjoy the full bandwidth of the internet connection by cutting off others. Here you can download the latest bug fixed version of wifikill pro apk for free.

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  • How To use Team Viewer in mobile ?

    TeamViewer for Remote Control: Most of the people are quite familiar with this app as it is one of the famous and best remotely control app 2017. It is used for accessing another PCs from a single PC.

    Similarly, the android version of this application helps in controlling a given Android device from another. Basically, the user-interface of this remotely control android application is cool and all you would need is the password and user-id of the other Android device in order to again complete access with this application.

     Remote Control apps for Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows RT 8.1, and BlackBerry. Use your mobile device to provide spontaneous support or to remotely access an unattended computer.

    Download Teamviewer


     Full keyboard functionality

    • Effortlessly access computers behind proxy servers & firewalls
    • Transfer files in both directions, Highest security standards,Intuitive touch and control gestures,Sound and video transmission,Multi monitor support



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  • How To Add Recycle Bin Feature On an Android Device

    If you’ve ever used a windows computer, then you should be familiar with the concept of a Recycle Bin. It works by catching the deleted files and gives you an option to restore them back to its original location.

    This might not come useful in our day to day work cycle but when you accidentally delete your files or folder, the recycle bin will always come to your rescue.

    On Android there is no such feature and whenever you delete something, it gets deleted permanently. So in case you accidentally delete a picture or a file on your Android phone or tablet, it will be gone forever.

    How to Get Recycle Bin Feature on Android with Dumpster

    1.Download and Install Dumpster on your Android phone or tablet.
    2. Once installed, open the app and accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’.

    3. In the initial setup page, select all the files types that you want the app to save when they are deleted and tap on ‘Next’ button.

    Note:If you have a rooted Android device, you can turn on the “Allow Root Access” option for better working of this app.

    That’s it, Dumpster is now all configured to save all the items that are deleted from your device. Next time if you accidentally delete your files, just go the the Dumpster app and if you want to restore a deleted item, simply select it and tap the ‘Restore’ button to restore it.

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  • Best Free Calling Mobile Apps for android without Internet

    Its Time To Change World

    Today I am sharing article about how to Make free calls using free calling apps to Phone/ landlines without Internet’. We all know about some free calling apps like viber, WeChat, facebook messenger, line, tango etc which also enable free calls but they require the internet connection to make calls. What if, the calls take place offline without the need of internet connection? You heard right, you can make free calls without internet connection.

    Best Free Calling Apps To Make Free Calls Without Internet

    1. Bigo App For Free Calling

    Bigo is awesome revolutionary communication free calling app that lets you make free calls to any mobile/ landlines across the world. The best features of this free calling app are the called person is not required to have the bigo app or internet connection.

    Features of Bigo

    Bigo app provides free 400 credits per month per users.

    • This app also provides free 10 credits per day for login onto the app
    • You can use these credits to make the calls & the call credit cost depends on the location.
    • You can check out the credit charges for non bigo by clicking here.
    • Bigo also provides Unlimited bigo to bigo calls

    Bigo also offers 300 bigo credits on inviting/ referring a friend

    2. Nanu App For Free Calling

    Nanu is latest free calling app which designed for android phone for making free calls. Actually nanu app provides free unlimited calls from nanu to nanu on net and without internet it provides 15 minute every week free calling.

    Features of Nanu

    • Nanu requires no internet connection. once you download the app you can have the free calling facility. So need of internet each and every time.
    • Works as unlimited free calling even in 2G connectivity.
    • Also works for WiFi connection and this increases balance.According to the CEO of
      Nanu, in the later days this app offline calling time increases and also it will be expanded to different countries.

      3. Primo App for Free Calling

      Calling works without data in over 60 countries on the Primo voice network. You can use your cellular voice minutes to make calls when your not near WIFI or out of data. We go where you go.The receiver DOES NOT need Internet. He or she gets normal calls from your USA No.

    Download the App From Play Store
    You get a USA number For Free. That will be your number. Give it to friends.
    As long as you have internet connection, you can do free call and text to India and some other countries.
    Call India mobiles and landlines free.
    – USA, Brazil, Canada, & Mexico land & mobiles
    – China, Thailand, and Singapore land & mobiles
    – Landlines in UK, France, Germany, and much of Europe

    ​​4. Libon App For Free Calling

    By using this free app, you can easily call to other app users and all that for free by just using the internet connection. You can also call to other users, even those who are not using the Libon app, but here is only one restriction, which is that users will get only free 30 minutes for that type of calls every month.

    Features of Libon

    Unlimited free Libon-to-Libon calls
    30 minute free calls to non libon users per month(mobile, landline, libon calls without internet connection)
    Also have referral program, refer to your friends or family to get Free 60 minutes

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