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  • Pakistani Hackers Hacked Bangladesh Google Domain

    Earlier today, Pakistani hackers from Pak Cyber Attackers have targeted Google Bangladesh domain and shown the deface page on www.google.co.bd domain .

    A hacker called Faisal Leet have hacked into the domain registry of Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Ltd (BTCL), from where Google country domain was also registered. Hackers have modified the DNS records of Google Bangladesh and redirects all users to deface page. This technique is also know as DNS poisoning.

    HackRead reports that the hacking group behind this takeover is generally known for breaching high profile Indian government and law enforcement websites. This is the first time the group has targeted a Bangladesh domain.


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  • 3 Steps to Show Hidden Files Caused by Virus Infections

    We do believe that everyone have experience with computer viruses and most of it is bad experience. Today we will share 3 Steps to Show Hidden Files Caused by Virus Infections.

    Requirements: 1. Command prompt

    3 Steps to Show Hidden Files Caused by Virus Infections :

    Step 1. This is the screenshot of my USB content after I plug into infected computer. 


    The virus hide all my files and folders as well, and change everything into a shortcut that call Documents.vbe when executed.

    Step 2. The virus change the files and folders attribute by using system user, so when you try to change the attribute by right clicking it, you can't change it's hidden attribute.

    Step 3. Open your command prompt and go to your USB drive. In our case the USB is in E: drive.(yenanite  lela lihon yichilal)

    attrib -H -S E:* /S /D 

    Description :

    attrib : Displays or changes file attributes. – : Clears an attribute.

    H : Hidden file attribute.

    S : System file attribute.

    E:* : Drive of the USB with * as wildcard that means process all files.

    /S : Processes matching files in the current folder and all subfolders.

    /D : Processes folders as well.

    Conclusion : 1. Turn off Autorun for all of removable media.

    . 2. Do not doubleclick your USB folder to prevent the virus spreading into your system. 

       3. To delete the virus manually, you can open REGEDIT, choose EDIT tab and click Find (Ctrl + F). 

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  • Logging out of Facebook remotely

    Ever checked Facebook on a friend's or family member's device and then realized, with horror, that you forgot to log out? Never fear, there's a simple, but little known, way to log out of your profile remotely.

    Navigate to “settings” using the drop-down in the right hand corner of your screen,

    then “security”, then “when you’re logged in”.

    From this screen, you will be able to close an open session, on whichever device it’s still running on.

    That is easy to logout remotely for your facebook account. Boom

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  • This Item Isn’t Available in Your Country: Google Play Store

    BOOM! When I want to install apps from google play store, but not the INSTALL button that appears instead a warning that reads This Item Isn’t Available In Your Country. So, How To Fix Download Android App which is not Available in Your Country from Play Store?

    How To Download Android App which is not Available in Your Country from Play Store Bypass Google Play Store using VPN (Virtual Private Network)

    1. Create VPN Account.

    Create New Account TunnelBear (you need to register first, don’t worry it’s free1)

    In this particular tutorial I use the TunnelBear App for Android. Besides that it’s free, 

    1. Download & Install TunnelBear VPN from Google Play Store.
    2. Open TunnelBear Android App
    3. Pick the country for the VPN server, such as United States, UK, etc.
    4. Press On, in the top section.
    5. Wait a moment, until the animated bear is displayed in your desired country and then there will be a notification telling you that the VPN is activated by TunnelBear.

     2. Clearing Cache & Force Stop the Google Play Store

    1. Open the Android Setting → Application → All Application → look for the “Google Play Store”. And push on the Google Play Store.
    2. Choose Clear Cache only, not Clear data, and then choose Force Stop.
    3. Now open the Google Play and there will be a Pop up Google Play Term of Service. Press Accept.
    4. Now you have accessed Google Play from US.

     So, now you can download and install any android apps that previously not available in your country.

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  • Teamviewer :a mobile-to-mobile app for remote device support and assistance

    TeamViewer for Remote Control: Most of the people are quite familiar with this app as it is one of the famous and best remotely control app 2017. It is used for accessing another PCs from a single PC.

    Similarly, the android version of this application helps in controlling a given Android device from another. Basically, the user-interface of this remotely control android application is cool and all you would need is the password and user-id of the other Android device in order to again complete access with this application.

     Remote Control apps for Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows RT 8.1, and BlackBerry. Use your mobile device to provide spontaneous support or to remotely access an unattended computer.



     Full keyboard functionality

    • Effortlessly access computers behind proxy servers & firewalls
    • Transfer files in both directions, Highest security standards,Intuitive touch and control gestures,Sound and video transmission,Multi monitor support

    Download Teamviewer



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