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  • No Internet? No problem: These Android apps allows you to chat offline

    These Android apps allows you to chat offline

    1.Hike Messenger:

    The feature can work without Wi-Fi or mobile data and allow users to send photos, stickers, files and messages to anyone who is also on the Hike network. Files as large as 70 MB can be sent in over 10 seconds.

    Although the feature can work without Internet, it works only within a 100-metre radius.Chat and Share files WITHOUT INTERNET and ZERO data charges in classrooms, while travelling, preety much anywhere within 100 metre radius of a friend! Just open a chat, go to he 3 Dot menu and tap Hike Direct to see the magic!!!

    Download Hike Direct Here

    2. FireChat:

    When you download this app you will be automatically connected directly with one another, creating your own network for public and private communications. The more people use it, the bigger and faster your network becomes.And when you do have access to a reliable Internet connection or cellular network, FireChat helps you reach people worldwide and build your audience faster than on any social network, for free.


      Instantly send messages and photos to anyone around you.

    • Send private messages that only you and the recipient can read thanks to end-to-end encryption.

     • Instantly create live chatrooms for discussions on any topic with a few people or as many as tens of thousands of simultaneous users. 

     • Type a hashtag in any message to automatically create a new chatroom.

     • View the most popular messages in the public conversations.

     • Public chatrooms and private messages work both offline and online.


    Textplus is a downloadable software application for mobile devices that allows its users to send and receive text messages, both on a one-to-one basis and in groups, all for free. 
    TextPlus also lets you do more: 

    - Turn your tablet into a phone. Text message / SMS and call on your tablet, phone and WiFi device

    - WiFi texting and calling

     - Travel worry-free with cheap calling so you never have to deal with expensive carrier plans or surprise bills

     - Text / SMS back to the US or Canada for free when traveling abroad

     - Group texting / messaging

     - Save tons of money on your mobile plan

     Download Text+

    4. FreeTone:

    Call U.S. and Canadian phones for FREE with FreeTone: get your own real US or Canada number and start calling! FreeTone is the only free calling app for UNLIMITED calls & texts to ALL real US and Canada phone numbers. No trials, no hidden costs, absolutely FREE!
    Invite your family & friends to FreeTone and make unlimited free calls anywhere in the US, and in Canada. Enjoy FREE CALLS and FREE VIDEO CALLS with your FreeTone contacts on Android and other platforms. Send messages and voice notes, share photos and videos with your contacts easily for FREE with FreeTone.


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  • Forget earphones, Bose launches HEARPHONES with built in smart microphones to give wearers 'superhearing' in noisy places

    Forget earphones, Bose launches HEARPHONES with built in smart microphones to give wearers 'superhearing' in noisy places

    • Bose designed earbuds that help people easily hear conversations
    • Hearphones use active noise cancellation and directional microphones
    • Users can select what sounds they want to hear and from what direction
    • Can also customize the sound and create presets for certain areas with the app

    While wearing headphones generally signifies someone isn’t in the mood to talk, Bose has revealed a pair that is actually used to help people participate in conversations.

    Called Hearphones, the wireless earbuds combine active noise cancellation and directional microphones to let wearer's hear far more clearly in noisy environments.

    They even come with an app to tune the hearing for everything from live music to cocktail parties.  

    Hearphones are wireless earbuds that combine active noise cancellation and directional microphones to help wearer's hear better. Paired with the Bose Hear app, users can customize what they want hear by selecting which directions to focus on or cancel out

    'Directional microphones help you focus on conversations in noisy places,' Bose said.

    'Focus, amplify or reduce real-world sounds to the level you want.'

    It even boasts the headphones can help with everyday chats.

    'Active Noise Reduction improves the listening comfort of conversations and takes the edge off the background noise.'

    Users can customize what they want hear by selecting which directions to focus on or cancel out.

    Electronic hearing aids came into play at the beginning of the 20th century, which were based on the telephone principle.

    The carbon microphone reproduced sound by using sound waves to compress carbon against a diaphragm – however, these carbon models were ineffective for serious hearing loss.

    Fast forward to the present, and the form factor has significantly shrunk to a piece that slides into the user’s ear.

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  • How to remove shortcut virus from pendrive,Memorycard and USB disk

    Below are some methods to remove shortcut virus from pendrive or Hardisk.

    Method 1: Remove shortcut virus from pendrive , PC using  virus removal tool:

    Smadav: This software can easily detect shortcut virus and removes them instantly. Smadav is constantly updated with new virus definitions. Follow the given steps to remove shortcut virus:

    1.Download and install this shortcut virus removal tool from from the below given link, just click there to Download.

    Download from the following links and enjoy

    Download Samadav from this link

    2.Connect your pen-drive to your PC

    3. After plugin in, this software will start scanning your pen-drive. Or you can manually open it and scan your pen-drive.

    4. After scanning it will generate a report of infected files and shortcut virus. Click on Fix all to remove shortcut virus from pendrive.

    Method 2: Remove shortcut virus from pendrive using cmd:

    This method will remove shortcut virus using cmd.

    Download and install this shortcut virus removal tool from above given link, or click here.

    • Connect your pen drive to PC
    • Don’t open it using auto-run or file browser.
    • Click on the start menu open the Run and then type cmd and hit enter
    • Copy paste the below command on your cmd. Click enter.

    ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D I:*.*

    • Replace the letter I with your pen-drive letter. Here:-H will show the hidden files in  your USB drive.-R will recreate files on your storage device.-S breaks the link of files from system.
    • After running the command on cmd, open your pen-drive. You can find all the files there without and shortcut virus



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  • Hidden Eye: Catch your friends

    . Hidden Eye is a simple app with no frills that will photograph the person when they try to unlock your phone.

    Ever wanted to know who tried snooping into your phone while you were away. Your friends or family member might have tried to unlock your phone. Hidden Eye is a simple app with no frills that will photograph the person when they try to unlock your phone. You can set it to play your ringtone when a user tries to unlock your phone without your knowledge.

    Hidden Eye review
    Get your own back on those who intend to frape you or snatch a forbidden glimpse at your private messages and data. Hidden Eye for Android is a free, very simple app that provides photographic evidence of those who attempt to break the defences of your smartphone's PIN or pattern lock.

                                                                                               Download Hidden Eye here

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  • Best Android Apps for Blocking Callers

    Are you tired of receiving unsolicited calls? Have you ever had someone calling you all the time, and you just don’t want to talk to that person? Maybe it’s an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend?

    Maybe it’s a telemarketer? A spammer? Maybe it’s your boss calling to tell you to come in to work early?

    Just choose an app that is right for you and begin living a life free of annoying phone

    #1 Safest Call Blocker

    Like the name suggests, Safest Call Blocker is the best Android app for blocking callers. Safest Call Blocker is a free download, but is a call blocker supported by ads. Safest Call Blocker does come with a premium version that cancels the ads.

    #2 Mr. Number

    Mr. Number is a free call blocker app that allows users to block unwanted calls and texts. Mr. Number gives users twenty free caller lookups for looking up unknown numbers. After the twenty free caller lookups are used, the user will have to pay for caller lookups.

    #3 Calls Blacklist

    Calls Blacklist is a single app that blocks both calls and SMS messages. Calls Blacklist will block both calls and SMS messages from identified unwanted numbers. The user can easily block calls and messages by adding unwanted numbers to the blacklist or by enabling a blocking option. Calls Blacklist allows users to assign the following labels to phone numbers: “Private Numbers”, “Unknown Numbers”, and “All Calls.”

    #4 Call Blocker FREE

    As the name suggests Call Blocker FREE is a completely free app. Call Blocker FREE has no ads at all. This app will let the user block both SMS, MMS and calls. However, SMS and MMS blocking is not available for Android 4.4 and above.

    The user can specify numbers to block. These numbers can come from the users’ contacts, call logs or message logs. Call Blocker FREE also has different call block methods. When blocked numbers ring in, the user can set the app to have the phone hang up, answer and hang up, silence the call, or switch to Airplane mode.

    Call Blocker FREE allows the user to block private numbers, unknown numbers and specified numbers. The user will also receive an optional notification for any blocked calls. All data recorded by Call Blocker FREE can be backed up on the users SD card.

    #5 Blacklist

    Even though Blacklist has a similar name to Calls Blacklist, it is a completely different app. Blacklist is a free app with an advanced call and sms filter and blocking tool.

    #6 Blacklist Plus

    Are you sensing a trend here? For a blocking app to be good enough to be considered for this list the words “black” and “list” must appear in the app title. Blacklist Plus takes call blocking to a whole new level. Blacklist Plus focuses on being a powerful call blocker, ease of use with a user friendly interface and stability.

    With Blacklist Plus, calls can be blocked four different ways:
    --Any number on the blacklist is blocked.
    --Any number that is not on the whitelist the user creates is blocked.
    --Any number not in the users’ contacts is blocked.
    --All numbers are blocked.

    In addition, Blacklist Plus only offers two options of blocking method:
    Automatically disconnecting the call.

    Muting the call.

    #7 Master Call Blocker

    Master Call is a free app that comes with a simple user interface and design. Master Call is completely app free, and due to its simple design it does not drain the phone’s battery. One of the other nice features of Master Call is that the app doesn’t users to give it a lot of permissions.

    Like Blacklist Plus Master Call Blocker allows users to block calls from a list, block all calls, allow calls based on Contact numbers, or create an un-block or allowed list. When a call comes in that the user does not wish to receive the call will be muted or disconnected.

      Download These apps from Google play

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