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  • How to recover deleted text messages on your Android phone

    So it’s all lost and you really, really want that text message. It may be possible to obtain it by using data recovery software, which can scan your phone for “deleted” content and retrieve whatever may still be in existence.

      Some are free, some are not, but many of the paid ones still offer a free trial period.

    Some of the most popular ones are the following software(kemiketelut andun software mertew yawrdu)

    After you have the software, the process is pretty straight forward.

    1. Just install the program on your PC and run it.
    2. The only trick is that you will need to turn USB Debugging on.
    3. This option is under Developer Tools, in your Android Settings app. 
    4. Each software has its own specific steps.
    5. Some will require you to use an Android app to load everything to the computer, while other services can have the PC software do all the heavy lifting. Just make sure you follow instructions for your specific program.

     After you let the program do its thing, you should be presented with all the files you can recover.

    Making sure this doesn’t happen again

     You just realized this whole retrieving deleted text messages isn’t exactly an easy feat. And it shouldn’t really be… you just got rid of the darn thing! There’s many apps that can help you backup your text messages, as well as other content.  SMS Backup & Restore

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  • Helpful: Internet security tips

    Internet security tips: Helpful

    Follow these tips to help avoid problems: Create smart and strong passwords. Use email wisely. Be smart when using instant messaging (IM) programs. Shop safely. Watch out for phishing scams.

     Don’t Believe Promises of Money or Prizes. Any email or social networking link that promises free money or prizes should be dismissed

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  • The secret behind this code

    Why @[4:0] will show Mark Zuckerberg’s name on Facebook

    There is a well-known Facebook trick that will insert Mark Zuckerburg’s name, and tag him, anywhere on the website if you type @[4:0]. In fact, its not a trick at all, its a bug in the way Facebook tags users.

    Facebook allows users to tag each other by starting a word with the @ symbol. However, when you type the @ symbol, you will be shown a list of names that you might be trying to tag. Each of these users will have a unique ID in the database. The fact that @[4:0] tags Mark Zuckerberg and links to his profile means that he is the 4th user in the database.


    So who are the first three?
    There isn’t any first three profiles. Visiting ‘https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1’ will bring up an error. All three IDs will bring up an error, until you get to the 4th which displays Zuck’s profile.

    Does that mean it will work for any profile?
    Every single profile on Facebook is uniquely identified in the database by its numeric ID. You can find your Facebook ID with findmyfbid.com and do the same trick with your own profile, or any other profile on the website.

    It didn’t work for me – has my Facebook been hacked?
    I can across this picture on Facebook recently that stated if this trick didn’t work for you then your Facebook must have been hacked. To be honest, you have to be pretty special to believe this. If your Facebook had somehow been hacked, you’d know about it before you typed @[4:0]. How someone would come to that conclusion is beyond me. It doesn’t seem to work when you’re using the Facebook app, which may call data differently to the web application.

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  • How to Enable Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp

    WhatsApp is rolling out two-step verification to all its users on Android, iOS, and Windows after testing the feature since last November.It's an optional feature—disabled by default—meant to boost the security of your messaging account. When enabled, you'll be required to input a six-digit code of your choice when you're asked to verify your phone number.

    Here are steps:

    1.Open WhatsApp (Must be latest version)

    2.Go to  Settings

    3.Go to Account

    4. Look for  Two-step verification

    5. Tap  on Enable

    6. On the next screen,Enter six-digit passcode

    7. Re-enter six digit passcode

    8. Optionally, add your email address on the next screen

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  • Best Android Apps to Watch Movies & TV Shows for Free

    1. Hulu

    Hulu is one of the best ways to watch all the premium TV Shows and other movies for free right from your Android Smartphone and Tablets. The app is available for free and you can get the best
    time ahead within this app. You won't be asked for any subscription fees as well. The app contains Movies, TV Shows and a number of Kids Shows you bring entertainment on your phone's display. Get it now!

    Download Hulu for Android

    2. ShowBox

    ShowBox is the best application that allows you to watch and download your favorite Movies and TV Shows. ShowBox for Android is widely popular and is available for various smartphone platforms. The app offers numerous features to get all the entertaining stuffs in front of you. You can pick your favorite movie and can even download it instantly.

    ShowBox App Download

    3. Crackle

    Crackle is undoubtedly the best Entertainment app available in the market for an Android Platform. The app is amazingly popular as it offers the best and decent user interface to get your favorite TV Shows and Movies right on your display. You can get the best user interface to select your item easily. Crackle is available for free and you can download it from the following link easily.

    Download Crackle for Android

    4. LiveNow! TV

    LiveNow! TV gets you a huge list of TV Channels to be explored online within your smartphone. You can get the list of all the available channels at the left side bar of the app. To watch any of the given channels, you just need to select it and you will see the selected item on the go right on your phone's display.

    Download LiveNow! TV
    Go Ahead and download them and start watching your favorite Movies & TV Shows for free. I hope this was an interesting article, do let me know in your comments

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