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  • How to Convert a PowerPoint Presentation to Video

    Microsoft’s PowerPoint which comes as a part of Office suite of application is one of the popular tools which can be used to create presentations.

    You can create presentations with slides, images, audio, video etc. Now the interesting aspect of PowerPoint is that you can create or convert the ppt file to a video file.

    The advantage of having the video format is that you can easily upload your presentation. You do not have to install any third party tools to create a video, but just use the default options in PowerPoint.

    To create a video for your presentation., just click on the File button on the top left corner.

     Now, in the file menu select the Export menu. In the export menu, you can see the Create a video option.

    Now you get additional options before saving the video asking about the quality of video. The first option is the presentation or video quality. You can se the largest file and highest quality or select low quality. If you are planning to upload the video to YouTube, then it is better to select highest quality.

    In the next option, you can include or exclude any timings or narrations that you inserted on your PowerPoint presentation. Finally you can also select the seconds spend on each slide, which is 5 seconds by default. Finally click the Create video button and it starts creating the video.

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  • How to Change User Account Password in Windows 10

    One of the most important aspects of your PC is the security, keeping it secure from other users is an important thing.here is how to make it secure.

    You can easily change the password of your Windows from the settings.

    Open Settings, navigate to Account and select Sign in options.

    Now click the change button under password. You might be prompted to enter the current password of your Microsoft account.

    In the next step, you need to enter your email account and get the one time password or code. If you have set this up, enter the email or mobile number and then you get a code in your choice.

    Now once the code arrives, enter the code and click next. In the final step, you need to enter the old password and you can choose the new password.

    Click next once you have done this and now your password will be changed. You can now lock your PC and test the new password.

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  • How to Hide Hard Disk Drives in Windows 10

    Nodrives: There might be situations where you might want to hide hard disk drives in Windows. Although you can do this by registry hacks, not all people are comfortable editing registry files. Also if you mess up editing registry, it could end up with Windows being unstable.

    NoDrives Manager is free tool for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 which allows you to hide hard disk drives. The app hides Windows logical drives by modifying the registry. The hidden drives are still accessible but they are not visible in the Windows Explorer.

    The app has a simple interface where you can see all the drive letter listed. Now, all you need is to find the drive letter which you want to hide and check the box against it and save the changes. You will have to log off or restart Windows explorer for the changes to take place.

    Once you restart the explorer, the drives will be hidden.

    -->The latest version also comes with option to set password for the drives and the password is encrypted and you will need to enter password to open the drive. If you want to enable the drive, you need to uncheck the box and save it once again.

    It is a free and useful utility to hide logical drives in Windows without having to play with registry settings.

                                                                                                    Download NoDrives

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  • Transfer Personal Data and Settings from one Windows to Another with Transwiz

    When you are moving to a new PC, one of the most important things to do is to transfer personal data and settings from one Windows installation to another one. 

    Transwiz is a free app which allows you to transfer user profile data and settings between computers that are as simple as it is powerful.

    Using this app, you can easy move data from one PC to another using the wizard interface.

    The app has a wizard interface. You do not have to install the app as it is portable. In the next step, you need to select the profile you want to take a backup and transfer. If you are using the current account, you will have to log off and use another account to log in.

    Transwiz will pack your existing personal data and settings into a standard zip archive for easy transfer to another computer. The Wizard will then unpack the archive on the new computer and restore your user profile – automatically reconfiguring the profile as necessary for the new Windows installation.

    Transwiz can transfer profile data from Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, and to machines running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10

                                                                                 Download Transwiz

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  • A Woman Is Going to Jail for Using a Fake Facebook Account to Frame Her Ex-lover

    We shouldn’t have to tell you this: Don’t use Facebook to frame anybody for a crime.

    A woman in Southern California learned this lesson the hard way after she created a phony Facebook profile of her ex-boyfriend to frame him for stalking, kidnapping, and beating her.

    Stephani Renae Lawson of Orange County, California, 25, pled guilty to two felonies—one count of false imprisonment and one count of perjury. She was sentenced to one year in prison.

    Lawson had been living with her boyfriend (at his grandparent’s house) for ten months prior to the whole ordeal. She was eventually kicked out for beating up her boyfriend, according to the Orange County Register. That’s when the real trouble started.


    Shortly after being booted from the home, Lawson created a fake account depicting her ex, and started sending herself aggressive messages. Then, over the course of a four month period, she repeatedly reported him to the police and had him charged with multiple felonies.

    She didn’t stop there. Lawson continued to send herself threats for months. When the district attorney’s office conducted a follow-up investigation, they discovered the messages had come from Lawson’s IP address—meaning she was sending the messages to herself.

    She’s now serving jail time, plus three years of probation. Charges against her boyfriend for stalking, kidnapping, battery, and making threats were dropped last month.

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