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    Hello and welcome everyone to GiTech101 in today’s tutorial we are going to discuss the Easiest Way To Download Facebook Videos and guess what no software or tools required. This method is just a simple URL edit method. After applying this simple trick you can easily download most of the facebook videos without any tool.

    The tutorial is very easy anyone who has a basic computer knowledge can do this very easily, Do ask your queries in the comment section and we will try to solve it asap. Comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

    Things We Need??

    1. Laptop/Pc
    2. Any Web Browser(Chrome recommended)

    So without any further do, Let’s get started…

    Easiest Way To Download Facebook Videos (Without Any Tool)

    Step 1: Choose the desired video that you want to download and then right click on the video and click on “Show video URL“. Now Copy the whole URL

    Step 2: Suppose my URL is https://www.facebook.com/abcdef/videos/00121222323233/. All I have to do is simply copy the number part 00121222323233 and paste it somewhere.

    Step 3: Now copy this https://x.facebook.com/video/video.php?v= , All you have to do is after equal sign paste the number that you had copied earlier. e.g https://x.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=00121222323233 , Now Copy the whole URL and open it in a new tab.

    Step 4: Now play the Video > Right Click on the video > click on “Save video as” and Save the video that’s it. 

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  • The Best Free Password Managers of 2017


    1.LastPass 4.0


    Syncs across all your devices. devices. Actionable password strength report. Automated password changing. Multifactor authentication. Enhanced user interface for online password vault. New emergency access password inheritance. New sharing center.


    Default settings for password generator could be more secure.


    The free LastPass 4.0 has a bold new online interface, and features such as emergency access and automated password updating put it ahead of many competing for-pay password managers.

    2. 1U Password Manager

    Outstanding authentication through facial biometrics, including liveness detection. Sync among one Android/iOS device and multiple desktops. Predefined templates for popular sites. Secure password sharing. Free!

    3.Enpass Password Manager 5

    • PROS

      Automatic password capture, near-automatic replay. Supports broad range of platforms. Powerful password generator. Secure sharing. Password audit. Cloud-based syncing.

    • CONS

      Not free for mobile use. Password import failed in testing. No support for Internet Explorer.

    4. KeePass 2.34

    • PROS

      Handles passwords for any website or application. Powerful, versatile password generator. Two-factor authentication. Imports from many competitors. More than100 plug-ins add features. Includes keylogger-foiling features.

    • CONS

      Lacks automatic password capture. Password replay launched manually. Synchronizing among devices is complicated. No mobile support.

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  • How to test your Internet Download Speed

    How to test your Internet Download Speed

    There are lots of ways to test your internet download speed. There are plenty of speed test websites that ping your ISP to estimate your Internet speed. This websites basically give you approximate value of your downloading and uploading speed.

    But according to my experience when i tested these websites , my download speed is far better. But when i tried to play some videos on you tube. It is not even touching the feet of that speed. So there is some difference, in your downloading speed and your surfing speed. So only testing your downloading speed with speed test websites will not give you clear picture about your Internet connection speed. You must try to buffer 2-3 videos simultaneously to test it.

    1. Speedtest.net : It is the best site to check your internet downloading speed. You just have to go to speedtest.net and then just click on BEGIN TEST button to start testing. And in few minutes it will show you a speed graph and your downloading and uploading speed.

    To test on Android mobile Okla Speed test Android app is also available.

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  • Simple Trick To Convert A Webpage To PDF File

    Convert A Webpage To PDF File

    In this post i will teach a simple trick or browser feature that let you convert any web page into PSD file format, which might help you to read your favorite articles offline. So lets get started.

    How To Save Web Page To PDF File ?

    1. Open the Google Chrome Browser on your PC or MAC
    2. Then go to the web page that you want to convert as a PDF.
    3. Now press Ctrl+P on Windows PC or Command+P if you are on a Mac to Open the the Print dialog on Chrome Browser.
    4. Now Change the destination to “Save As PDF” and hit the save button.
    5. The current web page will instantly be downloaded as a PDF document.

    Thank you! Gitech101.com

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  • How to Delete Your Accounts From the Internet

    Deleting accounts you've created on the internet isn't always easy. Here's how to leave several big-name services, from Facebook and Google to Netflix and Hulu

    1.AccountKiller.com guides you on how to delete your online accounts from popular websites.

    #2.Deseat.me is a simple website that can help you with deleting all such accounts you created. Once you’re on the website, you need to sign-in using your Google account and the website will display a list of all those online accounts which are associated with your Gmail address.


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