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  • How To Spy Whatsapp Messages Of Others.

    By Using MAC Spoofing.

    WhatsApp has a loophole that is we can run same WhatsApp account in different devices with same MAC address. MAC address is the  unique identify address of a device.  Using the advantage of this loophole we can spyon someone WhatsApp account.

    Steps To Spy Whatsapp Messages By IP Address Spoofing.

    1. First of all uninstall WhatsApp from your device


    2. Get Mac address of the target devices and  note it. For this you have to take  the target devices in your hand.

    3. You can simply Find the Mac address in settings of any device.

    For Android device Go to settings and select the WiFi settings and advance setting.

    • For Windows  phone Go to settings and select about option,  more info and Mac address.
    • For iPhone user Go to settings select general option, about phone, status and WiFi Mac address.
    • Blackberry phones go to options, device,  device and status info, WLAN Mac.

    4. Now install an IP Spoofing App on your Android phone like busybox, terminal app. Now go through the app and spoof IP Address. After that you will get spoofed IP Address.

    5. Now install the Whatsapp on your device and enter the victim phone number.  You have to get the code from the victim phone and now your Whatsapp is ready to use.  Now you can see the victim conversations on Whatsapp.

    Note:- For the above method to work, you need to copy the files of whatsapp folder in your device, then you can easily spy on the whatsapp account.

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  • Best #1 Android Monitoring App for FREE!

    #1 Android Monitoring App for FREE!!!

    Would you like to monitor the smartphone activities of your kid? Do it for free! Here is what we offer,
     Monitor Call Details, SMS, Location, Browsing History for Free!
     Keep eye on Social media activites like Whatsapp, Facebook…
     24×7 Technical Support
     No Root required!
     Easy Installation

    Leading Monitor Solution For Android Devices

    Thi is a powerful and reliable monitoring solution. Our application provides you seamless monitoring facility for your target device. The features have gone through rigorous testing to ensure the optimal working, in order to cater to the needs of our clients. The range of features offered guarantees a complete and efficient monitoring experience. The big advantage that we offer our clients is free of cost service for numerous of our features. That’s right! You can use a range of our features, totally free!

    Call Logs

    Monitor the call logs of your target device to stay up-to-date with their calling activities.

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    Text Message Tracker:

    Monitor the SMS logs of your target device with the SpyHuman app. This feature is a major requirement for most customers.

    Location Tracker:

    Check the location of your target device to monitor the whereabouts of your target. and The Geo-Fencing feature allows you remotely monitor the routes travelled by your target and more

    Social Media:

    Do you want to track the Facebook chats of your target? Probably, looking to track Whatsapp chat logs? We bring you the all-in-one solution!

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  • How To Mirror Android Display to PC or TV

    Mirror Your Android Mobile Screen to PC

    If you’re ever in a situation where you need to show some content from your Android phone on a big screen or a TV, what do you do?

    Uses for Mirroring Android Phones to PC or TV

    • Show photos and videos on the big screen
    • Don’t need to send content anywhere
    • Easy interaction with the content. Your phone is your remote
    • Showing how your app works or giving demos on a big screen
    • Browse the web on the big screen

    You wanna see your android mobile screen to your windows pc:

    Download Airdroid , Teamviewer, Quicksupport and All Cast android app from Google Play Store. Now you can see your android mobile screen to any desktop or laptop 

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  • (Working) Hack WiFi Password from iPhone (Without Jailbreak) 2017

    iPhone Apps To Hack WiFi Password No Jailbreaking

    1.  WPA Tester 

    WPA Tester is available to download from the Apple  Apps Store.  By using this Wifi hacking app for iPhone you can easily get your victims wifi password.Just in case it gets removed by Apple in the future it is also available from installers and as you are aware that means it will be totally free!

    2. dlssid 

    dssid is an iPhone hacker app for Dlink routers which are found in almost every country in the world. Thousands of ISPs worldwide just re-brand Dlink routers with their company logo/name so there is a very good chance that you will be able to find a router nearby that you can hack even if it is not displaying dlink in the network name.

    3. WLAN Audit – Best WiFi Hacker App Cydia

    WLAN is similar to many of the other app listed on this site and it will crack the WPA an WPA2 password of routers which have not had their default WiFi password changed.

    4. IWEP PRO

    This IWep pro is one of the best WiFi password finder apps for iPhone and other Apple’s devices. that can be used to discover the password of a WiFi network and bypass it. It’s designed for easy usage, responsive and the user interface of the app is very much friendly.

    5. iSpeed Touched 

    SpeedTouched is an amazing iPhone app to hack WiFi passwords on an iphone, ipod touch or ipad as it will work on millions of WiFi routers worldwide. This iPhone App Used to access the wifi router password easily.

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  • How To Protect Your USB Pendrive With Password (2 Methods)

    #1 Method To Protect USB Pendrive With Password Using BitLock

    1. First of all, insert USB Pendrive into your computer.Now right click on the drive and select Turn on BitLocker.

    2. Now click on Use password to protect the drive. Now enter the password you want to set in both the password fields.

    3. Now click on next and next and print or save the key for future reference.


    4. Now encryption process will start and your drive will get secured with the password that you have set.

    #2 Method To Protect USB Pendrive With Password Using Wondershare

    1. First of all download and install Wondershare USB Drive Encryption from here.

    2. Now open the software and insert the pen drive into your computer. Now select your drive in the program and select the amount as complete to fully secure your drive. Now click on install button.

    3. Now enter the username and password that you want to set for your USB Pendrive.

    4. After this click on Ok and that’s it you are done with protecting your USB Pendrive with username and password.

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