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  • How to Fix YouTube Videos not playing on Android and iPhone

    Below are the ways that will help you to fix YouTube Videos not playing on Android and iPhone. So follow the below guide to proceed.

    # Android

    For android users, they can do up some of the following things to prevent or fix up the YouTube errors –

    1. Clear YouTube App Cache: If the problem is occurring in the Android App then the very first thing that you can prefer to do is clear up the YouTube app cache. Simple! But can be very much effective; just try it to know it.

    2. Update App: The problem can also be there if you have not yet updated to the latest versions of the Android Youtube App, so to try fixing it update the whole Android YouTube app.

    # iPhone (iOS)

    Now if you are not an android device user and using up the YouTube on your iOS device official YouTube app then you should follow these below simple things to fix up the related issue-

    1. Clear Youtube App Cache: If the problem is occurring in the iOS YouTube App then the very first thing that you can prefer to do is clear up the YouTube app cache. Again Simple enough! But can be very much effective; just try it to know it.

    2. Enable Mobile Data Usage for Youtube: Recheck whether you have enabled the flow of internet data on your YouTube app on iOS, just go to the mobile/cellular settings and then from the list scroll down and find up the YouTube app. Now turn up the toggle if it is disabled unless keeping it unchanged.

    3. Update YouTube App: The problem can also be there if you have not yet updated to the latest versions of the iOS Youtube App, so to try fixing it update the whole YouTube app.

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  • Best app for your wifi connnection

    Finally, now you know about the best ways by which you can get free WiFi almost anywhere.

    Wifi Map  ezihu techinew keGoogle Play yawridu

    Do you know about any other interesting way to get free WiFi? Maybe a useful app which could be potentially better than Avast WiFi Finder? Let us know your thoughts on the article and do share your ideas to get free WiFi (mentioning the service / method / app you use) in the comments section below.

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  • How to get WiFi connection

    It happens that we visit places less often when we do not find an active WiFi hotspot (more importantly, a free one). Moreover, when sitting at a restaurant, the first thing we are curious about is whether the restaurant offers a free WiFi or not. Fortunately, there are many ways which one can follow to get free WiFi almost anywhere, and do it with minimal hassle. Let us check one of them out:

    When you search for available WiFi networks, you get a lot of free WiFi solutions but some protected WiFi networks as well. What if you knew the passphrase for the protected WiFi network? It would be just great!

    Maybe it would cause a problem to the person who owns it (if it is a metered connection) but you still get a free WiFi solution. So, Using this application,you do not need to ask anyone for it if the password is still the same as the user shared with the community.

    Appu Lmawured ezihu Ychanu !To download The App Click Here

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    CAUSES OF ERROR 498 IN PLAY STORE: 1. The Most common issue is the Size of Device’s Cache Partition. You will get Error 498 in play store if you try to download apps that are larger in size then your Device’s Cache partition.For Eg: Your Cache partition is of 30M and you try to download an app with Size 35M then you might get this error. Usually Play store have issues when downloading apps that are large in size.

    • 2. Another Reason is Google Servers from where you are trying to download the apps might be under maintenance. So if you are downloading an App and you get Play store erro 498 message then Server may be the issue. Just wait and try to download it again.


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  • 4 tips to identify fake account /fb/


    1) Profile Picture :

    • First Thing we see about any Facebook account is thier Profile Picture, If you Find any Facebook Account on your Friendlist suspicious, First thing you will do is Use Reverse Image Search. This helps you find out if Similar Pictures are available on Internet.  First Download the Profile Picture of the account you find suspicious
    • Goto /images.google.com Click on Camera icon which says Search by image, Click on Upload an Image, now choose the Picture you  had downloaded earlier , Now once the uploading Completes, google will show you Similar Images that already exist over internet.

    2) Timeline:

    • The Facebook timeline of a Facebook accounts says a lot about that Profile. Most Fake Profiles have “Female” as a gender, this doesn’t Mean all fb accounts with “Female” Genders are Fake, There are many other things to Identify Fake Facebook Account.
    • if thier photos folder shows only 1 or 2 Pictures that too of random Celebrities then probably its fake.
    • if the Person does not update Status, or if he does, the Comments does not read like his Real friends or the profile does not comments on others status,then its likely to be a Fake profile
    • The “About” tab will Give you More information about the Profile, if the “About” tab don’t show you any info about the persons profile then thats an indication about fake profile

    3) Wait for 1st january:

    • This is kind of Funny, Why Would one Wait for 1st jan to Identify Fake Facebook Account, Well Fake Profile Makers Most Probably Enter 1st jan as thier birth date while creating Fake account. So on 1st Jan, Facebook will Show you People who have birthdays today. Go through that list and Unfriend them if you dont know them Personally.
    • On 1st jan 2014, i was shocked to see 28 people Having thier birthday, Guess what i performed the above Proccess.

    4) Girls Profile :

    • Most of the Fake profiles are created with Girl Identity and with a Beautiful face as a Profile Picture, You may even find Cell phone Number, Girls Hardly will Share their Contact number in Public.
    • A girl Profile with Lots of Friends and Followers indicates a Fake Profile.

    These were some tips to Identify Fake Facebook Account , which i wanted to share with you all, if you find any Fake profile then you and your friends can report it to facebook.

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