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  • How to remove shortcut virus from pendrive

    Below are some methods to remove shortcut virus from pendrive or Hardisk.

    Method 1: Remove shortcut virus from pendrive , PC using  virus removal tool:

    Download Samadav from this link. This software can easily detect shortcut virus and removes them instantly. Smadav is constantly updated with new virus definitions. Follow the given steps to remove shortcut virus:

    1.Download and install this shortcut virus removal tool from above given link, or click here to Download.


    2.Connect your pen-drive to your PC

    3. After plugin in, this software will start scanning your pen-drive. Or you can manually open it and scan your pen-drive.

    4. After scanning it will generate a report of infected files and shortcut virus. Click on Fix all to remove shortcut virus from pendrive.

    Method 2: Remove shortcut virus from pendrive using cmd:

    This method will remove shortcut virus using cmd.

    Download and install this shortcut virus removal tool from above given link, or click here.

    • Connect your pen drive to PC
    • Don’t open it using auto-run or file browser.
    • Click on the start menu open the Run and then type cmd and hit enter
    • Copy paste the below command on your cmd. Click enter.

    ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D I:*.*

    • Replace the letter I with your pen-drive letter. Here:-H will show the hidden files in  your USB drive.-R will recreate files on your storage device.-S breaks the link of files from system.
    • After running the command on cmd, open your pen-drive. You can find all the files there without and shortcut virus



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  • How To Permanently Delete Your account

    How To Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account!There is no restoring way once it is deleted

    How To Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account!

    Step 1: Backup all of your data:

    First of all, it’s time to backup all posts, videos and photos.

    Click the “down arrow” in the upper right-hand corne,Go to setting...In General Account Settings, Click ‘download a copy of all your Facebook data’, download archive

    Step 2: Deactivate your account

    Click the “down arrow” in the upper right-hand corner, account settings, click security on the left menu, then click deactivate your account.

    Step 3: Delete your Facebook account

    Click on the “lock” icon in the upper right-hand corner, click the “magnifying glass” icon and then search for “delete”.


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    Just follow the two simple steps given below to customize your folder :

    STEP 1 :First of all Download and install the software FolderColorizer. You can download it from the link below : DOWNLOAD FOLDERCOLORIZER.

    STEP 2 :Now after installing the software, simply right click on any folder which you wish to customize. Here when you right click on folder, you will see a new option in the context menu i.e. Colorize !. Now simply go to that option and one submenu will appear. Now choose any color you want to assign to this folder.

    Although it is a free software for everyone to use it but while you will use this software for the very first time , it will just ask your email id for activation of this software. But no need to worry because you wont need to confirm the activation by logging in to your e mail account.

    Even if you don’t wish to share your e mail id with developers of this software you can do it because product will be activated automatically once you enter any email id. So you can also enter any fake id if you want.For your convenience I am providing you a screenshot of above mentioned procedure for changing folder color :

    In this way you will be able to easily organize folders in any of your drive weather C: , D: or any other drive. You can also assign different colors to several folders in the same drive to give it more attractive and cool looks.

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  • How to Use Whatsapp on PC for Windows and Mac

    Let us See How to Use Whatsapp On Windows and Mac PC.

    To Run Whatsapp on Pc, We will Require Android Emulator, Android Emulator Helps us to Run Whatsapp on PC. 

    Step 1: Youwave And Bluestack Are the Two Android Emulator which enable us to Run Whatsapp or any other Android App on PC.
    Step 2: If you Go for Bluestack then Download and install it, then run the Bluestack and Click                

    on ” Apps “
    Then Click on the Tab ” Social ” and select ” Whatsapp ” and Install it.

    Step 3: If you Go for Youwave which I am Using On My PC then just download  and install.

    Now download Whatsapp.apk and move the downloaded file to PC directory.
    To Check PC’s Directory, Open Youwave click on help > Instruction. Now move your 
    whatsapp.apk file in to that directory . Then Click on View then Redraw Icons. 
    Now You will see Whatsapp icon .
    After Installing Whatsapp on Youwave or Bluestack you have to enter Mobile number which is not used earlier For Whatsapp account.  Then they will take 5 Minutes to verify and will send you Code.
    Enter that code and thats all.
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  • Disable USB ports on Windows PC via Registry

    With this trick, you can disable access to your USB(Universal Serial Bus) ports on your Windows based PC to prevent people from taking out data without permission or spreading viruses through the use of USB (pen and flash) drives. 
    To use this trick to disable USB ports, follow the steps given below:-

    1. Click on Start.
    2. Click on Run. If you cannot find RUN, type it in the search box.
    3. Type "regedit" without quotes. This will launch the Registry Editor.
    4. Navigate to  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesusbstor.
    5. In the work area, double click on Start.
    6. In the Value Data box, enter 4.
    7. Click on OK.
    8. Close Registry Editor and refresh your desktop.
    9. To re-enable access to your USB ports, enter 3 in the Value Data box in Step 6.


    Try it yourself to make your PC invulnerable from data theft and malware which spread through USB ports. This works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

    Note: This trick also disables access to your USB connected peripheral devices. So, do not use it if you have USB connected keyboard and mouse.

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