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Tips and Tricks

  • How To Charge Your Android Battery Faster

    Today we are here with some best ways to charge your Android smartphone faster. Follow the full post to know about it.

    #1 Use Airplane Mode While Charging

    In Airplane mode, all your networks get stopped and that is always the best mode to charge your Android. As at that time your battery consumption will go very down and you can easily charge it with great efficiency. Even this tweak can reduce your charging time to up to 40% so must try this.

    #2 Turn off Your Phone If Possible for faster Charging


    This mode is most effective when you need emergency battery charged in a very short time. In this mode you, battery consumption goes to zero and it gets charged quickly as compare to the running Android with lots of running apps.

    #3 Turn Off Mobile Data, Wifi, GPS, and Bluetooth

    While charging, you should Turn Off Mobile Data, Wifi, GPS and Bluetooth in your Android as they consume lots of battery and your battery charging process will be longer with all these on

    #4 Use Original Charger Adapter & Data Cable

    This doesn’t help you to charge your battery fast. However, you can use the inbuilt function which comes as the stock option to many models. 

    #5 Never use your phone while in Charging

    This mode is most effective when you need emergency battery charged in a very short time. In this mode you, battery consumption goes to zero and it gets charged quickly as compare to the running Android with lots of running apps

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  • Social media tricks:How to send a message with blockd fb

    • First of all When ever you make a girl friend you should bookmark her profile or you can search him/her from a new account.
    • Now log in to your Facebook account
    • Find the profile of the person you want to text after being blocked you just need to copy this


    • After copying the username you should add the @facebook.com in front of it . e.g asish.pattanaik1@facebook.com
    • By getting this type of email you’re ready to text them now you have to open you Facebook linked email account and compose new email as shown below
     Then your text will be delivered to your desired user even if they blocked 
    Please note that this tutorial is solely for educational purpose and I am not responsible for any kind of illegal usage of this tutorial
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  • Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

    10 keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 that I think you should definitely learn. There are literally hundreds, most of which no one will ever use.

     Best Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts


    Windows Key – Simply pressing the Windows key will bring up the Start Menu with its mix of Windows 7 and Windows 8 styles.


    Windows Key + D – Missing the desktop? This hotkey will hide all windows and show you the desktop. If you press it again, it will bring back the same windows that were active earlier.

    Windows Key + L – This hotkey will lock the screen in Windows 10. You could also press CTRL + ALT + DEL and then press Enter to lock the screen, but this is also a good option

    Windows Key + E – Opens Windows Explorer. I’m pretty much always messing with files, so this is a very useful shortcut.

    Windows Key + R – Brings up the Run dialog box, which lets you quickly run commands.

    Windows Key + Tab – This will show you a thumbnail of all open programs on the current desktop and also a small thumbnail of each desktop at the bottom.

    Windows Key + I – Opens the Windows 10 Settings dialog where you can configure the network, backups, WiFi, privacy, security and lots more.

    CTRL + Windows Key + L/R Arrow – This is another shortcut I use often. It allows me to switch between desktops quickly using the right or left arrows in conjunction with CTRL + Windows Key. The order for the first two keys doesn’t matter either.

    Ctrl + Shift + Esc – This will bring up the new Windows 10 Task Manager. The shortcut is the same as it was in previous versions of Windows.

    Windows Key + C – This will bring up Cortana in listening mode, if you have Cortana enabled. I don’t use Cortana mostly over privacy concerns, but that’s just me. If you use it, this is a handy shortcut.

    So those are the 10 shortcuts I have found to be the most useful in Windows 10 so far

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  • Password Protect and Encrypt Word Documents

    Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, have the encryption feature which allow us to easily set a password to protect our Office documents for very long time.

    The password encryption method applies to different Office Word versions, like Word 2010, 2013, and so on

    How to password protect and encrypt Word documents?

    Open your Word document or run Word and create a new document. Click File menu from the top left corner, then select Info, you will then find all information about the current Word document, such as Properties, dates, author, document protection, documents inspection, versions, etc. See below screen

    Click Protect Document from above screen to control what types of changes people can make to this document. You will open a drop-down menu like below.

    Here you can restrict editing of Word documents, restrict access of Word documents and encrypt document with password, etc. Click Encrypt with Password to password-protect this document, you will open the Encrypt Document dialogue where you can type a password to protect the Word doc, see below screenshot

    Note that the password you set to protect Word cannot be recovered. It is advisable to use a password you can remember or keep a list of passwords and corresponding document names in a safe place. Also the Word encryption passwords are case-sensitive.

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