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  • How To Hack Android Phone Using Bluetooth

    Hack Android Phone Using Bluetooth: Bluetooth is a wireless technology which lets us connect to other android devices and share information or different files such as music files, photos, videos, etc.

    With the increase in its popularity now-days, we can see every Android phone is Bluetooth enabled.

    Other than just sharing information or files between Android devices.
    So, let’s try using these bluetooth android phone hacking softwares  but only for fun.

    1. Super Bluetooth Hack 1.08

    Hacking somebody’s android phone via this Super Bluetooth Hack 1.08 software will let you take full control and command of that android phone.
    In other words, you can gain full access to his inbox messages, phone book contacts, call summary, details about SIM and network. Wait! There’s more to it.
    You can lock or unlock the phone or switch on/off, change accessibility, network or security settings, modify ringing tone and volume, make some changes in language, play ringtones even when the andorid phone is on silent mode, make a call or end a call, etc.
    Whew! Lot of things you can undertake with this multi-purpose software.
    This software is used for controlling and reading information from remote phone via bluetooth or infra. Phone list and SMS can be stored in HTML format. It will also display information about battery, network and sim card.

    2. Blue Scanner

     As the word scan implies, this Bluetooth Scanner software lets us explore and scan active Bluetooth enabled mobile devices or laptop or PDA with active Bluetooth connection. This software tries to collect maximum information for every discoverable device. It’s a kind of fun social game for hackers wherein points are added in their total score of finding the maximum number of Bluetooth enabled devices. They can view their total score, level, ranking and no. of devices found in the ‘Stats’ section of this software

    3. Blue Sniff

    How To Hack Android Phone Using Bluetooth
    Blue Sniff is a GUI based software that runs on Linux.Blue Scanner searches out Bluetooth-enabled devices and try to extract as much information as possible for each newly discovered device in other words you can use this one to spy on others who are close to you.
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  • How to H@ck Someones Account Just by Knowing their Phone Numbers

    Yes, your Facebook account can be hacked, no matter how strong your password is or how much extra security measures you have taken. No joke!

    Hackers with skills to exploit the SS7 network can hack your Facebook account. All they need is your phone number.

    The weaknesses in the part of global telecom network SS7 not only let hackers and spy agencies listen to personal phone calls and intercept SMSes on a potentially massive scale but also let them hijack social media accounts to which you have provided your phone number.

    SS7 or Signalling System Number 7 is a telephony signaling protocol that is being used by more than 800 telecommunication operators worldwide to exchange information with one another, cross-carrier billing, enabling roaming, and other features.

    However, an issue with the SS7 network is that it trusts text messages sent over it regardless of their origin. So, malicious hackers could trick SS7 into diverting text messages as well as calls to their own devices.

    Here’s How to Hack Any Facebook Account:

    The attacker first needs to click on the "Forgot account?" link on the Facebook.com homepage. Now, when asked for a phone number or email address linked to the target account, the hacker needs to provide the legitimate phone number.

    The attacker then diverts the SMS containing a one-time passcode (OTP) to their own computer or phone, and can login to the target’s Facebook account.

    The issue affects all Facebook users who have registered a phone number with Facebook and have authorized Facebook Texts.

    Besides Facebook, researchers’ work shows that any service, including Gmail and Twitter, that uses SMS to verify its user accounts has left open doors for hackers to target its customers.

    Although the network operators are unable to patch the hole sometime soon, there is little the smartphone users can do.

    • Do not link your phone number to social media sites, rather rely solely on emails to recover your Facebook or other social media accounts.
    • Use two-factor authentication that does not use SMS texts for receiving codes.
    • Use communication apps that offer "end-to-end encryption" to encrypt your data before it leaves your smartphone over your phone's standard calling feature.
    Update: However, the important thing to note is that the issue has actually nothing to do with Facebook security or other website's security, instead it is the weakness in the telecom network. 
    "Because this technique [SSL exploitation] requires significant technical and financial investment, it is a very low risk for most people," Facebook spokesperson told The Hacker News.  
    "As an added precaution, we recommend turning on two-factor authentication, called Login Approvals, in your Facebook security settings. Doing this will disable recovery via SMS on your account so even if someone has your phone number, they'll still need your password to access your account."
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  • Network Signal Speed Booster :Wifi internet connection booster app

    Wifi internet connection booster app

    Does your phone always need charging, even two or three times a day and die at crucial moment due to running out of battery?

    There will some simple clicks you have to made and you can increase life of you battery upto 50% . Most of the people don’t know that battery always drained by some unnecessary app that are running in your background whole day and night due to which your battery dies before its time. This battery saver app handles all those waste apps that are running in background and draining your batter which will boost your battery life.

    Save battery power and boost battery life by avoiding unwanted tasks. This app will work for you as a battery life saver or battery saver for your phone so that your battery power can be boosted up to a maximum level and you can increase battery using time.

    Battery saver is very simple to use and there is no complex functionality so that anyone can use it with an ease you just need to click to boost battery life or you can say to save your battery life you can see the process and percentage of your battery saved by the app.

    This battery saver app will give a new definition to your phone and it always proves that it is a best battery booster app

    Download Network Signal Speed Booster 

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  • Wi-Fi and Mobile Data At the Same Time for Better Speed and Reliability

    How To Use WiFi And Mobile Data Simultaneously On Android.

    Method1: Use Super download booster

    Metod 2: use  speedy 4 App (http://speedify.com/download/?)

    iOS/Android: Speedify is a handy way to combine multiple internet connections into one mega pipe. Now, it’s even better. In 4.0, you can send redundant data over multiple connections, and get started without an account.

    Step 1: First of all, Install Super Download.

    This app is available on the Google Play store in 2 versions. The first one is a Paid App. There is also a LITE version but it has a limit of 50 MB. Links are given below. we suggest trying the LITE version first to see if this guide works for your phone and you can use WiFi and Mobile Data simultaneously.

    Super Download – Booster
    Download From Playstore

    Super Download Lite – Booster

    Download From Playstore

    Step 2 : Provide SuperUser permissions.

    Step 3 : Go to settings of the app and make sure Dual network has a check mark.

    Step 4 : Copy a link from your browser for any file you want to download. Then use Super download to paste and download the file.

    Note:This installation requires rooting: Your mobile should be rooted to use this app

    In conclusion, you can easily achieve highest download speeds by using WiFi and Mobile data simultaneously on Android. For any query, write to us  in comments below.

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  • Recover a stolen laptop, or prepare for the day your laptop is stolen

    Have you lost your laptop in the public places or somebody has stolen it, don't know what to do next?

    First of all don't panic, sit and think about your next step to be taken for recovering your laptop, today i am going to share ways to recover your laptop.
    1. Prey Project
    Prey Project is a free theft tracking and recovery software that really works in case of laptop lost or stolen. It supports to Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Android. It gives you to gather all the information regarding your stolen laptop like the device’s location, hardware and network status, and optionally takes specific actions on it.

    With prey project tracking app you can easily locate your stolen laptop, you just have to install the tracking app on your laptop, so next time you lost your laptop it will help you to track and recover it.

    Here is the Guide How To Install and Track or Recover your Stolen or Lost Laptop:

    1. First Install Prey App for Your Windows or MAC here. download from below, don't install it in C drive,install it in D 

     2. Then Create a new User Account entering your information. 

    3. Then You will receive an activation link in you Email to log in to Control Panel. And login with Your User ID and Password.

     4. Once you activate your account then goto Control Panel You can See Your Laptop, In future you can also add more devices by Clicking Add more Device Button

    5. Now go to the Setting panel option and Activate activate your protection Like Alerts, Webcam, Screenshot, Lock PC, alert and all. 

    Note: If you Lost your Laptop than go to Setting Panel and Turn the Missing Option to ON, to get the Detail Report about your Stolen Laptop.

    Prey Project is completely free and useful app for all laptop users, and it supports maximum types of devices. you should try this app on your laptop.

    you can recover 3 devices for free:  here is the official website of Prey Project

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