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  • Enjoy FREE 60 minutes of Spoof Calling..!

    Spoof Call or Caller ID spoofing

    is a service that allows a caller to masquerade as someone else by changing the caller ID that appears on the receiver’s caller ID display. It can be used to make prank phone calls to your friends by making a fake caller ID appear on their phone screen. It lets you make a call appear to come from any phone number the you wish.

    However, spoofing caller id can also be used for bad motives and this is considered to be illegal. But as long as it does not involve any abusive or criminal intent, its legal. You can make a phone prank as long its only intended for fun. It can be used to fool around your friends and family and give them scare or surprise by making your own unique pranks. It sure is an enjoyable experience but just remember not to take it too far and hurt someones feelings



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  • Best Free Movie Downloads Sites 2016-2017 To Download Free Movies

    Movies is one of the best part of entertain in our life. Everyone loves to watch movies either online or offline. These days most of us prefer to watch movies online but to stream movies online you must need to have a good internet connection OR Wi-Fi.


    There are a lot of free movie downloads sites are available which lets you to download movies for free, but all those free movie download sites are not safe, some of them served malware or adware which may cause some problem to your PC.

    In order to avoid such type of problem we have collected some best free-movie downloads websites from where you can download your favorite Hollywood, bollywood, Tamil, Hindi movies for free without membership.

    Top Sites for Free Movie Downloads 2017

    S No.Sites Name
    1 tmoviesnow.com
    2 mydownloadtube.com
    3 worldfree4u.lol
    4 tubeplus.ag
    5 moviescrib.com
    6 gingle.in
    7 ganool.fr
    8 mp4times.com
    9 divxcrawler.tv
    10 freemoviedownloads6.com


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  • How To Allow Only Selected Devices To Connect To Your Wifi Network

    Steps To Allow Selected Devices To Get Connect On WiFi:

    1) First of all you need to connect your PC to WiFi network where you want to implement this.
    2) Now in your Web browser, enter the router’s IP address,that will be either or by default or you can get it by entering ipconfig command in CMD.
    3) Now enter the username and password of your router connection there.
    4) Now there in router settings go to Advanced > Wireless Settings.
    5) Now there click on Setup Access List to open the Wireless Card Access List.
    6) Now click on add button to add the device to connect with WiFi.
    7) Now you will be entering the MAC address and name of device that you want to allow on that network.
    You can get the MAC address of your Android in About Phone in Settings. And in PC you can find it in by entering ipconfig /all in CMD and note down the Physical address.
    8) Check the Turn Access Control on.
    Thats it you are done!!. Now only the selected device will be allowed to connect to the WiFi network.

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  • Top 10 Countries with highest 4G LTE speed

    Top 10 Countries With Highest 4G LTE Speed In The World

     Country 4G LTE Speed
    Singapore 45.86 Mbps
    South Korea 45.77 Mbps
    Hungary 40.61 Mbps
    Romania 35.61 Mbps
    New Zealand 34.94 Mbps
    Bulgaria 34.26 Mbps
    Netherlands 33.84 Mbps
    Australia 32.50 Mbps
    Luxembourg 31.70 Mbps
    Iceland 31.39 Mbps
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  • Top 5 Password Cracking Methods 2016

    Password Cracking  is the process of recovering passwords from data that have been stored in or transmitted by a computer system.

    1. Dictionary attack

    A dictionary attack is based on trying all the strings in a pre-arranged listing, typically derived from a list of words such as in a dictionary.

    2.. Brute force attack

    This method is similar to the dictionary attack but with the added bonus, for the hacker, of being able to detect non-dictionary words by working through all possible alpha-numeric combinations from aaa1 to zzz10.

    3.. Phishing

    There’s an easy way to hack: ask the user for his or her password. A phishing email leads the unsuspecting reader to a faked online banking, payment or other site in order to login and put right some terrible problem with their security…”

    4.Social engineering

    takes the whole ‘ask the user’ concept outside of the inbox that phishing tends to stick with and into the real world.

    A favourite of the social engineer is to telephone an office posing as an IT security tech guy and simply ask for the network access password. You’d be amazed how often this works.


    A key logger or screen scraper can be installed by malware which records everything you type or takes screen shots during a login process, and then forwards a copy of this file to hacker central.

    Some malware will look for the existence of a web browser client password file and copy this which, unless properly encrypted, will contain easily accessible saved passwords from the user's browsing history.

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