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  • 3 reasons why you should not watch X-rated videos on Android smartphones

    Here are few reasons as to why one should avoid viewing  X-rated videos(wesibawi) on your primary Android smartphone and tips to avoid the wicked cyber-tricks.

    1) It leads to illegal VAS subscriptions
    .Wsibawi video is mostly free. However, it can actually prove to be something really costly. Popular wesibawi websites in an attempt to jack up profits are restoring to illegal VAS subscriptions. This means the moment you visit a particular website on your Android smartphone, a VAS subscription automatically gets activated in the background.

    Subscription is usually small to avoid users attention, if you are losing mobile balance without your knowledge and consent, you must clean your mobile.

    2) Huge security risk
    Browsing yewesibawi video on an Android smartphone which has your primary Gmail ID along with the banking app is a huge risk. The security and privacy of that particular Android phone is totally on the attention and interest of any cybercriminal.

    3) Ransomwares.

    Nothing is actually free online. There's a payload for everything either in the form of cash or data. Ransomwares are sophisticated malware which locks down a device completely and then blackmails the user to pay up to unlock. Ransomwares are on the rise and it is very serious issue. Everything on the device is at the mercy of that rogue cyber geek. And there is no guarantee that he will unlock the phone even after receiving payment. Rogue porn websites have mastered this already.

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  • How to Compress Large Files Into Small Size

     KGB File Compressor : Kgb file archiver is an advanced compressor utility program which can convert your 1GB files to 10 MB . Due to high compression ratio, it requires 256 MB ram and 1.5 GHz processor.

    Download KGB Archievr Software from Sourcefourge

    Advantages of KGB Archiver Software:This software is total free of cost and It can create a password protected compress file.90% compression rate.

    Steps to Compress 1 GB File into 10 MB using KGB Archiver Software.

    1.First of all, Download the software from the above links.
    2.Install it on your PC, Then Open the KGB Archiver Software.
    3. Select “Compress Files” option and click next.

    On the next tab, select the folder or path where you want to save the compressed file and give a name of the file.


    Then select the Compression level from Normal to Maximum and leave archive format as KGB.

    Select that file which you want to Compress by Click on Add File option.

    After doing all this steps, Click on Next, file compression process will start.This will take several minutes, depend on your file size.

    That’s all. You can use this tool to extract the compressed file at any time.

    Note: 10mb per 1GB. (like 20mb for 2GB of file.)

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  • Best scholarship mobile apps

    1. Scholarships.com

    Scholarships.com is the #1 free college scholarship search and student information resource for finding free financial aid information and opportunities to help pay for college. * The Scholarships.com cloud-based mobile and desktop platforms are the easiest, fastest, most targeted and accurate method for high school students, college undergraduates, college grad school students and adult learners to find free college scholarship and grants to help pay for college. Scholarships.com has one goal; working tirelessly to help students graduate college without going deep into student loan debt.

    Download Scholarship apps


    Scholly:Scholarship Search Tool and College Scholarship Finder App

    3.Sail - Scholarship Search

    Sail - Simple Scholarship Search ( College Scholarships ) on the App Store

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  • Best Free Calling Mobile Apps for android without Internet

    Its Time To Change World

    Today I am sharing article about how to Make free calls using free calling apps to Phone/ landlines without Internet’. We all know about some free calling apps like viber, WeChat, facebook messenger, line, tango etc which also enable free calls but they require the internet connection to make calls. What if, the calls take place offline without the need of internet connection? You heard right, you can make free calls without internet connection.

    Best Free Calling Apps To Make Free Calls Without Internet

    1. Bigo App For Free Calling

    Bigo is awesome revolutionary communication free calling app that lets you make free calls to any mobile/ landlines across the world. The best features of this free calling app are the called person is not required to have the bigo app or internet connection.

    Features of Bigo

    Bigo app provides free 400 credits per month per users.

    • This app also provides free 10 credits per day for login onto the app
    • You can use these credits to make the calls & the call credit cost depends on the location.
    • You can check out the credit charges for non bigo by clicking here.
    • Bigo also provides Unlimited bigo to bigo calls

    Bigo also offers 300 bigo credits on inviting/ referring a friend

    2. Nanu App For Free Calling

    Nanu is latest free calling app which designed for android phone for making free calls. Actually nanu app provides free unlimited calls from nanu to nanu on net and without internet it provides 15 minute every week free calling.

    Features of Nanu

    • Nanu requires no internet connection. once you download the app you can have the free calling facility. So need of internet each and every time.
    • Works as unlimited free calling even in 2G connectivity.
    • Also works for WiFi connection and this increases balance.According to the CEO of
      Nanu, in the later days this app offline calling time increases and also it will be expanded to different countries.

      3. Primo App for Free Calling

      Calling works without data in over 60 countries on the Primo voice network. You can use your cellular voice minutes to make calls when your not near WIFI or out of data. We go where you go.The receiver DOES NOT need Internet. He or she gets normal calls from your USA No.

    Download the App From Play Store
    You get a USA number For Free. That will be your number. Give it to friends.
    As long as you have internet connection, you can do free call and text to India and some other countries.
    Call India mobiles and landlines free.
    – USA, Brazil, Canada, & Mexico land & mobiles
    – China, Thailand, and Singapore land & mobiles
    – Landlines in UK, France, Germany, and much of Europe

    ​​4. Libon App For Free Calling

    By using this free app, you can easily call to other app users and all that for free by just using the internet connection. You can also call to other users, even those who are not using the Libon app, but here is only one restriction, which is that users will get only free 30 minutes for that type of calls every month.

    Features of Libon

    Unlimited free Libon-to-Libon calls
    30 minute free calls to non libon users per month(mobile, landline, libon calls without internet connection)
    Also have referral program, refer to your friends or family to get Free 60 minutes

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  • Mobile Dating Apps You Should Be Using in 2017

    Here are mobile dating apps recommended by  Dating Experts that you should be using, right here, right now. It’s time to speed up your search and fill your date cards.

    Ready, Set, Swipe!
    #1. Bumble – Android and iOs
    Bumble is the mobile dating app which gives the ladies all of the control. I call it the “Sadie Hawkins” of digital dating. Created by Whitney Wolfe, a former co-founder of Tinder, Bumble is free to join. Users sign up from Facebook and then select their photos, distance they’re willing to search up to, and age requirements in the app.

    How it works:

    Women view profiles of potential dates and they make the first move to select who to “like” by swiping right or who to “dislike” by swiping left. If there’s a mutual like, you’ll get a pop up with the two of you that says BOOM! Connected. You both liked each other.

    You then have the choice to click on “More Bumble” to see more matches, or “Start a Chat” so you can get the conversation going. Then, it’s up to the women, who have 24 hours to strike up a convo in the chat bubble on the top right of the app. Otherwise the match will disappear. Your current chats will appear in the “Conversations” section of the app until you decide to delete them.

    The app also let’s you know when a potential match is about to expire. Did you swipe left by mistake? No problem. Their “Backtrack” feature allows you to shake the phone to get that last cute guy back in the game, but shake wisely. You only get three backtracks a day.

    Why we like it: The ladies are enjoying being the one in control and let’s face it, the guys are competitive. They want to get selected and know they won’t be rejected if she starts the conversation.
    2. Tinder – Android and iOs

    We featured Tinder back in 2013, before swiping right became a household term. Tinder is the fastest growing location-based mobile dating app and Tinder-like apps are being launched every day.

    No longer the new kid on the block and not just for hookups. I know what you’re saying, you can’t say you met on Tinder, right? Singles are swiping left and right to the tune of 16 million swipes a day.

    This year, Tinder announced Verified profiles since so many celebrities had joined the Tinder bandwagon. From Hilary Duff to your next door neighbor, everyone seems to be swiping. While Tinder is free, they launched a premium service, Tinder Plus, which costs between $9.99 and $19.99/month. Singles can now “Super Like” a potential match, giving them a digital heads up that they’re more than just a swipe away. Other premium features include “Passport,” which allows you to search in another city to help you fill your date card, before you hop on a plane or travel elsewhere.

    Swipe regret? Premium members can also get back that last left swipe, just in case you swiped in error. New in 2016, Tinder will allow you to take photos on your camera roll and won’t limit you to using only photos that were posted on Facebook. Another new feature announced this year is the ability to send GIFS through GIPHY. It ramps up your flirt, big time.

    How it works.

    Users download the mobile app on their iPhone or Android phones and connect through Facebook to create a profile. You can set your distance and age range (from 18-55+)in the “Discovery Settings.” Users anonymously swipe through potential matches nearby. If you’re interested, you swipe right. If you’re note, you swipe left. If it’s a mutual match, you can start chatting in text message style directly through their app. Once you swipe left, that profile will never appear again. You can also decide to unmatch yourself from someone if the conversation has a lull or if you had a date that wasn’t worth repeating.

    Why we like it: It’s simple to use, free, let’s you see your Facebook friends in common, and is the fastest growing mobile dating app. It’s also a fun way to make new friends, as not everyone is single. You can view a variety of potential dates in a digital moment and anonymously decide whether you’re interested in them or not. Tinder boasts 9 billion matches to date with over 10 million active users.

    3. Hinge – Android and iOs

    Hinge is a mobile dating app that will only match you with friends-of-friends on Facebook and you can see where they work, as it pulls your data from Facebook. This is appealing to daters. Singles believe this app has less of a hookup tendency than others.

    Coming on the scene as the more serious version of Tinder (or anti-Tinder), Hinge gives you a limit of 5 -15 matches a day and this limit creates value and appreciation for each potential match. Once you’re matched, you’ll have 14 days to start a conversation. Their new handy countdown clock will let you know how much time you have left to message your mutual match. Basically, you’ll need to exchange digits within their time limitations or the match will disappear.

    How it works:

    Singles download the app and log in using Facebook. Once you confirm your location, you’ll start receiving matches. You can see who you are connected through on Facebook and can even ask your mutual friend what he or she thinks about your potential date. You can set your age preferences and check off some of your passions from their curated list.

    Once you start receiving matches, click on the heart or swipe right if you’d like to make it a mutual match or click the X or swipe left if you want to decline. When you become a mutual match, you can start communicating through the app. Once you hit your match limit, you’ll be notified to check back and are encouraged to invite a friend to join Hinge. If you recommend a friend, they’ll send you more matches.

    Why we like it: Their profiles include the first and last name of the potential date. It gives you a feeling of confidence knowing the person is genuine and authentic. Women love the app because it makes them feel safer while dating. Plus: There’s a 50/50 ratio of men to women.

    4. Coffee Meets Bagel – iOs and Android

    CMB has won the hearts of many singles looking for love online, especially the women. Featured on Shark Tank, the creators, the Kang sisters turned down a $30 million offer from Mark Cuban to buy the company.

    How it Works:

    Users sign up through Facebook to create their free profile. Every day at noon, you’ll receive one match (a bagel) from a friend-of-a friend. You then have 24 hours to “Like” or “Pass” on the daily bagel, or even give the match to a friend. If you miss one of your bagel dates, you can request to be rematched.

    Users can visit the CMB bean shop to buy coffee beans to pay for upgraded services at the cost of $1.99 to $24.99, but can also easily win free beans by recommending a bagel to a friend and liking their social media pages. Once matched, you can then start texting with your match in a private chat, but remember to act quickly, as the chat is only active for 8 days.

    Why we like it: For those of you who feel overwhelmed with too many choices, or are too busy to log on regularly, this is a more manageable dating app. Users look forward to receiving their daily “bagel” at lunch time. CMB believes your dating life, including your name, birthday and email should be private. They also claim that your friends are the best conduits for your dates, and that meeting quality people doesn’t have to be so awkward or complicated. It also feels like you’re playing a fun game, as you receive coffee beans when you respond to a match.
    5. Happn – Android, iOs, Windows Phone

    Remember Craig’s List Missed Connections? Happn is a more modern day approach to matching with someone you’ve already crossed paths with, but never really connected. Every time you pass by a spot with another member IRL, you’ll get an instant push notification that another member is nearby and boom, you can meet instantly. Some may find it very efficient. Others may think it’s creepy, and might not want to meet after a sweaty yoga class. But then again, they wouldn’t be on this app if that were the case, so go ahead and be spontaneous.

    If you think you might miss out on a digital crush who hangs in the same h0od as you, but are on the shy side, this app is for you. Note: The app was created in France and is available in 25 cities around the world. They are starting to expand in the U.S. and may not have rolled out in your city yet. New in 2016, Happn has added a voice feature, so you can hear the sound of your future date’s sweet nothings.

    How it works:

    Download the app and log in to Facebook, where yo can edit which information in your Facebook profile that you want to appear in your bio. You must enable your location services for the app to work. Every time you cross paths with another member, it will appear on your timeline feed. You can like someone’s profile by tapping on the heart button. If the feeling is mutual, you’ll be notified and you’ll be considered in the crush stage. You can also view how many times your paths have crossed.

    If you want to take it a step further, men can pay to to send a charm. There is no cost to women at this point. Charms are similar to Tinder’s “Super Like” feature, except you buy them in a package. Each charm is equal to using one credit.

    Why we like it: You won’t have to wonder about the one who got away. You can also now sync with Instagram to see your potential date’s feeds and interests.

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