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  • Job vacancy In information technology

    Gitech101.com is looking for Professionals in Information technology area.Data Entry and Information Processing career and job description

    1.Data encoder:required number 1,gender female

    Data Encoder  for Information Technology . she must  have good knowledge of IT,including social media knowledge.

    Work place: in Addis Ababa, in our office

    send your cv to: info@gitech101.com:

    education: Minimum diploma in IT or CSE or any related area

    2.Article writer: Required number 3, gender any

    Gitech101 is please to announce that  we are happy to work with our readers. if you are  professional in Information technology area and if have passionate  of writing blogs and articles, you can submit your cv;s via our official email address: info@gitech101.com:

    Work place: you can work with us from anywhere, we will give you an account then you will submit your articles via INTERNET

    Salary: Attractive based on negotiation.

    education: minimum Degere in IT or CSE or related area


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  • 100 Best Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Project Topics Ideas For Students

      • Final year Project Ideas for Computer Science and Engineering
    • Securable Network in three-party Protocols
    • Security System For DNS Using Cryptography
    • Threshold-Multi signature in Distributed System
    • Web Enabled Interactive Work Order System
    • Web Mining
    • Hospital Management System
    • Training & Placement Cell Management
    • Ant Colony Optimization Technique For Mantes
    • Development of an Online Course Portal for a campus
    • Railway Route Optimization System
    • Chat Server and Client Application
    • Implementation Of a Mini Search Engine
    • Online Bus Reservation
    • GPS Rover
    • Vehicle Management System
    • Telephone Billing System
    • Student Attendance Management System
    • Student Information System
    • Inventory Management System
    • Sliding Window Protocol
    • Orkut Java
    • File Compression
    • Enhancing an Application Server to Support Available Components
    • Employee Tracking System
    • Digital Diary Project
    • An Intelligent Eye
    • Secure Group Communication
    • Rich Internet Application for Weekly Automatic College Timetable Generation
    • Portable Media Player
    • Low Cost Wireless Internet
    • Digital System Architecture
    • Bluetooth Project
    • XML-enabled Wrapper Construction
    • Empirical Model of HTTP Network Traffic
    • Query Processing in Global Information Systems
    • A Conceptual Graph Approach to Support Multi perspective Development Environments
    • J3ME and Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Based Full Duplex Automation System
    • Image Stegano graphy
    • Generic SQL Explorer
    • Face Detection Using Epitomic Analysis
    • Computer Troubleshooting Intelligent System
    • Customer Complaint Report Software
    • ER Diagram Maker
    • Dynamic Flash Interface
    • Design And Analysis Of Sense Amplifier
    • DEMOS Online Quiz
    • Insurance Database
    • Crypto Acceleration Using Asynchronous FPGAs
    • Congestion control in ATM-based Broadband ISDNs
    • Comparison Of Clustering Algorithms
    • Comparison & Simulation of Different Queuing Models
    • Collaboration Server
    • Implementation of Software Management and Maintenance
    • Bank Management System
    • Accelerating Ranking System Using Web graph
    • Bandwidth-Allocation-for-Distributed-Algorithm
    • Early Congestion Indication
    • Intruder Detection System Over Abnormal Internet Sequence
    • Log Reader Based Code Analyzer
    • Multi-Tasking Sockets
    • Network Monitoring for Remote Task Executor
    • Audio Manager
    • Screen Shot Grabber
    • Motion Detection and Instant Alerter
    • Java Based Fire Alarm System
    • Enhanced Search Engine
    • Dynamic Signature Verification Using Pattern Recognition
    • Distributed Load Sharing In Mobile Environment
    • Disease Identification using WBC Count
    • Database Synchronization
    • Data Mining For Credit Card Application Processing
    • Data Leakage Detection
    • Channel Diversity in Wireless Mesh Network
    • Blog Mining and Emotion Argumentation
    • Automatic Alert Alarming For Security Systems
    • Automated Parking System using RFID Technology
    • Adhere Plus
    • Mobile Recharging With Banking Transaction Using SMS



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  • Andorid HD Wallpapers for Mobile

    HD Wallpapers for Mobile

    “HD Wallpaper” is a cool new app that brings all the best HD wallpapers and backgrounds to your Android device.

    Add the innovative Colors function, and you have the best free wallpaper app for your Android phone!
    Wallpapers, Inspire wallpapers, sea, sky, beach wallpapers and many more!

    Download here for Free

    What are you waiting for? Get your cool HD wallpapers on your mobile device now, it's free!

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  • Top 5 Best Cell Phone yesilela Application Software Reviewed 2016

    Important: Every phone spy program listed below is 100% undetectable – the application runs in the background without the user being aware.

    #1 – mSpy (Best Spy Software for iPhone and iPad): mSpy is a powerful monitoring tool with some really great features. It’s extremely simple to use, probably one of the easiest spy software I have tried. Also, their customer service is responsive and helpful.

    Cost: mSpy comes in three packages (Basic, Premium, and Bundle kit) priced from $30 to $230

    Visit their website: http://www.mspy.com

    #2 – Highster Mobile (Best Spy Software for Android Phone and Tablet):Highster Mobile Pro Edition is one of the best value for money mobile spying apps out there. It is packed with features that will help you monitor all aspects of a cell phone.

    Cost: $29.99 a month, unlimited access to all features.Visit their website: http://www.highstermobi.com

    3 – FlexiSPY:FlexiSPY is one of the most feature-rich spy software.It has the most advanced features available to help you spy on mobile cell phone usage, and is available on a wide variety of mobile platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Nokia Symbian.

    Cost: FlexiSPY Premium version – $149, FlexiSPY Extreme version – $349 (1-Year License),Visit their website: http://www.flexispy.com

    #4 – iKeyMonitor:iKeyMonitor is a simple but powerful spy application that logs SMS, WhatsApp messages, keystrokes, passwords, websites, screenshots and sends a detailed report to your email.

    Free 3-day trial: iKeyMonitor offers you a full free trial for 3 days totally risk free, which is great for you to see how the software really works before buying.

    Cost: Free to try; $39.99 (1 month license); $179.99 (1-year license),Visit their website: http://ikeymonitorapp.com

    #5 – PhoneSheriff:PhoneSheriff is a great cell phone monitoring and tracking software that lets you monitor ALL the activities of any iPhone, Blackberry, Android phone and tablets including iPad and iPad mini.

    Cost: PhoneSheriff offers monitoring plans starting as low as $49/six months for families and $299/year for businesses.Visit their website: http://www.phonesheriff.com

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  • How to read amharic fonts in opera mini?

    Here is a way to  read Amharic fonts on your mobile if you are using opera mini.

    relax it is easy to  configure.

    ➡-download Opera mobile or Opera mini on your mobile
    ➡-open opera
    ➡-write Opera:config on address bar and press GO

    ➡-Change use bitmap fonts for complex script into YES

    Now u can read our Amharic posts.tell us is this working or not?

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