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  • Tallest Buildings in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Tallest_Buildings_in_East_Africa_Addis_Ababa_Ethiopia_-_Commercial_Bank_of_Ethiopia_New_HeadquartersThis is a list of tallest buildings in addis ababa by number of floors. The list contains buildings that are finished and fully functional along with planned buildings, buildings where construction has begun and buildings that are finished or almost finished but aren't functional yet. 

    Building names in bold are finished and fully functional (As of Aprill 18, 2016)

    1. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Headquarters, Addis Ababa - 46 Floors ( Under construction by Chinese company)
    2. Nib Insurance and Nib international Bank Building, Addis Ababa - 35 Floors (Under construction)
    3. Midroc City Center, Addis Ababa - 35 Floors
    4. Mexico Square Towers, Addis Ababa - 35 Floors
    5. United Bank, Addis Ababa - 30/31 Floors (Drilling and Foundation work has begun)
    6. Zemen Bank, Addis Ababa - 30 Floors (Drilling and Foundation work has begun)
    7. Wegagen Bank, Addis Ababa - 23 Floors (Completed)
    8. NANI Building Addis Ababa - 23 Floors (Operational)
    9. KK-Towers, Addis Ababa - 22 Floors (Finishing work remaining)
    10. Awash Bank Tower..22 floors (Operational)
    11. African Union HQ---- 21 floors (Operational)
    12. Grand Hotel and Spa, Bahir Dar - 19 Floors (Operational) (Also the tallest hotel in Ethiopia) 
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  • 10 Most Expensive Apps in the App Store

    1.Vizzywig 4K ($999.99)

    Turn your iPhone 5S into a 4K motion video camera, 4K editor and 4K distribution platform with Vizzywig 4K by i4software. Rather than capturing video, VZ4K captures full 4K resolution photos at the rate of 24 photos per second along with synched audio.

    2.VIP BLACK ($999.99)

    VIP Black is 'The Millionaire's App', the exclusive, high-end version of iVIP Ltd's range of apps. Luxury Discovery. VIP Treatment. Lifestyle Management.

    3.CyberTuner ($999.99)

    Reyburn CyberTuner, the pro piano technician’s gold standard tuning software tool for over 17 years.

    4.QSFFStats ($999.99)

    QSFFStats app will allow you to keep track of Flag Football stats for all passing leagues.

    5.Agro ($999.99)

    Agro App is functional yet user friendly and has been tried and tested by agronomists, large corporations and is widely accepted by farmers.

    6.MobiGage NDI ($999.99)

    MobiGage is a metrology iPhone application used for the inspection of manufactured parts and assemblies.

    MobiGage creates, edits, and runs measurement plans and automates inspection processes.

    7.Alpha - Trader ($999.99)

    Alpha-Trader (2013) is a trading suite designed for investment professionals.

    8.BarMax CA ($999.99)

    BarMax CA, created by Harvard Law School alumni, is a leading comprehensive California bar exam review course with the highest overall pass rates.

    9.app.Cash ($999.99)

    Stylish cashier system for all purposes.

     10.vueCAD Pro ($999.99)

    vueCAD is a professional, mobile CAD viewer and mark-up application. With vueCAD, load a model in its native format, find the detail of consideration, markup clarifications or changes, and email the modifications.

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  • Facebook Paid $16,648 To This Guy From Kerala. Here’s Why

    Facebook paid $16,648  USD to an Indian guy. Recently in the year 2011, Facebook has started a new program known as big bounty, where people will get rewarded if they submit a bug that is found in Facebook’s code. Hackers find the vulnerability in Facebook’s code and submit it to Facebook and receive huge prizes.

    From recent reports, A young hacker from Kollam has received a massive amount of bounty prize from Facebook after finding a vulnerability in the code of the website. Arun S Kumar is a computer engineering student at the MES Institute of Technology and Management in Chathannoor. He is a 20 years old Hacker who recently revealed a critical bug that can allow him to take control of Facebook’s any page in less than 10 seconds.

    while speaking to TOI Arun said, “Since the hacker would be able to manipulate the page of any Facebook user, the damage it would bring is beyond imagination”.

    On August 29 he identified a bug and then reported the information about it to the Facebook security team. On the next day, one of the Facebook’s security team member wrote back to Arun saying his discovery helped them in the prevention of a big security breach. By September 6 the bug was fixed by the team and right after 3 days a mail for Arun telling him about the reward decided by Facebook.

    Arun’s story is really surprising because he already received rewards from Facebook and Google in the past. In the month of April recently he got paid about Rs 7 lakh for finding a vulnerability in Facebook. Arun has received about Rs 30.85 lakh ($46,000) as payouts only for finding bugs in the last 3 years.

    He was awarded the tenth place in the Facebook’s hall of fame of the white hat hackers. Also, Facebook has invited him along with other hackers from other countries for a meeting with security members at Las Vegas. Arun is the only Indian who is honored in Facebook’s hall of fame.

    His father, P S Sureshkumar, is a clerk and his mother, Nagalakshmi K, is a housewife. Being poor did not stop him in learning things which normal people can only talk about. He also decided to use his prize money for higher education.

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  • International Payoneer Master Card for Ethiopia


    Payoneer is a financial services business that provides online money transfer and e-commerce payment services. Payoneer is a registered Member Service Provider (MSP) of MasterCard worldwide; which makes it an easy, secure and cost effective international online payment processor. Payoneer Ethiopia – Payoneer is by far the best online electronic payment system available for Ethiopians. Using Payoneer Prepaid Master Card you will be able to receive online payments, pay for online services and withdraw your money at any local ATM in Ethiopia.
    Payoneer Ethiopia – Apply for Payoneer Master Card

    Here are the steps that you need to follow to successfully apply and get approved for Payoneer Master Card.Visit Payoneer.com or click the link below to start the process

    Step 1: Visit www.Payoneer.com

    Step 2: Click Sign Up !

    After clicking “Sign Up!” you will be asked to complete the registration form in three steps.

    Click “Start Here” – You need to fill accurate personal data.


    • Make sure you provide your exact Birth date and email address.
    • Select Ethiopia from the Country selection drop down list.
    • For your home Address; Please add “Street” or “Road” at the end of your Address.
    • P.o.Box – You need to pay special attention here. Insert a valid P.o.Box(If you don’t have a P.o.Box ask your relatives or friends for their Postal Number; Your Master card will be shipped to this P.o.Box)
    • Use your phone number; Use the international format: +251 – your phone number.
    • Do not tick “Click here and fill in this section ONLY if your shipping address is different from above or you want your card shipped to a PO Box“

    “Step II” You need to enter a unique Password and Security Question

    • Enter a Password that you will not forget, Or Save your User name(The Email address you entered for registration) and password on your phone or write it down on Note book.
    • Select a security question that you are comfortable with and enter you answer. Save your security questions and answers on your phone or write it down on a Note book.

    “Step III” You need to enter a personal data as it appears on your Identity Cards.

    • You will have an option to use “National Id”, “Driver license” or “Passport ID”; use the available one.

    Step 3: Final Step – Tick all the box that start with “I agree…” and Click “FINISH”.

    Step 4: Check your Email address that you used to register;

    • You’ll get an email from Payoneer Customer Support saying “Your application is received and the application is currently in review”.

    And in some cases Payoneer will ask you to attach a Scanned copy of your identity card that matches what you submitted during the registration. Scan your Identity card and upload it using the link provided in the email sent to you.
    Step 5: Collect your Master card from the P.o.Box you entered for registration.

    After  2 or 3 Weeks Payoneer will send you an Email address confirming the shipment of your Master card; Go to the Post office and collect your Master card from the P.o.Box you entered for registration. Payoneer Ethiopia – After you received your master card you will need to activate it in order to integrate your card to the Payoneer system.

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  • Wanted: space volunteers willing to lie in bed for two months – for €16,000

    Wanted: young, fit and healthy men willing to lie on their backs and do absolutely nothing for two months. Wage: €16,000.

    Researchers at France’s space medical institute are advertising for what could be, quite literally, a dream job. They are seeking volunteers to spend 60 days flat on their back to study the effects of microgravity, a state of virtual weightlessness.
    For scientists at the Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology (Medes) near Toulouse, the job has a serious point.

    The 24 successful candidates – fit and sporty males aged 20-45 who do not smoke, have no allergies and boast maximum body mass index of between 22 and 27 – will undergo a battery of tests for two weeks before and after spending two months in bed.

    “The idea of this study is to reproduce the weightlessness of the International Space Station (ISS),” Dr Arnaud Beck, who is coordinating the experiment, told 20 Minutes.

    “During the first two weeks our scientists will do a whole series of tests and measurements on the volunteers. This will be followed by a 60-day period during which they must remain in bed, the head slightly inclined downwards at less than six degrees.”

    you can apply below 

    Anyone tempted to make sleep the final frontier, can apply here.
    It is all in the name of science, but he warned the job was tougher than it sounded and those tempted to apply would be expected to eat, wash, and perform all bodily functions while lying in bed. “The rule is to keep at least one shoulder in contact with the bed or its frame.”

    The final two weeks will be spent “recuperating” and undergoing further tests to establish the consequences of not setting foot to ground for two months.

    Beck said the experiment aimed to look at the detrimental effects of prolonged weightlessness on the human body and to find ways of combating them.

    “In certain conditions the cardiovascular system is affected and is not capable of making the same effort as before the experiment. We even see a greater tendency to drops in blood pressure and vertigo.”

    As with astronauts who have spent a long period in space, volunteers experience muscle loss in the lower body, a drop in bone density and find it difficult to stand afterwards, he said.

     Anyone tempted to make sleep the final frontier, can  apply here.

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