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  • Top 5 Best vMware Alternative Virtual Machine Workstation -gitech101

    Best Top 5  VMware Workstation Alternatives.

    5. VMware Player

     If you want VMware for personal uses then VMware Player is one of the best free alternative available. It allows you to mount and run VMs directly from a Windows or Linux desktop.

    However, you cannot create new VMs from an ISO in VMware Player. It also has a plus version with enhanced features which requires a purchase.

    4. Oracle VM VirtualBox

     If you are a beginner and don’t have any experience with Virtual machines then Oracle VM VirtualBox is probably the best VMware Workstation Alternative to Start with.

    It’s a great application for lab testing. You can install it on Windows, OS X, Solaris, and Linux. The lacking features from VMware Player are also included. You can create new virtual machines from ISO or importing.

    3. Parallels Virtuozzo Containers

     Parallels Virtuozzo Containers is another good alternative to vMware. It requires a purchase of a license for using but you can get a free trial before you consider buying it. Gitech101.com

    They have been in the business from quite some time now so I don’t think you’ll face any major problem with their software. It’s also used by many hosting companies for providing VPS or Virtual Private Servers.

    2. XenServer

     XenServer is a software offered by Citrix. Once connected with XenCenter, it can do many useful things such as live migration, HA and importing and exporting VMs to the cloud. The software is free but you can purchase a full support version too.

    XenServer is mainly a new version of XenSource. It was also a VMware created by Citrix. But they tried to sell it very hard and lost many customers in the process. Since then they have corrected their mistake and launched this open source software.

    1. VMware ESXi

     And finally the best. VMware ESXi is a software that does it all what you can expect from a VMware. It’s the best option for large enterprise virtual server deployments of Windows or Linux.

     However, the price is a little high for this one. But don’t worry it’s worth it. There is a free version too but you should not expect much from the free version. Gitech101.com


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  • The Best Ways to Hide or Password Protect a Folder in Windows


    Got some files you don’t want other people to see? Or maybe they’re just cluttering up your Documents folder, and you want to hide them? Here are a few different ways to obscure your files, and when you might want to use each.

    No Worries of Privacy Leaks
    Secure your privacy with Protected Folder to protect your important and personal files from anyone else who might use your computer or when your computer is shared at work.

    Password Folder Free Download here

    No Worries of Data Theft
    Protected Folder keeps locking your important data. Even if your PC is threatened by malicious attacks, without unlocking them by entering the password you set, your files can not be stolen and are kept safe.

    One Password Protection Solution
    Protected Folder is easy to manage. With only one password, you can lock and unlock important office documents, photos, videos, and other items in any format and any amount at the same time.


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  • Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004 and Macromedia Fireworks MX 2008


     Macromedia Fireworks 8 Serial Number Keygen for All Versions

    s/n: WPD800-53333-73732-81551 or WPD800-58432-22932-61650 or WPD800-56836-65432-1w001

    WPD800-50234-04232-23505 : WPD800-53933-96732-18778 : WPD800-51937-96832-69696 : WPD800-56838-61932-10103 : WPD800-50830-29732-97708 : WPD800-58434-40132-96001: WPD800-56036-44332-26349 : WPD800-56232-20932-88123 : WPD800-55335-93632-02223 : WPD800-59937-17232-80227 : WPD800-55531-92332-28025 : WPD800-58236-04732-06479 : WPD800-52032-24832-27215 : WPD800-56030-88432-20511 : WPD800-51935-59732-27159 : WPD800-56434-64232-58123 : WPD800-59137-93332-78115 : WPD800-52036-47132-78549 OR WPD800-50434-44832-09154 OR WPD800-53333-52532-1888

    Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004

    Dreamweaver MX 2004 Win DWD700-56626-60325-58074
    Fireworks MX 2004 Mac FWD700-59515-38218-96725
    Fireworks MX 2004 Win FWD700-59515-38218-96725
    Flash MX 2004 Mac FLD700-59705-99286-82099


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  • Remove write protection for usb and disc drives



    mUSBfixer removes Autorun.inf virus from pendrives, sd-cards.


    • No need to Install the software (Portable)
    • Cleans the Shorcut virus and restores 
    • The Original Folders from removable devices
    • Format the drives, discs that are "Write-Protected"

    Download mUSBfixer 2

    Copyright Protected USB and memory cards have become a common problem nowadays.Due To this reason USB and memory card become unuseable .This tool lets you format a USB enabled and can work again.The shortcuts to the folders can also be recovered with the help of the problem .It is common today for the hope that you share as much . Thank you, Gitech101.com

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  • Convert PDF to Word and Word to PDF with Free Software

    1. Convert PDF to Word

    Open Office
    The basic version of Open Office that you download from OpenOffice.org lacks PDF operability. To add PDF functionality to Open Office, you will need to install the PDF Import extension. If you have older versions of Open Office, you can use the older version of this extension

    UniPDF is a small free utility that lets you convert PDF files to Word documents with speed and accuracy. It also offers conversion of PDF files to RTF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, HTML and plain text. While it lacks a plethora of features, it is good at what it promises to do; convert PDF files.

    Both of these programs run on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. It is important to note that PDF to word conversion is possible only if the PDF file is not a scanned image and was created as a text document.

    Download UniPDF

    Online Tools
    While the above mentioned offline tools will be enough for most conversion needs, it is always good to have a few options. These online tools provide accurate and fast conversion from PDF to Word.

    ConvertFiles: Limits the file size to 250 MB. Offers high quality conversion with OCR support.
    ConvertOnlineFree: Limits the file size to 30 MB. Is a good option but lacks OCR support.

    2.Convert Word to PDF

    1.Open Office can be effectively used for this purpose. Just open a Word document in Open Office Writer and use its Export as PDF option to immediately get a PDF version. Similarly, you can use Open Office to convert XLS and PPT files to PDF as well.

    2.Other tool here it is Download Word to PDF

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