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  • How to Install/Use WhatsApp on PC in Easiest Way

    Let’s start the tutorial to install WhatsApp on PC, now follow the below steps with meditation.

     Step 1. First of all, download the android emulator Blue stack for PC or Mac. It is an only software which will help you to run WhatsApp on PC. You can download the Blue stack for Windows 7, 8 or 10 Download Bluestack here

    Special Guide: This software needs Graphics Card if you don’t have so don’t worry I have another alternative to this software which you can download it HERE.

     Step 2. When downloading successfully complete you have to click on Search Icon and search “WhatsApp” and download it.

     Step 3. Open the WhatsApp and verify it with your phone number same as you do in mobile devices.

    Step 4. After verify, click on contacts and start adding the contact numbers of your friends and family members to start enjoying this cool APP on PC like the Facebook messenger.

     Step 5. Congrats, if you have successfully installed and understood the usage of WhatsApp on PC.

    This was a small and easiest guide for you to install WhatsApp on PC without any difficulty, if you are facing any problem in the above instruction, so you can ask freely in the comments below and don’t forget to share your good feelings after installing this trendy App on PC. 

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  • Top 5 Effective Anti-malware Software of 2017

    Anti-Malware software comes with plenty of help, including support via email, chat online or telephone conversation. Top 5 best anti-malware softwares free download.

    #1.Malwarebytes Anti-Malware download:
    uses extraordinary technology to remove threats from our devices. This app runs on all versions of Windows operating systems. It runs faster and maintains the system performance in an excellent way without any problem. Removes all the shades of malware such as rootkits, dialers, spyware etc.anti-malware

    download  size=9.0 MB ,cost=Free, OS= windows 7.8.10 ,Download Now

    |Reviews of top 5 best Anti-Malware software’s:
    #2.Ad-Aware Free antivirus download:

    It provides protection against internet threats while browsing. It is a well designed Windows 8 type interface. It consists of a malware Emulator which protects users from new variants of malware. It a free downloadable software.

    Ad-Aware Free antivirus  download  size=4.59 MB , cost=Free ,OS=windows 7.8.10 ,Download Now
    #3.Spybot-Search and Destroy download: is a unique software that removes new kind of threats which cannot be recovered by normal antivirus applications. It is a free and fast downloadable software. It also can clean usage tracks even if we share our computer with others.

    Spybot-Search and Destroy download: size= 45 MB,cost= Free ,OS=windows 7.8.10 ,Download Now

    #4.Panda Free Antivirus download:is an easy software to use. It is a lightweight antivirus software program that takes care of the pop-ups that emerge while issues are found and resolves them accurately. We can chat, share files, do shopping without any disturbances with the help of a protected internet browser.

    download size=4.78 MB ,cost=Free ,OS=windows 7.8.10,Download Now

    #5.Super Anti Spyware download:is a high performance free anti malware software. Detects and remove spyware, malware, Adware, Keyloggers, Rootkits etc. It helps in recovering disturbed internet connections due to malware. It is tested virus free.

    download size= 1.6GB, cost= Free ,OS=windows 7.8.10 , Download Now

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  • Top Free Antivirus App for Android Mobile Security

    Here is the list of best free available antivirus for android which work perfectly on any Android device.

    1. Avg Antivirus for Android(Download) - Avg Antivirus For AndroidAVG is a free antivirus software, which helps you to protect your Android device from virus, malware and spyware. It also secures your mobile phone while you are surfing internet online. It provides some other features like Anti-Theft, SMS Scanner, Task Killer, Real time scanner, Backup Assistant etc.

    2. Avast Mobile Security(Download) - Avast Mobile Security for AndroidAvast mobile security is a free antivirus available in android market. It will protect your data with automatic scanning and delete infected files. It have web shield that scan infected URL while you are browsing. It provides many features like Block hackers , Firewall, Anti-Theft and blocking unwanted calls. It is rated 4.7 on the Play store.

    3.  Kaspersky Mobile security(Download) - Kaspersky Mobile Security For AndroidKaspersky delivers optimized protection for your android device. It protects your android device from spyware and malware.

    It provides a real time protection against spam, malicious programs, un wanted calls and sms. It Scans every downloaded file and optimizes your phone for improved performance.

    It has advance Anti-Theft protection which helps you to locate your lost device through Google map even if your sim card has been disabled.

    4. ESET Mobile Security(Download) - ESET Mobile Security for AndroidESET is one of best antivirus for all android device as well as windows. It protects your android smart phone or tabs from virus and malware attack and you can use it on your android device without any worry about connecting to Wi-Fi or emerging threats etc. By its Anti-Theft feature you can find your lost device.

    5. Dr. Web Anti-Virus Light(Download) - One of the most downloaded and reviewed antivirus in Android market. It has loads of features and benefits over other antivirus for android devices. It doesn’t hamper battery performance. 


    The real time file scanner Spider Guard gives constant antivirus protection. It constantly keeps a check on suspicious malwares and autorun files on SD card. The detected threats can be moved to quarantine so that you can get more information on it later on. 


    Its free version gives you pretty much everything related to antivirus protection. You can always opt for pro version for better mobile security and some extra features like Call Filtering, SMS filtering, Anti-theft, etc.

    6. NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus(Download): I have been using this app antivirus for over a year now and I am quite satisfied with it. It gives real time security and the best part is, it does not consume a lot of ram. My battery is not affected much from this antivirus. It has a good feature of security which I like a lot; it gives me the details of the apps that might compromise my security by accessing contacts, sms, etc.

    7. Lookout Mobile Security& Antivirus - Lookout Mobile Security & Antivirus for AndroidLookout Mobile Security & Antivirus is also one of the best antivirus solutions for all android device. It keeps yours android device safe and secure from spam, viruses, malwares or other kinds of infections. But It is not good when comes to memory consuming and affects the battery performance also.

    The above list is arranged according to the user rating and performance. Also you can check yourself by installing them on your android device.

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  • How to recover hidden Files from Virus infected USB Pendrive

    You can view these files by going to Tools>>Folder Options ..But the attributes of these files often stay unchanged even if you uncheck hidden attribute on file/folder properties.

    Follow Below step correctly then check...

    Step 1:
    Plug your USB Pendrive or External HDD or Memory Card which is Affected.


    Step 2:
    Go to Start -> Run-> Type CMD and Enter


    Step 3:
    Find the drive letter for the connected USB drive. For Example, I:

    In command prompt, type I:

    and Hit enter. Command Prompt will show I:/


    Step 4:
    Type : attrib -s -h /s /d *.*

    Be sure put space between each elements. then hit enter and wait for few seconds.

     Check the your data after you did the Above Steps:

    Now check your USB pendrive you can see your files are back in their locations.

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  • Top Best Free Software to Monitor in Windows

    Top 5 Best Free Software to Monitor  in Windows

    KidLogger is an absolutely free and open source user activity monitoring tool. Other than just logging keystrokes and clipboard, it can also record USB drives/files/folders usage, sound from microphone and taking screenshots including Skype videos. You’re able to set keywords as an alert during capture. The log files can either viewed locally or from your KidLogger’s online account. KidLogger can be installed on Windows, Mac OS X, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and iOS.Download KidLogger 

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