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  • Hard Disk Data Recovery Software Free Download

    Data recovery is a process by which you can recover deleted data from your computer. Whether you have accidently deleted data or have lost data due to system crash, hard disk data recovery software can help you recover all your data even if you have formatted your hard drive.

    1. Recuva
    Recuva is one of the most popular data recovery software. It is a freeware application from Piliform which is well-known for its CCleaner application. You can make use of it to get back lost data from your hard drive, USB drive, memory card, and iPod

    Download Recuva

    2. Pandora Recovery

    Pandora Recovery is very simple and easy to use data recovery software. After thoroughly scanning your system, you will be shown all the files that can be recovered from your hard drive. You can choose the files you want to recover and save it on the desired destination.

    Download Pandora Recovery
    3. TestDisk

    Another open-source command line application that can help recovering lost data from FAT, NFTS and ext2 file systems.

    It has got plenty of other features too such as it can recover lost partitions, get back boot sector from a backup, rebuild NTFS and FAT boot sector, fix FAT tables and many more. The best thing about this application is that it can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux OS.

    Download TestDisk

     4. EaseUS Deleted File Recovery Freeware - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free: Download 

    The best way to safeguard your data from data loss is to perform timely backup. Having hard disk data recovery software handy can be of great help for recovering lost data in case you did not perform data backup. 

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  • Lock folders and drives with passwords

    Password-Protect Folders

    If you want to protect folders with passwords without encrypting the files, then Folder Guard is the tool you need. The password protection is instantaneous, no matter how many files the folder contains or how large the files are. However, the password protection takes effect only on your computer, where Folder Guard is running: if you move the folder to another computer, it will not be protected, unless that computer has Folder Guard installed and configured,

    How to password-protect a folder with Folder Guard

    You can use Folder Guard software to protect folders with passwords.

    To lock a folder with a password: run Folder Guard and drag and drop the folder you want to protect to its window, or click the Lock another folder with a password link:

    Select the folder to protect, enter the desired password, adjust the password properties, as needed:

    Select the folder to protect, enter the desired password, adjust the password properties, as needed:

    You can specify that the password may be used only by the local users, or by the network users, or both. You can choose the password to unlock a full access to the folder, or give the user the read-only access. (You can create several different passwords for the same folder, giving different access types to the users.)

    Now apply the changes and try to open the folder you have just protected. Navigate to the protected folder, and you should see an empty window with the Unlock button in the middle:

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  • OrangeHRM - Human Resource Management Web Site

    Features: Open Source Human Resource Management.

     OrangeHR available here for download

      • Administration Module
      • Personal Information Management
      • Leave Module
      • Time Module
      • Employee Self Service Module
      • Recruitment/ Applicant Tracking Module
      • Performance Module

    One of the most popular free HR software products, OrangeHRM is a modular system and also has a marketplace where tailored modules and plugins can be purchased.

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  • How to Use Trial Softwares For Lifetime Free 2016

    Use trial softwares for lifetime free 2016-this is a very amazing trick to use trail software for lifetime free of coast by a simple software.

    There is a perfect tool that will do this and the name of tool is RunAsDate.With the help of this tool you can use any of software for free even after the trial period is over. You just have to follow some of the simple steps discussed below.

    #1. First of all download and install the tool RunAsDate you can get it from this site (http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/run_as_date.html)

    #2. Now in your computer run the trial software and note down the date of installation.

    #3. Now when the trial version gets over do not directly launch the software, just right click on it and click run as and then select Runasdate there.scrn

    #4. Thats it now the trial date will get injected to that software by this tool and you can access the software as long as you want.

    #5. Also everytime you open the just run as through this tool. Other wise this trick will not work.

    System Requirements

    RunAsDate works under Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Older versions of Windows are not supported. There is also x64 version available in a separated download, for using with x64 applications.

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  • Types of Secured Encrypted WiFi Networks

    WiFi Password Hacker Software Free Download – WiFi hacker: Reveal the secrets behind the WiFi password hacker simulator and the WiFi password hacking software toolkit.

    The breaching of the network cannot be done unless it is decrypting the highly secured encrypted network connections (WiFi hacker). Everyone is looking for a free internet connection to surf and learn something around the net. Some may pay and use them efficiently.

    Every network remains secured with username and password for the authorised user to access it. There are some available encrypted network connections.

    They are Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) WiFi Protected Access (WPA) WiFi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) The above mentioned are the secured encrypted networks available so far to protect the network from the unknown user.

     -WPA2 has some security keys like WPA2 ‘Pre-Shared Key’ (PSK). 

    -WiFi password hacker for PC is also available. 

    To Download WiFi Password Hacker Visit Next Page

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