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  • List of Best and Powerful Penetration Testing Tools


    Here is the top 10 list Best Hacking Tools, which came out the winner on the poll:

    1) Nmap:

    Nmap is an abbreviation of ‘Network Mapper’. Nmap is a very popular hacking tool that was originally created to act as a method of being able to scan large networks, but it works absolutely fine for single hosts (targets). Nmap works on all major computer operating systems.

    2) The Metasploit Project:

     The Metasploit Project is a widely used and extremely popular cyber security project that allows a penetration tester (or hacker) the ability to seek security vulnerabilities within networks and machines and is able to help audit systems

    3) Cain & Abel:

    Cain & Abel is a password recovery tool for Microsoft Operating Systems.

    4) Angry IP scanner:

    Angry IP scanner is a very fast IP address and port scanner. It can scan IP addresses in any range as well as any their ports.

    5) John the Ripper:

    John the Ripper is a free password cracking software tool. John the Ripper is often used in the enterprise to detect weak passwords that could put network security at risk, as well as other administrative purposes.

    6) THC Hydra:

    THC Hydra is a fast and flexible Network Login Hacking Tool. It uses a dictionary attack to try various password/login combinations against an Internet service to determine a valid set of login credentials.

    7) Burp Suite:

    Burp Suite is an integrated platform for performing security testing of web applications.

    8) Nessus:

    Nessus is a remote security scanning tool, which scans a computer and raises an alert if it discovers any vulnerabilities that malicious hackers could use to gain access to any computer you have connected to a network.

    9) Ettercap:

    Ettercap is a suite for man in the middle attacks on LAN. It features sniffing of live connections, content filtering on the fly and many other interesting tricks.


    10) Wapiti:


    Wapiti is able to scan and detect hundreds of possible vulnerabilities. Essentially, this Multi-Purpose Hacker Tools can audit the security of web applications by performing “black-box” scans, i.e.

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  • Free Windows Password Recovery Tool

     Offline NT Password and Registry Editor

    Pros & Cons
    This is one of the better password reset tools available for Windows, as you'll see.


    Very fast password cracking tool
    No access to Windows or knowledge of old passwords is needed
    Program is completely free and open source, which means it will likely stay free
    Works with Windows 10 and Windows 8 (local passwords only), as well as Windows 7, Windows Vista, & Windows XP
    Program's ISO image is much smaller than those of other password recovery tools

    Offline NT Password tool is completely text based which is a little inconvenient
    ISO image must be burned to a CD or flash drive before passwords can be reset


    • cd140201.zip (~18MB) - Bootable CD image. (md5sum: f274127bf8be9a7ed48b563fd951ae9e)
    • usb140201.zip (~18MB) - Files for USB instal(md5sum: a60dbb91016d93ec5f11e64650394afb)

    How to Use Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

    Download the cd140201.zip file - the one described as the "Bootable CD image." This ZIP file is only around 18 MB so it'll be a quick download for most of you. or usb140201.zip  if you are going to use USB.

    Once downloaded, extract the ISO file (cd140201.iso) from the ZIP file. You can do this using the built-in extraction tool in Windows, or you can use a free file extraction program like 7-Zip and do it that way.

    Once extracted, either burn that ISO image to a disc, like a CD, or to a USB device, like a flash drive

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  • How To Recover Unsaved MS Word Document

    For MS office 2010 and above.

    If you are using the 2010 edition of MS Office, then you are in luck. There is an inbuilt feature to recover unsaved MS Word document. Here’s how to use it. Follow the steps given below:


    Step 1. In MS Word, click on the “File” option.
    Step 2. Scroll to “Info” and in the side menu, select “Recover unsaved document”.
    Step 3. Here you can see all the drafts of the unsaved MS Word documents. Look for the one you want to recover and open it.
    Step 4. Now save the document to a secure location.

    Note:- If the above method fails to work for you, do not worry as you can try the methods given below as well to recover your unsaved MS Word document.

    For MS Word 2007 And Below.

    Method 1. Auto-recover.

    In case MS Word failed or shut down and you lost your documents, then you might have a way of getting your document back. MS word saves a document every 10 minutes. But this is done only till you close the application willingly. So if you have closed the application manually by accident, this might not work. But you can still give it a try.


    Just relaunch the MS Word application and it will search for any unsaved drafts and show them on the left side of the window. From here, you can restore the document. Please note that you need to recover the document this very moment as once the pane is gone, you can not recover your document this way.

    Method 2. Temporary Files.

    While working on any document in MS word, it gets saved as a temporary file in the storage. There may be a chance that this temporary file for your document that you are looking to recover is still in the storage and can be used to recover your unsaved MS Word document.

    Access the directory: C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorApplication DataMicrosoftWord


    Open the files in “Notepad” and look for your document here.

    Copy only your text as it may have a lot of coding and other characters as well.

    In conclusion, we hope these methods on how to recover unsaved MS Word document will help you save loads of work as well as few hiccups in your work day. Also, share the trick with your friends to save them as well.

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  • How To Password Protect A Word or Excel 2010 Document

    How To Password Protect A Word or Excel 2010 Document Using Built-in Office Encryption

    Step 1 – Click the File tab, then Click Info. On the menu to the right Click Protect Document and Click Encrypt with Password.


    Step 2 – The Encrypt Document dialog will appear, Type in a strong password and then Click OK to finish.

    create a password for your office 2010 document

    Please note – It’s very important to use a strong password or pass phrase step #2. Y
    After choosing a password, your document should be protected!

    the office 2010 document now requires a password to open

    If you’re looking to password protect your document for sharing purposes (Set a Password to Open or Password to Modify option) you will have to use the OLD Password Protection dialog used with previous versions of Office. For that step-by-step, take a look at this article I wrote for Office 2007.

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  • How to Remove the Background of a Picture with Single Click

    Learn How to Remove the Background of a Picture easily with a Single Click. You can erase white background from your images or pics. gimp remove background. Online Remover. Gazing to remove the Background from a picture, yet aren't exactly certain how to isn't that right? Actually, regardless of on the off chance that you have Photoshop or not, you've gone to the ideal spot.

    In this article we'll cover two separate techniques that will take care of business: one that uses Photoshop, and one that depends on a program based Web application. So today I am going to write an article that How to Remove the Background of a Picture with Single Click.

    Steps to Remove the Background of a Picture

    1. First of all go to www.clippingmagic.com.
    2. Upload desired image to website by clicking y clicking Upload Image button.
    3. Then select background which you want to remove by  button.
    4. Then select the object which you want to protect from removing by clicking  button.
    5. After doing both steps click    button. This will clear your background.
    6. Then click on Download button to save your picture.

     See Sample Image Below

    Final Words: I wrote a full tutorial that How you can Remove the Background of a Picture easily with few steps.

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