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  • How to Unroot A Rooted Android Device?

    Android is a mobile operating system that based on Linux and the root user is an Administrator user, which has all permissions to access to the entire Android operating system (OS). Like other mobile OS, Android limits the app working in the sandbox, to protect your Android device from threats as well as exploitation.

    On a regular Android device, you do not have root access, but the root user always exists in the system. You can not access to the root user with any built-in feature, so “rooting” is an only way to access and use the root user account.

    How to Unroot A Rooted Android Device?

    Download SuperSU app from Google Play, this app will let you control which app will have access to root user as it will ask you and give you an option to grant the access or deny it. This is a simple way to control the app permissions and deny unwanted access.


    SuperSU app from Google Play

    The SuperSU app will help you to control the app permissions and accesses. However, it also has a great feature, allow you to do full unroot a rooted device.

    Here is a step to unroot mobile using SuperSu app 

    1. Download SuperSu app from the above link and Install in your mobile
    2. Open SuperSu app
    3. Go to Settings 
    4.  select Full Unroot option
    5. and your Android device is definitely fully restored.
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  • How to Protect Android Apps from Unauthorized Access – Application lock for android

    Application Locker

    But there are particular apps which help you to lock your personal apps. So, that no one can intrude and read/view/transact app specific data. Some people are careless and avoid going to the trouble of locking their apps and unlocking by their own every time they access it. But it is always a good habit to do the same so that your privacy is always intact and stays with you.

    App Lock apk

    Here are the lists of Apps which will help you to protect Android apps.

    • You can Download Smart App Protector or AppLock – Fingerprint and install the same on your device.
    • When the app is opened for the first time, it will automatically ask you to set the password.
      Note: The default password for this app is 7777.
    • Tap it out the same to open the application.
    • Now you will see App Lock tab, then you need to tap the green button in the bottom.
    • After that select the app that you want to lock down with the password so that nobody can get in the app except you.
    • Check mark all the necessary apps that you want to protect.
    • Now tap on ADD.
    • Now you will notice that next to each app, there is a button named FAKE.
    • Tap on this button to enable fake/dummy app crash message for that particular application.
    • This will enable this message ‘Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped’. If someone taps on OK, then user returns to the home screen. Now you finished. All the apps that you have selected are password protected.

    How to Change Password in Applock

    But it’s always the good habit to change the default password as most of the geeky fellow knows 7777 code. Here is how you can do the same. Change the password to protect Android apps.

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    • Go to the app and swipe on the settings tab
    • Tap on the Password & pattern settings tab
    • Now hop into Password and key in a new numeric password
    • Tap on the Password hint for replacing the default set hint
    • You can even set pattern lock for apps, gesture lock for apps and character lock password.
    • A most exciting feature of this application is that it permits to set a different-different password for different apps.

    So that if one person has sneaked in, while you were typing, he can’t get into other apps. For that, you need to select Multiple Password options in the Settings tab. After that, you can add individual passwords for your range of apps.

    Last Words

    So, was this trick helpful? If you face any problem in this trick. Then, do comment below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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  • How Can I Restore Deleted Messages from Android Phone?

    User Guide to Recover Lost Text Messages on Android Smart Phone

    Step 1. Run the Software, Get Android Phone Detected

    To begin with, download and install Android Message Recovery software(download from the link at the bottom) on your computer. Then double click to open it. After that, connect your Android mobile phone to the PC via a USB cable. To get your device identified successfully, please enable USB debugging on your phone first.
    1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter "Settings" < Click "Applications" < Click "Development" < Check "USB debugging".
    2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging".
    3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter "Settings" < Click "About Phone" < Tap "Build number" for several times until getting a note "You are under developer mode" < Back to "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging".

    If your Android phone runs Android 4.2 or newer, you will see a pop-up window on the screen as below. Now you should choose "Always allow from this computer" and "OK" to continue.


    By the way, as I've mentioned before, this software can help restore lost photos, videos and more data on the SD card as well. If you need, you should turn on USB storage on your phone. After the above process, you can hit the "Refresh" icon to get your device detected immediately.

    Free Download


    Step 2. Ready to Recover Lost Android Messages

    This program allows you to preview the whole lost files before restoration. Wait for a while, you can get all deleted files arranged on the menu as shown. Touch the "Message" option, both deleted and existing messages on your Android phone will be listed with details. Now you can mark your needed SMS to restore.


    At last, hit the "Recover" button, you will restore all messages to your computer in a flash. In addition, if you worry about losing messages without warning, I suggest you to save the whole text messages to your computer as a backup.Download

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  • How To Unlock Android Lock Screen By Sending SMS


    • Rooted Android.
    •  Android 4.0 or above.and  Sms Bypass Lock App

    SMS bypass is the very important android app for very android users who easily forget lock pattern of his android phone. This app is so simple for resetting your android phone password. Make sure that your phone is rooted. You only need to send simple secret password code from another android phone and your android phone will be unlocked.

    Steps to Unlock Android Home screen
    1.➡To unlock your Phone, first download and  install this SMS Bypass app in your Android Mobile Phone.
    Give Permanent root access to this app.

    2.➡Change the Secret code of this app to something new from the default code of 1234.


    3.➡Send the Secret code from the other phone with following format:

    secret-code reset, for example: 1111 reset


    • There is a space between the secret code and text. Also, note that Secret code is case-sensitive.
    • The Phone will restart and remove the passcode or lock screen after receiving the secret code SMS.

    Watch the video tutorial below

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  • Protect your content against unauthorized reading, playing, watching

    Protect your content against unauthorized reading, playing, watching, etc. The application encodes the file and makes it unreadable. Have you any media like pictures, movies, documents, contents, all you want prevent other people from reading? FileLocker is right for you.

    File Locker

    - Fast way to lock huge files (like movies) by hashing just both beginning and ending of file (optional).
    - Tracks temporary unlocked files by notification, to keep in mind you left unprotected docs.
    - Encodes the content and file names as well.
    - Involves the Android Media Scanner automatically after change to make file visible by other applications.
    - Smart looking through directories for documents, locked and unlocked files.
    - Opens documents directly from app.
    - Notifies about forgotten unlocked files, which were left by user.


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