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  • Lock your phone, remotely

    By using the Android Device Manager, you can take back control of your device if you ever lose it. You can even delete all of its data, if you wish to go that far.Android Device Manager



    Enable the Lock the screen setting to stop people accessing your data

    Bypass your security (in a secure area)

    Setting up a trusted location means that your device won't require a security code when you use it in that place. Although there is a risk in doing this in public places – because you are making it easier to get into your phone – it’s a cool hack to use at home. 

    The way it works varies according to your device, but it involves going to your security settings and setting up a secure unlock method, such as a PIN code (if you haven't already).

    Once this has been done, go to Smart Lock, enter your pin number and then hit Trusted places. Add a trusted location and you will no longer need to enter a PIN code to unlock your phone while you're in that place.

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  • How to Trace Lost/stolen Android Phones

    Android phones come with Google paly installed on them. When you first access to Google play then Android Device manager  will get installed directly on your smartphone.
    First you need to activate ADM in your mobile.

    How to Activate Android Device Manager

    To activate ADM in your device 
    Go to Settings then move on to Security After that Device administrators. There you will see Android device manager option, tap on it to activate.
    Settings →Security → Device Administrators →Android device manager

    Once Android Device manager is activated on your Mobile, Open your browser and follow these simple steps

     Now Go to Google Play. There you will see a Gear Icon at the top right corner.


     Click on that Gear Icon and select Android Device manager from the drop down list.

     After clicking on  Android device manager you need to sign with your Google account that you are using on your android device.Once Android Device Manager finds your phone, it will show the Location of your phone using Google Maps. It also gives the distance that it is away from you.

    Here you have Three Options
    1. Ring: If you click on this Option, your device will ring with full volume for 5 minutes. This feature will work even if the mobile is in silent mode, but it doesn’t work if your mobile is switched off.
    2. Lock: By clicking on this option you can Lock your device and you will be provided to set a new password to your device.
    3. Erase: If you click on this option then All the data in your mobile is erased. So Think once when you go for this option. It erases all the data including Android Device manager, but contents of your SD card will not effect by this. If you erase your data then your android device manager will won’t work again.
    Turn on Android Device manager in your Android Phones right now. Use mobile tracking apps or Android device manager to secure your valuable smartphones.
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  • How to transfer files between PC and ANDROID using Wi-Fi

    There are lots of Android apps such as AirDroidWeb Sharing LiteWiFi File Transfer are available on Google Play store which provides the facility to transfer files between computer and Android devices using Wi-Fi.


    Transfer Files Between Android And PC Using AirDroid


    AirDroid is a free and easy to use android app which helps us to manage our Android device via PC’s web browser. AirDroid is used for both receiving and sending files between PC and Android Phone. No USB cable, Driver installation is required, Just install AirDroid app in your smartphone and enjoy transferring files between your PC and android phone.

    Steps to transfer files between Android and PC using AirDroid

    Note: Connect to your PC’s Wi-Fi network from your Android device.
    1. Go to Google Play,  download AirDroid app and install on your smartphone.
    2. Once app is installed, Lanch the app and it will start AirDroid Server.
    3. Here you’ll see web URL, IP address, Scan QR Code options.





    4. On your PC, Go to AirDroid Web Interface. You’ll see something like below image.


    5. Here you can see QR code is displayed on the home page. Simply scan this code with your phone, by tapping on the Scan QR Code button of the AirDroid App.
    Once both the devices are connected, the model of your android device will appear at the top right screen of your PC.

    Transfer Files From PC To Android Device

    To transfer a file from PC to android, Just select the file tab from the AirDroid toolbox and click on the folder/file icon to select any file from your PC and Click on Upload Button.

    As soon as you select the file, AirDroid will start transferring the file to your android phone. Like this, you can also transfer entire folders to your android phone.

    Transferring Files From Android Phone To PC

    If you want to transfer files from your Android device to your PC, then you have to use the AirDroid web interface on your PC. All you need to do is click on the files icon from AirDroid’s web interface and select a file, right click on it and click on download option.
    The file will be downloaded to your PC as regular downloads. You can find this file at Downloads section of your browser.
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  • Are your children or employees abusing the privileges of texting and calling?

    Are you worried they are using the phone for disallowed or inappropriate activities?Mobile Spy helps parents and employers monitor the smartphones and tablets that they own or have proper consent to monitor.

    Is it Free or Not? it is not free, you should buy it to use it.They use it to learn about their child's or employee's call information, websites visited, text message activities, photos, GPS locations and more.

    Mobile Spy is a hybrid software/service which allows you to monitor smartphone usage in real time. This unique system logs the activities of your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android OS smartphone.

    Notify your child or employee they will be monitored. Install a small application directly onto your device that they use. The app has an icon which further notifies them that they are being monitored.

    After the software is setup on the monitored phone, it will log an array of phone activities and then insert the information to your account using the Internet. When you want to view results, simply login from any web browser and enter your username and password.

    Name  and address of the software : http://www.mobile-spy.com/ ,to use this you should  subscribe  and it is not free but it is cheap

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  • Easy Backup & Restore for android mobile

    Easy Backup & RestoreThe easiest data backup tool on android! ★

    Easily backup and restore apps, sms, mms, call log, calendar, bookmarks, dictionary and contact found on your Android phone. Create backups to SD Card, Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Box account. Create backup manually or schedule automatic backups.


    ✓ SMS
    ✓ MMS
    ✓ Call log
    ✓ Calendar
    ✓ Bookmarks
    ✓ Dictionary
    ✓ Contact
    ✓ Apps


     Backup and Restore to/from
    ✓ SD Card
    ✓ Gmail
    ✓ Dropbox
    ✓ Google Drive
    ✓ OneDrive
    ✓ Box

     ● Schedule automatic backups or manually create backups

    ● View backup contents
    ● Email a backup contents
    ● Backup apps to SD card, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box
    ● Backup & restore app's data (need root)
    ● Batch restore apps (need root)

    Your Sms, Mms, Call log, Calendar, Bookmarks, Dictionary and Contact data are stored in CSV, eml and VCF file format:

    Sms, Call log, Calendar, Bookmarks, Dictionary --> CSV file format
    Mms --> eml file format
    Contact --> VCF file format

    Backup consists of those files that are inside a zip archive and you can easily read those files in your phone or computer!
    If your phone has inbuilt storage, the default backup location will probably be the internal storage card and not the external. This is because the phone reports the storage that way.


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