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  • Disable automatic App Updates

    Disable automatic App Updates

    Prefer to read through app permissions and manually pick which app updates to
    adopt? You can, but first you need to disable your automatic app updates. Here are the steps:

    1. Open Play Store and head over to Settings.
    2. Tap on Auto-update apps.
    3. Choose Do not auto-update apps.
      If you want to enable the auto updates, follow the same path and choose Auto-
      update apps at any time or via Wi-Fi (available for certain Android devices

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  • How to Block or Disable stolen Cell Phone

    Option 1:International Mobile Equipment Identity i.e IMEI number popular known as Mobile phone’s serial number is a 15 digit code that will appear on the mobile screen when you press * # 06 # Copy the number down and keep it for future reference.

    This number is unique to your handset and helps you disabling and blocking yours stolen or lost phone in future . Motoralla Users can also try press #,* to retrive IEMI Number of your Phones
    How To Use IMEI Number to Block Phones

    If your mobile phone is lost or stolen you can inform your network provider with yours IMEI number who can then put the serial number on a shared database. This list stops this particular phone from registering on any network and will be useless for anyone even if the mobile phone’s SIM card is changed! Ethiotelecom needs a proof  /a receipt / that you owns this number

    Option 2: Using Apps and websites: for Andorid mobile:Google's Android Device Manager lets users remotely lock a lost or stolen device with a new password.

    Google's Android Device Manager is a handy service that allows you to see the location of a lost or stolen Android device. You can also remotely tell the device to ring as well as erase all of its data. Now, you can add one more feature to that list.
    To download Check this>> Find My Android Phone Using Android Device Manager

    The latest update to Android Device Manager enables remote password locking. If you want to prevent others from accessing your missing device, you can send a new password to secure it.

    for iphone mobile: use icloud account

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  • Best Apps to Clean & Optimize to Increase the speed of Android Phones / Tablets

    You can improve the speed of the Android Phone by using simple Maintenance Tips.

    Top Cleaning Apps for Android
    1. Clean Master

    Clean Master is all-in-one Android Apps that have the cleaning and optimizing tools and maintenance tools in a single place. The Clean master is the one of the best clean and maintenance tool for Android. It will help you to clean app cache , unused files, residual files, search history and uninstalling apps. Compare to other apps in this category, it has more tools in one environment to easy to use.

    Download Clean Master from Google play store

    2. DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

    DU Speed Booster is all-in-one tool speed booster, Android Trash Cleaner. This App has inbuilt Antivirus Engine. So that You can use this single app to clean, Boost and Protect your Android Phone.

    It has got one-tap Boost Phone and RAM memory booster. BY using this tool, You can optimize your Android device and make it faster by 60% on home-screen. Basically, The app will Clean up memory (RAM) and optimize phone speed by removing redundant background tasks.

    Download DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

    3. Advanced Task Manager

    Advanced Task Manager can list all the running tasks, and you can select some to kill it. It also has the App management tool to manage all the installed apps. This app will help you to Kill tasks, free memory, speed up phone, save battery. This app automatically kills the tasks every time your screen off. In addition, this app has the quick uninstaller and battery manager.

    Download this app From Google Play

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  • How to Move Apps to External SD Card, Backup & Restore in Android Phones

    Many Android users want to migrate the Android apps to SD Card storage to save space in Internal Storage. However, they don’t know how to move the Apps from Internal storage to SD Card. Here,I’ve found the great app that will solve the issue and move all the Android apps to Micro SD card.

    AppWererabbit is one of these app, but it is much simpler and has easy to use interface.

    What is it and How it will help

    AppWererabbit is a set of tools developed to help you manage app and apk files on your smartphone and tablet.
    App Wererabbit has come up with most essential tools such as,

    • App Backup & Restore
    • App2SD (Move app to SD)
    • App Cache Cleaner
    • App Sharer
    • Apk Installer
    • ApkRenamer
      Just install this app and it will do the magic automatically for you.

    Download this app from Play Store

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  • How to Reduce Data Usage While Tethering to PC/Laptop Browsers – Best Methods

    As compared to phones, desktops use a large amount of data while loading websites, because websites contain many ads, videos, and image of large sizes.But don’t  worry you can lock these ads, videos and images from loading to make your PC use fewer data.follow the below-given steps to limit your data while tethering.

    Enable click to play plugin: This lets you enable click to play enable plugins. When this is enabled, videos or ads will only be played when you click on them otherwise not. This will save a large amount of data because most of the data is consumed by very large size videos and ads.Follow these steps:

    1. In google chrome, go to setting.
    2. Scroll down and click on advanced settings.
    3. It will expand and scroll down for more options.
    4. Click on contents settings.
    5. Now, scroll down to plug-ins. Here, click on click to play.

    This will enable click to play plugin. After this video/flash video will only be downloaded or played as your wish.

    DISABLE IMAGES to Reduce Data Usage While Tethering to PC/Laptop Browsers

    Some sites have the very large size of images and sometimes there are a number of images on the site, you can disable them, too. Follow the instructions to disable the images in different web browsers.

    Reduce Data Usage While Tethering to PC/Laptop Browsers Google Chrome

    1. click on advanced settings in settings option.
    2. click on content settings
    3. select ‘do not show any images’.
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