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  • Ways To Reduce Your Mobile Internet Data Usage With Android Apps

    You can reduce your mobile data usage without doing anything differently on your Android device. Just install and enable an app that functions as a compressing proxy. 

    Opera Max:pera Max encrypts data for all apps on your device when you’re connected to a mobile data network. Install the app and it will take over, routing all apps’ traffic through Opera’s servers so it can be compressed to save your data allowance. Unlike other services that do this, Opera Max can also compress videos in addition to photos, web pages, and other types of data. This application also provides you with an overview of the apps using data and allows you to block them from using that precious data.

    Download Opera Max 

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  • How to stop spam messages

    Have Our network provider spammed you. ?  Today I present to you an application called true messenger which  lets you block spam messages easily by just following this tutorial am dropping right now.

    Key Features of True Messenger

    –>You can block a name, block series of number from sending you sms 

    –>Easily detect spam numbers 

    –>unveils names of numbers not stored in your phone 

    How to Block all Spam Messages 

    Download True Messenger  

    1.Install True Messenger. 

    2.Launch it and it will ask for your number fill your correct number which is in your phone and click Get started. 

    3.Click Yes to confirm your number 

    4.Fill your name and your email in the next page, Click Continue. 

    5.On the Next window select all those message you regard as spam and Click Mark all as spam

     Note: Remember to choose it as your default message application.

    Also, If you want to remove any  of the sms sender  from spam box  just click on Spam on the button part of the app and mark them to your inbox.

    Now what happens is that when those spam messages are sent to you, you won’t receive notification, you won’t even know it will just enter the spam Box.

    If you are using  True messenger whats your experience with the application in blocking spam messages let us know via the comment box.

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  • How do I download Android apps on my laptop and install the apps on my cell phone?

    There are many famous and secure  website that is used to download apk from google play store. these website helps us to download mobile apps directly into computer or mobile phoone, so that we can install it later or we can still move the file somewhere.

    To Download Apps on your computer you can use any of the following sites

    1. https://www.apkmirror.com/: 

    Powerful Downloader for Android: - downloading from internet up to three files simultaneously; - accelerated downloading by using multithreadinginterception of links from android browsers and clipboard;
    - download files in background and resume after failure;
    - loader for images, documents, archives and programs;
    - downloading to SD-card for Lollipop and Marshmallow;


    Download apk for Android with APKPure APK downloader. NoAds, Faster apk downloads and apk file update speed. Best of all, it's free.

    3.http://apk-dl.com/   APK Downloader: Download APK Files Directly From Google Play

     4.http://apkappdownloads.com/ this APK downloader search by Package name, Google Play URL or App name


    Have you ever didn't want to link your Android smartphone up to a Google account for privacy reasons while you download an app from Google Play? Do you want to get a latest game, but Google Play thought it wasn't compatible with your phone? Or did you sincerely need an app such as video downloader but you cannot get from Google Play?

    YES, All-in-One APK Downloader is the one you are looking for, it is the one you should download and install. With All-in-One APK Downloader, you can download millions of APK resources including paid apps. It is Legal! It no root required! G
    o to these sites and search any mobile apps, then hit download

    To install Apps in your mobile from memory card:

    Step 1: Download and install AppInstaller in your mobile
    appInstaller allows you to install applications(.apk) from your external storage (e.g. SD card). Easy and fastest tool to install apps(.apk) from SD card. Features:-

    *Install apps from SD card

    *Uninstall apps from phone.

    *Easy interface. *show free and total internal and sdcard storage. *Delete apps from SD card *Batch install & delete

    AppInstaller is a tool to install apps from apk files on SD card. 
    It will list all the apk files on the SD card, and you can select apps that want to install, and click "Install" button to install them. you can click "Menu"->"Sort" to sort apps in different sort types.

    Download AppInstaller Here
    Step 2: Now copy the mobile application in apk file from your computer or laptop to memory card, then insert the memory card to your mobile phone. 

    Step 3
    go to your mobile: open AppInstaller.. then choose the app you want to install from SD Card..click install.
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  • Easily Share Any File From Android to iPhone via WiFi

    How to Share Any File From Android to iPhone via WiFi: Sharing files from Android to Android is easy but in case of Android to iPhone it is bit difficult. Now the question Is it possible to share files between Android and iPhone via Wi-Fi? The answer is definitely Yes

    Step 1: Download and install “Xender app" on both Android and iPhone smartphone. You can download it from below links.

    Xender app for Android //            Xender app for iPhone

    Note: The above both are official app store links.

    Step 2: Now open the “Xender app" on both the smartphones.

    Step 3: After opening Xender app click on “Connect Phone" icon and then on “Create Group" icon in Android device. It will automatically enable “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot" option on your device.

    Step 4: Now, switch to the iPhone and navigate to “Settings > WLAN" > Turn it “ON". Then, choose a network (Hotspot) which is created by the Android smartphone.

    Step 5: In the iPhone, go back to “Xender app" and click on “Connect Friends" button. It will automatically connect the iPhone to Android device and will also add to group created by Android device.

    Step 6: Finally, both the devices are connected so now you can start transferring files from Android to iPhone. To send any file, just click on that file and press the “send" button. Also, you can send for multiple files by selecting “Multi-choice" option. 

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  • Two Best Methods to Backup Android phone Contacts and SMS

    2 Best Methods to Backup Android phone Contacts and SMS

    Here two methods to use for your Contacts and SMS backups.Offline method is simple to use compare with online method.

    1. Steps to Select Backup Method in Android phones
    2. Go to your contacts
    3. Click on Menu in your contacts
    4. Find the “Export To SD card” option and click on it.
    5. Then it will ask to your permission To create a Vcard click Yes.
    6. Copy of contacts created on memory instead of memory it is better to save on your PC or Desktop.


    Follow below steps to backup android phone contacts and SMS.

    1. Download  SMS Backup & Restore Download it. and Install it
    2. After installing open app and click on Backup and it will be backup.
    3. Click on restore to restoring and follow the process.
      I hope you like this Article.
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