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  • What type of mobile phone should i buy? mobile phone reviews

    Smartphone buyer's guide:

    The World of Smartphones An app to access the gsmarena website easily. The app allows the access to latest news, reviews and blog posts.

     Download Phone Genie - GSMArena Browser

    If you are looking for smartphone , check the specification details before you buy!

    to check mobile phone specification on computers use this websitehttp://www.gsmarena.com

    GSM Arena needs no lengthy introduction. It is like the IMDb or Wikipedia of mobile phones. GSMArena.com maintains a detailed database of almost all phones and tablets (not restricted to GSM devices, despite the name) and is your number one source for specification or spec lookup on any mobile device.

    The biggest advantage of Phone Genie is that, it allows you to compare the features of 2 phones / tablets side by side, and decide which device is more suitable for you. 

    Features include:

    - Detailed specification of phones and tablets
    - Compare 2 devices side by side
    - Latest news from GSMArena
    - List of latest devices added to GSMArena
    - Share phone specification with your phone contacts, Facebook friends, Twitter followers etc...
    - App2SD enabled (you can move the app to memory card)

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  • How to download and install an app on an iPhone and Android

    How to download and install apps on an Android device:

    To install apps directly on your mobile: use play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps?hl=en

    Browse and install your favorite Android apps and games on your Android phone, tablet, TV or from the ... Free Music Downloader - Download Free Music Songs.

    To download apps on your pc or mobile so that you can install later or take to other device: use the following best sites:

    1. On mobile devices: https://apkpure.com/app  or  on Pc : https://apkpure.com/

    2. ApkMiror>www.apkmirror.com

    How to search for apps and games in the App Store

    The first thing you need to do is find the apps and games you want to add to your collection.

    for IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/genre/ios/id36?mt=8

    1. Open the App Store app.
    2. Tap the Search icon at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Enter the app name that you are looking for.
    4. Tap Search on your keyboard.

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  • How To Share Documents in WhatsApp Without Using Third Party App

    Step-by-Step Guide to Share Documents in WhatsApp Without Using Any App

    Step 1:Open WhatsApp messenger and tap on any Contact from the list which you want to send the document.

    After you open that chat, tap on the Attachment button on the top right corner of the screen, as shown in the above image.

    Step 2
    Now, you will see the option for Attachment, tap on Document.

    Step 3
    You will see the list of available document on your Smartphone. Tap on any document, that you want to send and then tap on SEND button, when it asks for confirmation.

    After Uploading the Document you will receive a confirmation that Your document will be sent.

    If this feature is not available in your WhatsApp, you need to update/upgrade your WhatsApp application to latest version to get this feature. The receiver also need to have the latest version of the WhatsApp installed on their phones, otherwise, you(sender) will see error-

    If you see “Can’t send document to user because user is on a version of WhatsApp that doesn’t support them." error while sending documents to your friends, just ask them to update their WhatsApp application to latest version and the problem will be solved. Enjoy, sending documents over WhatsApp!

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  • Techy Ways to Backup Android Phone Contacts And SMS

    Two Best Methods to Backup Android phone Contacts and SMS

    Here two methods to use for your Contacts and SMS backups.Offline method is simple to use compare with online method.

    1. Steps to Select Backup Method in Android phones
    2. Go to your contacts
    3. Click on Menu in your contacts
    4. Find the “Export To SD card” option and click on it.
    5. Then it will ask to your permission To create a Vcard click Yes.
    6. Copy of contacts created on memory instead of memory it is better to save on your PC or Desktop.


    Follow below steps to backup android phone contacts and SMS.

    1. Download  SMS Backup & Restore Download it. and Install it
    2. After installing open app and click on Backup and it will be backup.
    3. Click on restore to restoring and follow the process.
      I hope you like this Article.
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  • Best Screen Sharing Apps in 2017: Android to android and Android to PC

    Android to android:Best Screen Sharing Apps in 2017

    These are the apps that allow you to mirror screens between your android devices (phone or tablet). The syncing is done using Bluetooth or WiFi technology. All of these apps can be installed freely from Play store.

    1. Inkwire Screen Share + Assist

    Inkwire lets you share your screen or see a shared screen. The best thing about this app is its Minimalist UI design. After opening the app, you can simply choose whether you want to share the screen or access someone else’s. And then match the access code between the two devices. That’s it.

    Download here from Play store link.

    2. ScreenMeet. Easy Phone Meeting

    Just like Inkwire, this app helps you to mirror screen between two android devices. It also allows you to share your screen to your Personal Computer. Besides sharing screen, you can share Presentation slides, Walkthrough websites, demo mobile applications and a lot more. The app is quite convenient for business meetings and project presentations. One negative point, however, is that it lags a bit even in high-speed internet connection. Slow speed during presentations can be a pretty horrible experience. This app is free of cost and available in Play store.

    Download here from Play store link

    3. Screen Stream Mirroring Free:

    As claimed by its creators, this app is one of the most powerful screen sharing apps for android smartphones and tabs. The app doesn’t require your device to be rooted, which is a big plus for this app. The app is available freely in the Play store. But the free version limits your usage time and you have to watch ads to extend it. However, you can remove this barrier by buying the full version.

    Play store link

    4. join.me – Simple Meetings

    Just another screen sharing meeting app like ScreenMeet. It lets you connect other people in video conferencing and share your screen with them using VoIP.But your device must be running on Android Lollipop or higher in account to use this screen sharing feature. Besides these, you can zoom into the screen shared with you, which is a big thumbs-up. To talk about the cons,the UI is pretty complex for a light android user.

    Download here from Play store link

    5. SideSync:

    The next app is from the smartphone giant Samsung itself. As you may expect, this app lets you share your smartphone’s screen to another android device. Besides, it also helps you to share your android’s display with your PC or Mac.However, the biggest con of this application is that only Samsung devices are compatible with this version.

    Play store link

    Android to PC

    Sometimes our phone’s 5.5-inch screen isn’t big enough. Sometimes we feel really lazy to actually get up and pick the phone from the drawer. One solution to all those irritating problems is sharing your android screen to your PC. Listed below are the top apps to mirror your android screen to PC. 

    6. Chrome + Vysor 

    You can easily share your screen and control it from the PC using Google Chrome and Vysor. 

    To use this, first install Google Chrome and from the Chrome Web Store add the Vysor Plugin. Now switch on debugging mode on your phone. For that go to Settings > Developer Options > USB debugging (if you don’t see developer options, unlock it by going to About and tapping on Build number 7 times continuously). After that launch the Vysor plugin from Chrome (new tab > chrome://apps). Connect your phone to PC via USB. A prompt will appear on your phone saying – Allow USB debugging? Click on Ok. That’s it. You can now view and control your smartphone from your computer.

    Chrome Download Link  Vysor Download Link

    7.TeamViewer QS

    TeamViewer is popular remote support software for PC. The Quick Support app of this software gives you the freedom to share the android screen with a computer. This is truly a gem for remote support on android devices.

    To do that, first, install the TeamViewer QS app on your phone. After that, install TeamViewer software on the remote PC. From the QS app grab the ID and use it on the other end to connect both devices. Now go to the Remote Control tab. Now you have access to your phone from the computer.

    Play store link  Desktop Client 

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