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  • Best AntiVirus & Privacy Protection mobile app

    CM Security Lite - Antivirus:

    Anti-Virus Engine has been ranked #1 by AV-TEST repeatedly. It helps you detect and remove viruses, vulnerabilities, and spywares with one click.


    CM Security Lite - Antivirus

    CM Security Antivirus AppLock is an antivirus lauded for its ease of use. It comes equipped with an excellent anti-malware engine, call blocking features, and a link to Clean Master so that you can wipe unnecessary files from your Android.

    Privacy Cleaner erases your personal information in clipboard and browsing records, including on-line videos, shopping, and banking.

    Wi-Fi Scanner identifies Wi-Fi phishing scams. Also, it helps you monitor & boost Wi-Fi speed.

    Protect apps from snoopers
    AppLock protects apps that are important to you. Also, it catches intruders who try to unlock protected apps and notifies you with intruders’photos.

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  • Mp3 Cutter & Merger

    Mp3 Cutter & Merger is an android application which is used for cutting and merging Mp3 files .

    Mp3 Cutter & Merger

    "Are you a music lover ? if so you will love this application"
    "You can customize the songs as per your wish"
    "do u have any favorite songs? just merge the couple of your favorite songs using Igost Mp3 Cutter & Merger "

    While playing a selected portion of the audio, you can see an indicator cursor and auto scrolling waveform. You can zoom this wave and cut the song at the perfect position you want.

    IGOST Mp3 Cutter & Merger Contains:

    ✓ Mp3 Cutter
    ✓ Mp3 Merger ( Mp3 Fusion Maker)
    ✓ Mp3 Player

    By Using Mp3 Cutter & Merger You Can :

    ✓ Cut mp3 songs and save it in the folder ../Igost/songs
    ✓ Merge two mp3 files and make a fusion song.
    ✓ Assign it as your device ring tone,contact ring tone ,notification tones etc...

    Features include :

    ✓You can make your own ringtones.
    ✓you can cut and merge the mp3 files using Mp3 Cutter & Merger.
    ✓you can create fusion songs.
    ✓cutting and merging of the recorded song is possible.
    ✓After merging a song you can hear the merged song in player
    ✓The application can be moved to SD card.
    ✓After saving the trimmed mp3 u will get options for using the trimmed tone as alarm tone,ringtone,notification,assign to contact and option for opening the output folder.
    ✓storage path of both trimmed and merged mp3 is mentioned separately (sdcard/igost/music).
    ✓You can access both the trimmed and merged mp3 from the home page folders (Trimmed tones & Merged tones) in the application itself.


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  • Google Drive Suite

    Google Drive is a cloud storage solution available on Android where all new users get 15GB for free permanently upon signing up. You can, of course, buy more if needed. What makes Google Drive so special are the suite of Android apps that are attached to it. They include Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Keep.

    Between the office apps, the Photos app (which allows unlimited photo and video backup), and Keep for note taking, you have apps for practically anything you need to do in terms of productivity. Some of the features of these apps include live collaboration, deep sharing features, and compatibility with Microsoft Office documents.


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  • Call someone from a different number app android

    Call someone using fake number 

    This caller id spoofing technique works without any issue with your Android device. This app offers in-app purchases, so you need to lose some hard cash for buying more credits and making the full use of it. But don’t worry you will get some free credit for the trial. Most of all it mainly allows you to fake your profile by choosing any number you prefer and then just enter your recipient. That’s it you are done. The name of this app says everything itself ‘Fake Number.’
    Call from a different number free 
    1.Install and Open: To call someone from a different number, you have to download the ‘Fake Call’ app from  below:

    Call someone from a different number app android

    Download Fake Call

    2. Setting up: After the successful installation. You need to enter any number of your choice in the “Called Id” section which will be displayed on the recipient’s phone. Type in the person’s phone number whom you like to give a call in the “To” column. (Don’t forget to mention the correct country codes and enter manually if it’s not mentioned already)

    3.See it works: Look at how this thing works and imagine what will be your friend’s reaction after seeing such an unusual number on his phone.


    4.Go ahead: Explore some other features of this application. I recommend using the voice changing option as it is amazing.

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  • How To Download Paid Apps For Free On Android – 2017

    How To Download Paid Apps For Free On Android.

    Method 1st:- By Using Blackmart Alpha.

    In this method, First of all, you have to download an app name Blackmart Alpha, which helps you to download paid android app for free. They have almost listed many paid apps which are successfully working.

      • First of all Download BlackMart Alpha From Here.
      • Now Install it on your Android Phone. In case if above application is not working then google it for latest blackmart alpha.apk app.
    • Then, Open Blackmart and in the search box enter the name of that app.
    • Now Download that particular app through BlackMart on your Android Device.
    • You may see your Paid Apps running successfully for free.

    Method 2nd:- Searching For .apk File Of Paid Apps.

    In this method you have to download apps from some famous websites which provides for .apk extension and then you have to transfer them from PC to mobile.

    These are few sites where you can find apk files of different applications.

    • 4shared.com
    • Mediafire.com
    • Apkfiles.com
    • Apkmaniafull.com
    • Apkpure.com
    • These are only few sites you can search for many hosting sites for apks.
    • Now open these sites and search the exact name of particular apps. Or in the format of Appsname.apk.
    • Now download the apps from that site and install them on android phone.
    • Now install them on your phone and enjoy your new paid apps.

    Method 3rd:- Apps Offer By Popular Platforms.

    Some of the best 3rd party app stores offer to download apps for free. You just have to complete any task or have to install their own service apps. They provide apps for free or even provide huge discounts on them which are not totally available free to download.

     Amazon Underground Service.

    Amazon underground app provide thousands of paid apps for free. So don’t forget to avail this amazing opportunity. What you have to do is just install Amazon underground app.

    Download amazon underground from here.

    After that you have to choose tab of underground. Then choose any app according to your requirement.

    Other Apps Who Provide Free Apps On Daily Based.

    1. AppGradis.
    2. Freeapps.

    App Which Provide Huge Discount On Apps

    1. App of The Day.
    2. AppSales.
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