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  • Unlock Window Computer from Android/iPhone Smrtphone (Two Way Authentication)

    Unlock your Windows or Mac PC with your smart phone. Now you can make your computer more secure from this method.

    You don’t need to enter password in windows or mac pc for unlocking , because you can do it from your Android or iPhone smart phone. No one can enter in your pc without your smart phone. (You can also set emergency calls) Here we useROHOS Login software for unlocking your Windows/MAC PC from Android or iPhone smart phone.

    How it works
    Open the App and touch the Name of your PC and your desktop unlock without entering password. If WiFi network is not available then phone displays QR-Code on the screen that is scanned by PC camera.

    Steps for Using ROHOS Login Software in Windows/Mac Desktop with the help of Android and iPhone.

    Download Rohos Login

    Install Rohos Logon Key on your Windows or Mac :

    Download for Windows | Download for Mac OS X

    Download for Android. Install Rohos Logon mobile on your Android phone

    Download for iOS, Install Rohos Logon mobile on your iPhone/iPod.
    1.➜Download and install Rohos Login for Your Window/Mac PC.
    2.➜Open ROHOS Software in your pc and select “Options” (1 in Picture).
    3.➜Choose type of Authentication “Mobile Phone (Android/iPhone)” and press ok button.
    4.➜(2 in screenshot) Select “setup a key ” and type the PIN you want.

    5.➜When you finish type your PIN ,ROHOS give you QR Code for scan.

    6.➜Download ROHOS Mobile app in your Android/iPhone.
    7.➜Scan the QR Code from ROHOS app and you see your PC Name in ROHOS Mobile 

    8.➜Now you complete the setup.

    It Time for testing:
    Lock your Windows PC from pressing Window Key + L button.

    Select Other credentials and Choose Login By USB Key, Now you see username and password section

    Don’t type anything here, open your ROHOS mobile app and just tap your pc name.


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  • How to Fix Blue Screen Error of Death

    To be frank there are no particular solution so solve this problem, as there are many reasons for this occur.

    But here I give some possible method to fix this problem. So follow the given steps to get rid of this problem.
    Disable Start up Programs

    When you start your computer then many applications try to start at the same time, which might be cause of this error. In this case you need to disable all startup programs on your system. Follow the below steps to do that.

    ⇒Open Run by pressing Windows key + R and type msconfig and then hit Enter.
    ⇒Now switch to Start up tab and click on Disable all and then click on OK.
    ⇒After that it will ask to Restart the system and restart your system.

    That’s all you have done. In most cases this method will fix this problem.

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  • How to Change User Account Password in Windows 10

    One of the most important aspects of your PC is the security, keeping it secure from other users is an important thing.here is how to make it secure.

    You can easily change the password of your Windows from the settings.

    Open Settings, navigate to Account and select Sign in options.

    Now click the change button under password. You might be prompted to enter the current password of your Microsoft account.

    In the next step, you need to enter your email account and get the one time password or code. If you have set this up, enter the email or mobile number and then you get a code in your choice.

    Now once the code arrives, enter the code and click next. In the final step, you need to enter the old password and you can choose the new password.

    Click next once you have done this and now your password will be changed. You can now lock your PC and test the new password.

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  • How to Hide Hard Disk Drives in Windows 10

    Nodrives: There might be situations where you might want to hide hard disk drives in Windows. Although you can do this by registry hacks, not all people are comfortable editing registry files. Also if you mess up editing registry, it could end up with Windows being unstable.

    NoDrives Manager is free tool for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 which allows you to hide hard disk drives. The app hides Windows logical drives by modifying the registry. The hidden drives are still accessible but they are not visible in the Windows Explorer.

    The app has a simple interface where you can see all the drive letter listed. Now, all you need is to find the drive letter which you want to hide and check the box against it and save the changes. You will have to log off or restart Windows explorer for the changes to take place.

    Once you restart the explorer, the drives will be hidden.

    -->The latest version also comes with option to set password for the drives and the password is encrypted and you will need to enter password to open the drive. If you want to enable the drive, you need to uncheck the box and save it once again.

    It is a free and useful utility to hide logical drives in Windows without having to play with registry settings.

                                                                                                    Download NoDrives

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