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  • Microsoft Talk (Text to Speech) Free Download - Computer Tricks and Tips

    Text to speechMicrosoft Talk it is a popular software which is really of fun and enjoyment but it is also can be used for learning purpose.

    if you can't pronounciate a word so just copy that word and paste in the text box and press "Talk it!"
    so it will say.

    you also can copy a lot of sentences and paste it in the text Box and by pressing "Talk it"
    all words are be talked.

    Fun :

     You can choose different characters to talk ,you can choose a men or a boy or a kid and some others.Talk It ! software is simply awesome text to speech client official delivered by Microsoft which aims for some fun and humor. Now you can be kids and enjoy this amazing software which can make sounds of any character displayed. You just need to type some text than you choose which characters sound you want and click on Talk It! button displayed and it will start repeating those sounds.

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  • How Remove Write Protection From Removable Devices


    Just Follow The Simple Steps 

    1.Go To Start > Run > Type "cmd"

    2.Then Type "diskpart".

    3.Then Type "listdisk"

    How Remove Write Protection From Removable Devices

    4.Then Type "select disk (disk number)".

    Remove Write protection from Removable Devices

    5.Then You Have To Select That Removable Disk Which You Want To Remove Write Protection.

    6.type "Attributes Disk Clear Read Only"

    7. type "clean"

    Now you successfully remove the write protection from pendrive.

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  • How to Reset Windows 2012 Server Administrator Password

    Spowersoft Windows Password Reset is, as the name implies, a great tool when it comes to resetting the password on your Windows 2012 Server. It as well works for other Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2000, 2003, 2008. What's more, it allows you to add a new account that has Administrative rights on your computer.

    In this article I will talk about how to reset administrator password on a Windows Server 2012 (R2) Essentials, but it also applies to a server running Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard or R2 Datacenter with the Essentials Experience role installed. The whole process is remarkably easy and quite quick.

    Step 1: Create a Windows Server 2012 password reset DVD/ CD or USB device

    Click the link above to download the copy of the application on any accessible computer, install it following the on-screen instructions.

    Launch the application, plug in a blank USB flash drive or DVD/CD media to computer.

    On the main interface, click on the "USB device" or "CD/DVD" button, in the next screen click "Start burning". The tool begins creating a password reset disk for Windows Server 2012 (R2). You can track the process from the progress bar located at the bottom. Generally, the creating process will be finished in a minute.

    Once done, pull the disk out of the machine, and insert it into your locked PC that you need to reset the administrator password in Windows Server 2012 (R2).



    Step 2: Change the BIOS on your locked PC to boot from the disk you just created

    Be sure that you have set Windows Server 2012 password rest disk as first boot device in motherboard's BIOS on your locked computer.

    To do this, power on your locked computer, when a "Press [key] to enter BIOS Setup" comes up on the screen, as shown below, keep pressing the key required until you get into BIOS settings.

    Tip: F2DEL or F10 are usually the 3 most used key to enter BIOS. You can also check our detailed instructions on the list of keys to enter BIOS on different of computers.

    Next in BIOS SETUP UTILITY screen, you're required to change the boot order option.

    In this example BIOS, go to Boot menu, expand Boot Device Priority, you will see 1st Boot Device option under it. Some computers may list this boot order option as Boot SequenceFirst Boot Device.

    1) Assuming you created the Windows Server 2012 password reset disk on USB device, here you set 1st Boot Device to Hard Drive, and under it select your USB device. Note that most computers list the USB boot option as USB/ Removable Devices but some confusingly list it as a Hard Drive option (like this example), so be sure to dig around to find the right one.

    2) Instead, if you just created a Windows Server 2012 password reset disk on DVD/DVD media, here you set 1st Boot Device to CDROM.

    You can also follow our detailed article about how to change BIOS boot order on different of computers.

    Once done, press F10 to save changes you made and exit the BIOS.

    Step 3: Reset password on your computer with Windows Server 2012 (R2)

    After you exit the BIOS, the computer will restart and boot from the password reset disk first, before trying to boot from the hard drive where has Windows Server 2012 installation. You have to wait here (a minute or so) until it presents the tool's screen, as shown below.

    On the screen you'll see a list of user accounts found on the Windows Server 2012 with relevant details.

    Now select your Windows Server 2012 system, and select the require user that you need to reset the forgotten password from the list, and click "Reset". The tool begins resetting the password for you. A few seconds later, the password will be reset to be Spower@2011.

    Tip: In additional to resetting the password of Windows Server 2012, this program also comes with an "Add User" feature that allows user to create a new administrator account on the computer.


    As the password is reset you can restart your computer by pressing "Reboot" button at the bottom of the screen, and remove the disk from the machine (!).

    Now you can log on to your computer with new password. Make sure to configure a new password to replace the default password that the tool made for you.

    That's it!

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  • Clean-Up / Maintenance Utilities

    CCleaner:CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your PC

    The first of a few Piriform programs on this list, CCleaner—the first C is for Crap!—is one of the best, and pretty much essential for keeping a system going. What it does is simple: it cleans up extraneous files to keep a system running better. Get it and run it, regularly. It'll even delete some apps you didn't think you could get rid of—like those provided in Windows 10, whether you wanted them or not

    Download CCleaner

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  • Top Best Folder Lock Software For Windows PC – 2017

    Windows is a very popular operating system developed by Microsoft corporation. Windows OS are used by 80 percent users all over the world. 

    Best  Folder Lock Software For Windows.

    1. Folder Lock /Not Free/

    Folder lock is one the amazing files and folder lock software for windows which protect our data from unauthorized access. This software is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista etc. It is an easy to use software with attractive GUI. We can also encrypt files and folder. It also provide option to lock our pen drive, hard disk drive etc. One of its Major advantage is that its version trial is freely available.

    Download Folder Lock

    Folder Lock

     2.Easy file Locker   /Free/

    Easy file locker is another popular folder lock software for windows users. One of its maize advantage is that it is freely available for everyone. It is compatible with windows 7, 8, XP, Vista

    Download Easy file Locker

    Easy file Locker

    3.Private Folder/Free/

    Private folder is another freely available file hider for Windows. It is available for both 32 and 64 bit version. We can hide or lock a number of files in this application. 

    Download Private Folder

    Private Folder

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