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  • Internet:WiFi Password Finder Uniqueness and Greatness

    WiFi Password Hacker: The world we live today is so developed that the communication networks are in huge numbers. Also, the rapid usage of internet has made WiFi mandatory everywhere.

    Download wifi password hacker

    You will find at least one WiFi network peeking into the list if your turn of WiFi on your Phone or PC. It also means that you can have them free if you want! It will be annoying if you are in a place where there are plenty of WiFi networks available but you can’t access any of them. The solution is very simple. WiFi Password Hacking is no longer tedious with WiFi Password Hacker. The software lets you penetrate through any WiFi network without any hassle.

    WiFi Password Hacker is a completely FREE software that works on all platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows PC. The software is frequently updated to keep it updated with the WiFi security systems and its password seals. So the success rate of WiFi Password Hacker is 99.99%. There is no in-app purchases or any cost for the updates. Everything with WiFi Password Hacker comes for free. Enjoy WiFi hacking with WiFi Password Hacker.

    WiFi Password Cracker uses a brute force attack against Wifi Protected Setup (WPS) registrar PINs to recover WPA/WPA2 passphrases. The WiFi Password Cracker is designed as a robust and powerful to attack against WPS and tested across a variety of WPS implementations and access points. 

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  • Increase Wifi Speed In Same Network

    By this app you can get high speed in wifi at public places by this you can disconnect other wifi from your mobile and get full speed in you mobile just you need a rooted android mobile .

    Just follow this simple steps and increase your wifi speed.But first, take a look at the requirements your device must have to run this app: 

    • Your device must be rooted.
    • Android version 2.2 or higher.
    1. Firstly Free Download wifiKill Pro App from Google play
    2. Install and Open and give Root permission
    3. Click On Play Icon at top of screen
    4. You see all users which is connected on wifi by their ip address and their mac address
    5. Select the users which you want to cut their speed or kill their wifi connectivity
    6. Click On Grab
    7. Then A message of attaching the IP address will pop up
    8. A pop of killing the IP address will appear. And then that device will no longer be able to use the wifi network till you are connected or you unkill them
    9. Done !

    If you want disable internet connections of all devices connected to the network, first move the "grab all" button to the right side, and then move "Kill all" button to the right side.

    If you want to disable internet connection of a particular device, tap on the device IP. You will see a window like this:


    Move the "grab" and "kill" buttons to the right side. The device's internet connection should now be disabled.

    • To run the app in full screen, go to the "Preferences" and then check the "Full Screen" option.
    • To show the network names on the device list, go to "Preferences" and then check "Show network names" option.
    • To show MAC address on the device list, go to "Preferences" and then check "Show MAC" option.
    • To show vendor of the NIC on the device list, go to "Preferences" and then check "Show NIC Manufacturer" option.
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  • How To Bypass Free Wi-Fi Time Limit To Get Unlimited Internet — MAC Address Spoofing

    How To Bypass Wi-Fi Time Limits? There are a couple of methods to circumvent this Wi-Fi time limit to continue using the free Wi-Fi. 

    Mac Address Spoofing:The solution to this problem is very simple. All you need to do is use an app that can spoof a new MAC address and allow you to keep accessing free Wi-Fi. Even changing a single number should help you out.

    The MAC address is basically how a particular network recognizes your computer. So, if you change your MAC address, the network will consider you a new computer and reset your timer.

    You don’t need to worry about the losing or resetting your real MAC address. It’s embedded into your hardware. So, when you restart your device, you’ll get back to your original MAC address.

    To do this, there are tons of free tools like Mac Makeup, SpoofMAC etc. You can also do this manually by changing some network settings.

    DNS Tunneling:Another method to bypass Wi-Fi time limits is to use DNS Tunneling. This method is usually employed to get free internet access at places where you need to pay for the Wi-Fi. However, this method also works if you wish to continue using the free Wi-Fi for a longer period of time.

    The coffee shops, hotels, and airports that provide free Wi-Fi, reroute all HTTP requests to their web page until you pay for access or log in using your credentials. But, they don’t reroute DNS requests. So, if you use the free Wi-Fi using a remote DNS server with some specialized software, you can enjoy unlimited internet.

    Sniff other device’s Wi-Fi MAC address:

    Another method is to use your Wi-Fi and sniff other devices’ Wi-Fi MAC address. Once you find a person (or employee) who has a permanent login access, you can use tools like InSSIDer, NetStumbler, Cain and Abel etc. to copy the MAC address.

    Go buy another cup of coffee! As I mentioned above, some of these methods are unethical and one should avoid using them. So, if you are feeling like staying for another hour, just buy another cup of coffee 

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