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    NETCUT:It is Famous wifikiller. Netcut for Windows as we all know is quite famous and you must have some idea about it already, But if you don’t know let me tell you. Netcut is a tool which lets you figure out who or which device is/are using the same Wi-fi network as you rather it is the IPhone, Android, Windows Phone or Even your PC’s.



    • It is a wireless network analyzer tool.
    •  You can find MAC addresses of all the devices connected to your Wireless LAN. You can find their brand name, IP address and even change their MAC address.
    • The most interesting part is you can Disable the Internet connectivityof any device connected to the wi-fi network.
    • Download Net Cut wifi killer


    • Netcut wifikill app Needs Root your device.
    • Download and install Netcut ( ROOT) wifikill apk.
    • Once installed open it.
    • Grant it SuperUser permission or else it won’t work.
    • After permission is granted , let Netcut For Android read all the device using the same Wifi Network.
    • Once all the device is properly detected (takes about couple of minutes depending on how many users have access to the Wifi Network) just click on the various IP’s you wanna block,  you can click on few or you can cut everyones access to the internet.
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  • How to Access Windows Remote Desktop Over the Internet

    By default, Windows Remote Desktop will only work on your local network. To access Remote Desktop over the Internet, you’ll need to use a VPN or forward ports on your router.

    How to enable remote desktop?

    Start>> Go to>> Computer>> right click here then click Properties>> remote setting>>


    to access the computer over internet, you must have public ip address or VPN services and the computer must have username and password.

    How to access remote desktop?

    Start >> Accessories >>Remote Desktop Connection

    then enter the ip address of the remote computer


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    Almost all homes and offices are connected to a network connection these days, either through a dongle or a cable connection. Wireless routers, which enable you to share your connection with other wireless compatible devices, are also gaining popularity.

    Simple Ways To Use Your Laptop As A WiFi Hotspot

    First you need to download  and install one of these softwares:  Connectify, MyPublicWifiMaryfi. mHotspot

    mhotspot is the easiest to configure.

    We’ll take the example of Maryfi here. Follow the steps below:

    STEP 1: Click on the Settings Tab and enter the desired network name of your Hotspot.

    STEP 2: Next, type out a suitable password for accessing your network. Keep it strong, because you don’t want any unauthorized person to access your connection.

    STEP 3: Choose the type of connection you wish to share, in the ‘Internet to share’ drop down list.


    STEP 4:

    After this, go to the Advanced Settings Tab. Here, select the interface for wireless connectivity under the ‘Share over’ tab. Also, do not forget to select the type of security mode you wish to assign for your hotspot.


    STEP 5:

    Next, all you have to do is to click the ‘Start Hotspot’ button. Your PC/ Laptop is now ready to share your network connection with other devices.

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    To transfer data from android to iPhone was never so convenient as it is now. This year Apple introduced a new app specially designed for the purpose of transferring data from android to iPhone. With the help of this new app, the task can be completed just by making some clicks.

    Transfer Data From Android To iPhone Using Move to iOS App

    Move to iOS is an official app on Google Play Store by iPhone which can transfer data from Android to iPhone, i.e contacts, messages, videos, photos, etc within a few minutes, depending on the size of data. This works for iPhone 5 and latest. And requires iPhone’s latest operating system, iOS 9.

    Steps For Transferring Data With Move to IOS

    Step 1

    Search for Move to iOS app on your Google Play Store and download it on your Android device. It’s supported on Android 4.0 to latest Android OS.

    Step 2

    While you’re setting up your iPhone, an Apps and Data Screen will pop up, there you’ll be shown four options to choose from. Select the Move Data from Android option and proceed.

    Step 3

    Open the Move to iOS app on your Android device and after accepting the terms and conditions, tap “next” on the Find Your Code screen.

    Step 4

    After tapping continue on your iPhone, you’ll be given a code; enter that code in your Android device and then proceed.

    Step 5

    Your Android phone will pop up a screen where you’ll be able to choose the content you wish to transfer. Do so, and you’re both devices will connect with each other through WiFi, so it’s important for WiFi to be connected on both devices.

    Step 6

    Transferring data from android to iPhone will take time depending on the size of your data. Your Android device may show that the transferring process has completed but your iPhone may keep working on it. So be patient.

    Step 7

    When you’ve completed transferring data from Android to iPhone, and finished setting up your iPhone, you can then check if everything has successfully transferred. If not, then you’ll need to manually transfer your Android data to iPhone.

    Note: This procedure applies to all other iOS devices, such as iPad 4th gen, iPad mini 2nd gen, iPod touch 6th gen, and their successors.

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    1. BeeBEEP

    BeeBEEP is an open source local area network chat tool capable to transfer files between computers. BeeBEEP supports secure network chat without installing a separate server on each computer, so you can interact freely within your office, home or cafe without an internet connection. Minimize your chat sessions to System Tray or even add your personal HTML code in chat.

    2. Squiggle

    Squiggle is another open source free server less LAN messenger, just download it and start private chat sessions within your local network or transfer your important files on the go. Requires .NET Framework 4.0 with Windows 7 or higher.

    3. AChat

    AChat is a free software for chatting within your local network. Send files, send messages to live hosts as well as to those who are currently offline. There is no server installation required for AChat. It supports private individual messages and also private sessions, and with public chat, you can build local meeting sessions. AChat is capable to record your chat logs, and requires no server installation on local network computers.

     4.LAN Messenger is another free & open source cross-platform instant messaging application for communication over a local network. It does not require a server.

    Some of its features include:

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