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  • How to connect to wifi network

    How to connect to wifi network

    By using the open-source tool called AndroDumpper can crack most routers’ current password with WPA or WPA2 password (WPS enabled). Check Step by step process here.

     Requirements of AndroDumpper App:
    • Root is not totally required.
    • Location Permission is required for Wifi Network Scanning By Android

    Methods to Connect AndroDumpper App:

    There are two methods,

    Root Method: Supported all android version but should be rooted.
    No Root Method: supports only Android 5 (Lollipop) and up.

    For Android 5 (Lollipop) and up:

    • If you are not rooted you can use the application to connect, but you cannot show password unless you are rooted.
    • If you are rooted will be alerted to choose either Root Method or No Root Method. , you can show the password using both methods

    For Android 4.4 and earlier:

    • You have to be ROOTED for both connecting and showing password
    • If you are not Rooted, then you cannot use the application
      Only Rooted Users ) You can show passwords for your current saved networks, just go to Menu then choose ( Saved Networks)

    If you already know the WPS PIN you can use the app to connect and get the password using your PIN.

    How to Hack WiFi Password Using AndroDumpper?

    • Enable your Wifi on Android device.
    • Open AndroDumpper.
    • Scan for wifi networks. Check to show all networks. You can see all the networks available.


      • Note that you can only connect to a WPS enabled network.
      • Look for a WPS enabled network. If you find one, try to connect it.
      • Choose a way, Rooted or Non-rooted.
      • If you are rooted, you can use both methods to connect and show password.
      • Then choose one ‘Try With’ method.

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  • This android app turn your Android Phone into a Full functional computer like Windows and Linux

    Andromium OS turns your android device into a full functional computer by attaching your device to TV/Monitor and Keyboard and Mouse.

    Download Andromium OS app from Google Play Store

    The folk behind the concept claim that it will turn your Android device into a “full functional computer” with the help of an attached keyboard, mouse and, obviously, a screen – something which can easily be achieved using the screencast functionality and a Chromecast.

    Once you’ve got the peripherals paired and a screen sorted out you can reboot your phone, fire up the app and get down to business.

    Recommended device specification:
    Snapdragon 800 or better processor
    2GB RAM
    1080p external monitor/TV

    Lollipop 5.0
    Chromecast/Miracast or Adapter/Dock that allow external TV/Monitor attachment
    Mouse/Keyboard (USB or Bluetooth)

    You’ll be able to play games, do work and use the setup much like you would a Windows PC, from double clicking on shortcuts to launch apps to dragging and resizing windows, and all the while your phone will still function as normal, so texts and calls will come through and you won’t miss a thing.

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  • Devices Methods To Share/Tether Tunnel VPN Connection From Smartphone To PC And Other Devices

    This tutorial is not something new on the internet, it is  all about how to share/tether their Tunnel VPN network

    I know that most of us are flexing with Simple Android Server, Psiphon Handler, OpenVPN, Tweakware, TunnelGureu, DroidVPN etc. To bypass the networks in order to have free access to the internet. Extending the internet connection of your Tunnel VPN from your smartphone to your PC without using any VPN on your PC is really cool.

    Today, I'm going to show you 4 different methods with 3 different apps to share or tether your Tunnel VPN connection either your phone is rooted or not. 

    Method 1 
    Gitech101.com: Yih zede betam kelalu zede new. Yimokirut!
    To share or tether your Tunnel VPN internet connection via Hotspot to PC or other device, this method known as -Manual Configuration
    Note: Rooting NOT Required
    1. Make sure your VPN is connected with either your MTN Free Browsing  or psiphone, Mtn Bis or Etisalat Magic Tweak or Etisalat social me/chat pak tweak etc.
    2. Create a Wi-Fi hotspot on the main (primary) phone.  Use default (set your WiFi security to none or default).
    3. Now go to the other phone/device (secondary) and switch on the Wi-Fi to start searching for available network.
    4. When connected, long press on the connected network name and then tap on “Modify Network”.
    5. On the next screen, tap on the “Show Advanced Options” check box to open full settings. 
    6. On the proxy settings, select “Manual” (Tap on the “none” for the dropdown options to appear.
    7. Configure as follows:
              -        Proxy Hostname:
              -       Proxy Port: 8080
    8. Leave the rest and tap on “Save”, then you can start enjoy your free browsing on the device you shared it to.
    Method 2 
    Gitech101.com: The above method 1 is the simplest one, so try it first, if not continue here.How to share or tether your Tunnel VPN internet connection to PC via USB Cable or WiFi Hotspot with the use of an app Called - PDANet+

    Note: Rooting NOT Required 

    PDANet+ is one of the top Android apps using for sharing tunnel VPN connection, it is to stop some tethering limitations on your Android device and allows you to connect all your tunnel VPN network to any PC or device via USB Tethering or WiFi Hotspot. 

    1. Download and install PDANet+ for your Android device from below links;
              Google Play Store Link - Click Here
    2. Make sure your Hotspot is switched off to start with
    3. Run the installed PDANet+ app on your Android. Note that to share the connection with a PC, you have to download the pdanet.exe file for PC.
              Download PDANet+.exe - Click Here
    4. Launch the PDANet+.apk on your Android, there are three options:
              -      USB Tether
              -      Bluetooth Server
              -      Wifi Hotspot
    5. Make sure you Enable USB debugging on your Android (from the “Developer Options”).
    6. Tap and Activate the “USB Tether” option for best reliability and connect your USB cable to the PC
    7. Install the PDANet+ for PC (if not already installed) and confirm that it is connected to the phone.
    8. Open the PDANet+ menu from the notification bar of your Windows and click on “Connect Internet (USB)”.
    9. It will verify and authenticate your connection automatically and you will be connected via USB.

    Using PdaNET+ via WIFI Hotspot
    If you don't want to use USB cable you can also connect your pdanet+ via WiFi Hotspot, but it's better to crack PdaNet+ in order to enjoy the full version.
    1. Download and install FoxFi Key on your phone to crack PdaNet+ 

              Download FoxFi Key - Click Here,  this is not free so you can find  cracked foxFi key

    2. Then open your Pdanet+ and mark Activate WiFi Hotspot


    Then turn ON your PC Wifi and search for available wireless and you will detect FoxFi33
    Connect it and enjoy free wifi from your mobile device.

    Method 3

    How to share or tether your VPN internet connection to PC and other device via WiFi Hotspot with the use of an app Called - DF Tethering Fix

    Note: Rooting Access Required

    DF tethering stop some tethering limitations on your Android device and allows you to connect all your tunnelVPN network to any PC or other device using your portable WiFi Hotspot
    DF tetheringFix - Download it Here
    1. Open your any of your tunnel vpn and connect make sure it's stable
    2. Navigate to your phone settings and enable your tethering Hotspot
    3. Launch your DF Tethering and click on Fix Tethering
    4. After popping out "fix tethering"  enable WiFi on your PC and connect to your smartphone Hotspot

    5. Start surfing for free on your PC

    Method 4

    How to share or tether your VPN internet connection to PC or other device via WiFi Hotspot with the use of an app Called - Iswat Tether Unlocker
    Note: Rooting Access Required

    Iswat Tether Unlocker stop some tethering limitations on your Android device and allows you to connect all your tunnel VPN network to any pc or other device using your portable Hotspot.
    1. Make sure your Hotspot is switched off to start with
    2. Download and install ISWAT Tether Unlocker for Android
              Google Play Store Link - Click Here
    3. Run the installed ISWAT app and grant it root permissions.
    4. On the main screen, tap on the “Unlock Tethering” and sit back while it does its works
    5. When the unlocking operation is done, it brings out the pop up “Tethering Unlocked” Have Fun, just enable your already created Hotspot and connect the other device or PC.

    6.       Start your free browsing on every connected devices

    That’s all, now you can extend your smartphone free browsing tweak to your PC and Other Devices.

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  • How to Reduce Data Usage While Tethering to PC/Laptop Browsers – Best Methods

    As compared to phones, desktops use a large amount of data while loading websites, because websites contain many ads, videos, and image of large sizes.But don’t  worry you can lock these ads, videos and images from loading to make your PC use fewer data.follow the below-given steps to limit your data while tethering.

    Enable click to play plugin: This lets you enable click to play enable plugins. When this is enabled, videos or ads will only be played when you click on them otherwise not. This will save a large amount of data because most of the data is consumed by very large size videos and ads.Follow these steps:

    1. In google chrome, go to setting.
    2. Scroll down and click on advanced settings.
    3. It will expand and scroll down for more options.
    4. Click on contents settings.
    5. Now, scroll down to plug-ins. Here, click on click to play.

    This will enable click to play plugin. After this video/flash video will only be downloaded or played as your wish.

    DISABLE IMAGES to Reduce Data Usage While Tethering to PC/Laptop Browsers

    Some sites have the very large size of images and sometimes there are a number of images on the site, you can disable them, too. Follow the instructions to disable the images in different web browsers.

    Reduce Data Usage While Tethering to PC/Laptop Browsers Google Chrome

    1. click on advanced settings in settings option.
    2. click on content settings
    3. select ‘do not show any images’.
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  • Receive Landline Calls on Your Mobile Phone Using Voice Bridge

    It often happens we miss picking our landline calls, and the worst thing is that we can’t get a miss call notification to know who called on the landline!

    Here’s How to Receive Landline Calls on Your Mobile Phone

    It’s very easy to receive landline calls on your mobile phone using Voice Bridge gadget. So, the very first thing you need to do is purchase the Voice Bridge device from its Official Website.

    Once you’ve the Voice Bridge device, it’s just a few minutes procedure to start receiving landline calls on your mobile phone. All you need to apply the following steps:

    1. Download the Voice Bridge app (iTunes App Store | Google Play Store) in your smartphone.
    2. Connect the Ethernet cable (yellow connectors) to the female plug of Voice Bridge and the other to your WiFi router.
    3. Plug the main power adapter to the Voice Bridge and your wall mount socket.
    4. Enable your smartphone Wi-Fi and check if you’re well connected to your home Wi-Fi network.
    5. Launch the app, the wizard will automatically guide you to the base discovery.

    What is Voice Bridge? The Basic Introduction!

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